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New Skin from Amara Beauty

Posted in Skins,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on March 26, 2017

As well as escaping to the sun for the weekend in SL, I have also been catching up on some writing and in today’s blog I am featuring the recently released Sophia skin from Amara Beauty.


Sophia skin in tone 03

Some of you may remember in 2016 when I purchased my first Lelutka mesh head and that day I made a wish for the skin designers to release some more skins compatible for the Lelutka heads.  Well since the launch of Bento this year, I have also seen an explosion of new skins which are compatible for the Lelutka mesh heads again, so of course I danced a happy dance!  Thank you so much Shantia for this new one, I love it.


Sophia skin in tone 06

Awesome skin creator of Amara Beauty, Shantia Soulstar has made a few changes to her skin packs now.  Whereas before the skins had colour names, they are now just numbered 1 to 12, so there are 12 different tones to choose from.  The most important thing to remember when applying the body skin is to ensure that you are wearing an Omega applier.

Once you attach the mesh body applier hud, you will be able to choose the skin tone compatible with either Maitreya, Belleza or Slink.  The mesh head appliers each have their own in each of the 12 skin tones.  There is also a lipstick hud and Shantia has created a ton of new lipstick tones with shades ranging from light to dark, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Sophia skin in tone 08

The photos that I have added in today’s blog have only been cropped to size. Apart from that they are the raw snapshots taken in SL using windlight setting Nam’s beach scene. I deliberately chose not to change anything else, so that you can clearly see the loveliness of this gorgeous skin in 3 out of the 12 tones.

For more information and skins from Amara Beauty please visit the store in SL and also keep your eyes peeled for notices, as Shantia regularly releases new skins for events in SL (i.e. Skin Fair and Powderpack).

In the meantime, I am going back to sipping cocktails and enjoying the rest of my weekend, however I will bring you more news from the amazing Amara Beauty skin store very soon.  Until next time …


Exclusive at Carrie’s Lingerie

Posted in High Fashion by Piper Hanriot on March 25, 2017

I have some exciting news for all you fans of Carrie’s Lingerie.  This year Carrie has created the beautiful Dreamy set in lime especially for the Relay For Life event in SL and of course I just had to show you how gorgeous the Dreamy set is.


The Dreamy set comprises a hud for the top, panties and stockings. The top and panties can be worn in two different ways as you will see in the photos. This box also contains a silks skirt, wings and baby doll skirt.  The hud is Omega for mesh bodies. Also included in this box is a full face make up.


In Second Life various events for Relay for Life take part throughout the year.  The Fashion for Life 2017 ran from 9 to 19 March, however you can still purchase this exclusive item from the Relay for Life kiosk at the Carrie’s Lingerie mainstore. All proceeds from the purchase of this beautiful item go to Relay for Life. For more news on what else is going on and where for this fantastic cause, check out the link below http://relayforlifeofsecondlife.org/get-involved/rfl-mega-events/


With spring now here for most of us, Carrie has been a very busy lady, so I will have more news and stunning lingerie to show you very soon.  Until next time …




Miss TWA 2016

Posted in Contests,High Fashion by Piper Hanriot on February 19, 2017

In 2016, unfortunately due to RL commitments we did not get a chance to hold the Miss TWA model contest, however during the year, one of TWA’s store manager’s was a very busy lady indeed.  When not modelling at The White Armory, RoyaleSun Ixchel was also honing her SL modelling skills as well as entering SL modelling contests on the grid and from what I hear, she did rather well.  For all her hard work in 2016, Bee Dumpling, CEO at The White Armory announced to the group that RoyaleSun  Ixchel had earned the title of Miss TWA 2016.


Following tradition, as I always do, I spent some time with RoyaleSun, taking some photos while also interviewing her after the announcement and here is what she had to say.

Piper: How did it feel to be announced as the Miss TWA 2016?

RoyaleSun: It was quite a surprise…one I never expected! I was thrilled by it though and still am! It is such an honor to help represent TWA and all the work that Bee puts into her clothing. The detail is simply amazing. How I wish I could watch over her shoulder as she works on new creations!


Piper: I know that you have been busy with other modelling work throughout the year, please share some of your modelling highlights with us?

RoyaleSun: I was picked up by several modeling agencies this last year and have been busy with fashions shows and magazine photo shoots of all types.

The real highlight for me was taking a deep breath and plunging into the Miss SL competition. The challenges were extremely challenging but fun to do.

There were 24 of us and I had limited experience at the time so I did it primarily for experience. You can imagine my surprise when I made the top 12. I’m not allowed to say where I placed but it was close to top 5. I so loved the experience, I am doing it again this year.


Piper: In respect of both Miss TWA and also SL modelling, what would you like to achieve in 2017?

RoyaleSun: I had to step down as modelling manager at TWA, as my competition schedule would take me away from the store too much of the time. I still model there as time permits…and love showing off Bee’s delicious creations.

I would like to advance further in the Miss SL competition this year… and yes, even win it! I am also participating in the Miss Royalty pageant and hopefully the Miss Metaverse competition.


Piper: With a TWA show in the pipeline for the spring is there anything else you would like to add?

The spring show will be an awesome event and I hope the TWA members turn out to support it in large numbers.

I would also like to thank Bee for the opportunity and the trust she placed in me. The last couple of years at TWA have been wonderful!

If you are interested in modelling, go to a modelling school, learn the basics and then just take the plunge. The more you do, the more you learn. Modelling is a craft, like many other professions and it takes work…lots of it!


RoyaleSun and I enjoyed our fun day and I found out that in RL she is also a fellow baker and cake decorator, so of course we enjoyed chatting about our RL creative work too.  Congratulations RoyaleSun for winning Miss TWA 2016, which is certainly well deserved.

As for this year, we do plan to hold a fashion show at The White Armory in the spring. I hope to have the date for this event very soon and I can also confirm that the Miss TWA model contest for 2017 will start on 01 May. I am busy putting the plan together with some exciting new challenges for the entrants.

For now, enjoy your SL and thank you so much for reading.  Until next time …



From Holland with Love

Posted in High Fashion,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on February 4, 2017

January seemed to go by in the blink of an eye, and so now here we are in February, the romantic month in which a lot of people celebrate St. Valentine’s Day by either exchanging gifts of doing something special with their loved one.

In true romantic style, I have picked out a few gowns from the awesome Sascha’s Designs to add some flair and glamour.  The first of which, below is the ‘I Love You’ gown.  This gorgeous gown is only available in dark red and Sascha has included an Omega applier for those ladies who wear a mesh body.


I Love You gown in dark red

My next gown recommendation from Sascha’s Designs is the Cici gown in powder pink.  It may be February, but in a lot of places around the globe, it is still winter, so this gown is perfect if you are looking for something with long sleeves and a flattering high neck.  This gown is 50% mesh.  Elegant and beautiful and I adore this colour.

I noticed on the SL marketplace this morning that Sascha has now also released the Cici in a stunning lipstick red for Valentine’s and this limited edition colour is currently priced at L$299, however this is for one week only!


Cici gown in powder pink

My final gown choice for this blog is one of my all-time personal favourites from Sascha’s Designs, which I know will make Sascha smile.  The gown I talking about is the stunning Natalya.  I have shown this beautiful gown (below) wearing the sweeper skirt and the Rococo skirt.  There are two other skirts included with this gown, the grande and the sleek skirts.

When I look at this gown, it always reminds me of a majestic peacock and the peacock is one of my favourite birds.  This gown is available in mesh and Sascha has included an Omega applier, but only with the red gown. Please also note that this gown is available in two different shades of red so please check before purchasing.


Natalya gown in red


Well dear readers and friends, that is all for this year’s Valentine’s blog for Sascha’s Designs, however I will be back soon to feature some more of this lady’s amazing work very soon.  I have posted these photos, together with styling details on my Flickr page https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/

Until next time …





Red Hearts at Carrie’s

Posted in High Fashion,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on January 28, 2017

With January 2017 nearly drawing to a close, the fashion designers in SL have turned their thoughts and creations to St. Valentine’s Day, which is in a few weeks time.  In this blog post, I will be featuring some of the wonderful lingerie from Carrie’s Lingerie.


Cutie Hearts set in Red

I wanted to start by showing you the gorgeous Cutie Hearts set, comprising cami top, panties and stockings.  The top and panties are satin with printed hearts and as well as red (above), this set is also available in silver, purple, pink, deep red and black.  I think this set is adorable and I am very tempted to purchase it in another colour.


Love me Lace in Pink

Next is the Love me Lace set, comprising bra, panties and stockings.  As well as pink, this gorgeous set is also available in white, black, red, fuchsia and purple.  All the lingerie that I am featuring in today’s blog also include an Omega applier for those of us who wear a mesh body in SL.


Sensual Lace set in Red

And finally, I wanted to show you the very sexy Sensual Lace set, which comprises a strapless bra, panties, gloves and stockings.  This set is also available in a variety of colours and Carrie has also corsets and leather skirts, which you are available to purchase separately if you want to create an outfit.

Also available to purchase separately is this fabulous chaise, as you see in all my photos above.  There are 13 sexy poses in this chaise and you can adjust the position of the poses to fit with your avi.

Carrie’s Lingerie also has some other wonderful items for Valentine’s to include the very sexy Justine negligee set, the beautiful Carrie gown and some sexy Valentine’s boxer shorts for the men.

That is all from me for now dear readers, however I will be featuring more amazing apparel from the world of SL very soon.  Take care.  Until next time …



New at TST Creations

Posted in High Fashion by Piper Hanriot on January 22, 2017

In December 2016, TST Creations released the Anita lingerie set.  Now in January 2017, to compliment this lingerie set, TST Creations have released the Anita body.


This gorgeous body is available in a variety of colours and is compatible with the Maitreya and Belleza mesh bodies, as well as the Omega mesh body applier.


This set comes with an easy to use hud, loaded with common combinations for wearing this lingerie and if you also have the matching Anita lingerie set, you can mix it up for that super sexy look.


The Anita body is available to purchase at the TST Creations store in-world and also on the second life marketplace. I have posted this, together with my styling details on my Flickr page.

For now, happy shopping. Until next time …




New Year’s Eve 2016

Posted in High Fashion,SL Meets RL by Piper Hanriot on December 31, 2016

Usually in the run up to New Year’s Eve I post some photos of gorgeous party dresses and waffle a bit about them and their amazing designers.  This year I have decided to still post photos of fabulous New Year’s Eve party dresses by some of SL’s amazing designers, however I have decided to also reflect a little on this past year as well.


Amy dress from Utopia

I have to say that for me personally, 2016 has gone by very quickly indeed and now thinking back on everything that has happened around the globe, it does make me wonder whether the reason 2016 has gone by so fast is so that no-one has had too much time to think about one event before the next one has occurred.


Angelique gown from Sascha’s Designs

For me, 2016 has been a pretty good year, albeit busier than the past few years.  I have juggled my full-time job with making celebration cakes for friends, family and customers, moved house, had an awesome holiday in the USA and went to the Cake International event in November.  This has not left me with a great deal of time in SL, however I was able to organise a fashion show for TWA / Silvan Moon Designs, which was great fun to do and apart from my usual blogging, I hope to achieve a few more things in SL in 2017.


Kimbra gown from Just Because

Aside from the horrible incidents that have happened, some of which continues around our beautiful planet, I am not sure if it’s due to social media, which means we receive news faster now than a decade ago, but we have also lost so many wonderful people this year. From David Bowie, Prince, Victoria Wood, Alan Rickman, Leonard Cohen, Caroline Aherne, George Michael, Rick Parfitt, Mohammed Ali, Sir Terry Wogan, Gene Wilder, Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds and so many more.  My heart goes out to their families and  hope that in time they find peace.  Recently in SL we also lost a very talented fashion designer, Dani Plassitz.  During my time of being in SL, I was able to speak to her a few times, she was warm and kind and will be missed greatly.


from Son!a

Well ladies, gents and loyal readers around the world, here in the UK there are only a few more hours left of 2016. I take this opportunity to wish you all a good year in 2017. May it be filled with good health, happiness, love and laughter.  For the real world, my wish is for a more peaceful year and of course hope for better things.

Happy New Year everyone.  Until next year …

P.S – I will post details of my styling in the photos above on my Flickr page https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/



Santa Baby

Posted in Uncategorized by Piper Hanriot on December 22, 2016

Just a quick blog and also in time for Christmas and for those of you out there doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, TST Creations have released their brand new lingerie set, Anita.


Anita lingerie set in Black

TST Creations have been quiet for a while, however with the release of the Anita lingerie set, it looks like they are back with a ‘Bang!’ and I have to say that I adore the mix of lace and sheer, making this set very sexy indeed.

This is available for the classic avatar or you can choose either the Maitreya or Omega hud to wear the lingerie.  The Anita body is also available to purchase on its own if you do not wish to purchase the whole lingerie set.

As well as black (modelled above and below, this set is also available in black/pink, black/gold, black/green, black/cyan, black/red and black/white.  The colour contrast sets are stunning.


For more details or if you wish to purchase this beautiful lingerie, TST Creations have a store in-world or you can find them on the Second Life marketplace.

Merry Christmas and I hope we’ll see more from TST Creations in 2017.  Until next time …



Carrie’s 12 Days of Christmas

Posted in Uncategorized by Piper Hanriot on December 10, 2016

On the 1st December 2016, Carrie’s Lingerie launched their annual 12 Days of Christmas lingerie and outfits for 2017. I have been very busy in RL making goodies and gifts for friends and family, however today I have an opportunity to share just a few gorgeous snippets from the 12 days so far.

On day 4, Carrie released the stunning Holiday Jessica lingerie set.  This set is available in a 3 dark colours, being royal blue, teal and red and being Christmas I have chosen to show you the red set.  I adore the lace detail and would love to see if this same style works for pastels as well.  Hint, hint, nudge, nudge to Carrie 🙂  Included in this set, Carrie has also added an Omega applier for mesh bodies.


Holiday Jessica lingerie set in Red

On day 6, Carrie released the Elisabeth gown and lingerie set.  Again this set is available in 3 colours, icy, lavendar and alabaster, of which I have chosen to show you this set in alabaster.  There is an Omega hud applier with this set, which contains a big variety of different options for wearing the gown and lingerie.


Elisabeth gown and lingerie set in Alabaster (fur stola – models own)


For the gown, Carrie has also include 2 different skirt options, the patterned version, shown above and a plain satin version, both trimmed with lace edging.  Carrie has also included a full face make up with this set and to complete the look you can also purchase this set with a pair of matching stunning heels, which are compatible with Slink feet.


Finally as you can see from the above photo, I was Santa’s helper for the day and whilst walking around Carrie’s, I found this huge snow pile in the middle of the road.  Being from the UK and not having the opportunity very often, of course I just had to dive in and have some fun.

Enjoy your festive shopping and I will try and blog again before Christmas.  Until next time …

Winter Tweeds

Posted in High Fashion,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on November 13, 2016

This time of year is a busy time for me, especially in RL, as embark on the huge task of making chutney, gingerbread and Christmas cakes for family and friends. This does not leave me much time to spend in SL, however I do try to squeeze in a blog post when I can.

I do love tweed and I recently spotted in SL some fabulous tweed outfits, which I thought I would share with you.


Khloe jumpsuit by Gizza Creations

The Khloe jumpsuit is very stylish and looks so soft and elegant.  These jumpsuits come in pairs and Gizza have made them in two different fabrics, tweed or velvet.  The jumpsuits are 100% mesh and Gizza have included mesh body appliers for Maitreya and Slink.


Chantal outfit by Gizza Creations

Gizza have also released the fabulous Chantal outfit with it’s cropped top and cheeky side skirt split. This set is also available in pairs and this time there are three different fabrics, tweed, leather and check.  Both the Chantal and Khloe outfits are perfect for either day or evening.


Falling dress from Purplemoon Creations

And finally we have the stunning Falling dress from Purplemoon, which again looks smart for a day in the office and also looks great for an evening out. This dress is available in two fabric textures, tweed and couduroy and there is a hud with the dress with a choice of six different colourts.  The Falling dress is also mesh in the standard sizes and also comes with mesh body appliers for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.

On a cold rainy day I hope this has warmed the cockles of your heart. I will bring you more autumn/winter warmers in the not too distant future.  Until next time …






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