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Winter Tweeds

Posted in High Fashion,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on November 13, 2016

This time of year is a busy time for me, especially in RL, as embark on the huge task of making chutney, gingerbread and Christmas cakes for family and friends. This does not leave me much time to spend in SL, however I do try to squeeze in a blog post when I can.

I do love tweed and I recently spotted in SL some fabulous tweed outfits, which I thought I would share with you.


Khloe jumpsuit by Gizza Creations

The Khloe jumpsuit is very stylish and looks so soft and elegant.  These jumpsuits come in pairs and Gizza have made them in two different fabrics, tweed or velvet.  The jumpsuits are 100% mesh and Gizza have included mesh body appliers for Maitreya and Slink.


Chantal outfit by Gizza Creations

Gizza have also released the fabulous Chantal outfit with it’s cropped top and cheeky side skirt split. This set is also available in pairs and this time there are three different fabrics, tweed, leather and check.  Both the Chantal and Khloe outfits are perfect for either day or evening.


Falling dress from Purplemoon Creations

And finally we have the stunning Falling dress from Purplemoon, which again looks smart for a day in the office and also looks great for an evening out. This dress is available in two fabric textures, tweed and couduroy and there is a hud with the dress with a choice of six different colourts.  The Falling dress is also mesh in the standard sizes and also comes with mesh body appliers for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.

On a cold rainy day I hope this has warmed the cockles of your heart. I will bring you more autumn/winter warmers in the not too distant future.  Until next time …






Goddess Athena

Posted in Hair,High Fashion,Skins by Piper Hanriot on October 22, 2016

In today’s blog I am featuring a variety of talented designers in SL, as I think that they all deserve a mention.  So as well as the stunning Athena outfit from Carrie’s Lingerie, I am also showing off hair by Truth Hair, eyes by IKON and skin by Amara Beauty.


Carrie’s Lingerie first released the Athena gown silks set in blue and she has now recently released this stunning set in black.  The Athena set comes with a hud, which has two styles for the top and a number of ways in which you can wear the bottom part of this outfit. Above is the full gown set and you will see a couple of the other combinations in the photos below.  Carrie has also included an Omega hud with this set for those of us in SL who wear a mesh body.  I do like this set very much and I am now patiently waiting to see if Carrie releases a few more colours in this set for Christmas.


I have to say that I adore skins by Amara Beauty and I do get excited when the amazing creator, Shantia Soulstar sends me something new to blog for her.  Now coupled with my wearing a Catwa mesh head, this now gives me even more good reasons to give a shout out to both of these talented designers.  The skin I am featuring in this blog is the Tabrett skin,  which is compatible with Catwa mesh heads.  This skin is currently being featured at the ‘We Love Roleplay’ event in SL.  Shantia is actually showing two skins at this event, the Jade skin being the second one, which I will feature in another blog.


And finally how about a few other components.  I have always been a huge fan of eyes from IKON and hair from Truth Hair.  Since I started wearing a Catwa mesh head last month, I have also learnt something new, adding mesh eyes and then by using the hud, you can choose the size eye that you prefer and you can also adjust the glow and so making blue eyes even bluer for example.  These are definitely fun features and I am enjoying trying them out.

As for the hair, well Truth Hawks has done it again with this stunning style, Tyne, which is currently featuring at this month’s Uber event in SL and because I love to give my avatar fresh new looks, I purchased the variety hair pack, so I have at least one from each of the main hair colours, blond, red, brunette and black.  I can see myself wearing this hair quite a bit over the winter.

Time for me to sign off, however I will feature more wonderful delights from SL very soon.  Until next time …



Which Witch?

Posted in Fantasy,High Fashion,SL Events by Piper Hanriot on October 21, 2016

All Hallows Eve is nearing and I have thought for the past few years at least that there must be some wiccan in me somewhere, as I have always like celebrating this, plus the fact that All Hallows Eve is in my favourite season of the year as well.

In SL the designers from all over the grid have been delighting us all with beautiful mesh decor, furniture and apparel and in today’s blog I am going to feature some strunning witch gowns from Carrie’s Lingerie.


Black Widow gown set

At this time of year my creativity seems to flow so naturally and I feel inspired more than normal to create and to write.


My first two photos above are of the Black Widow gown set from Carrie’s Lingerie.  There are lots of components and Carrie has excelled in ensuring that every detail is covered from the skin tone, the spider tattoo, necklace, arm silks, collar and shoes, as well as the main dress itself.  Carrie has also included a scary make up too (not shown).  This outfit can be worn for both a system avatar and a mesh avatar.  I was so excited that I got my Slink feet to work this time, as I adore the spider heels.


Forgotten (October Limited Edition) gown set

Usually with Carrie’s monthly limited edition items, I run out of time to take the photos and blog them, as they include a full set of clothing, plus shoes, jewellery and make-up.  Depending on what I am doing in RL, I sometimes just do not find the time.  However this month I am pleased to say that I have found the time and the Forgotten gown set is also perfect to show off for All Hallows Eve.


The Forgotten gown set is perfect for a Halloween ball with it’s mesh gown, heels, skin and make up you can be the perfect witch, then after the main event you are then free to shed a layer of clothing and dance around your cauldron creating and casting spells to your hearts content.


I love this whole outfit, however I think my two favourite items is the fabulous green skin and the sultry and gorgeous purple make up (shown above).  Witches are beautiful, just do not upset them.

I will have more from Carrie’s Lingerie very soon, so for now enjoy the autumnal season and the events.  Until next time …





Fashion Dream Bond Girls

Posted in High Fashion,SL Events by Piper Hanriot on October 12, 2016

In September 2016, I was busy exploring SL one lazy Sunday when a notice caught my eye advertising for bloggers to blog fashion apparel and accessories for an event to celebrate Bond Girls.  I love the Bond movies, so I applied and I am not very happy to start sharing with you some of the stunning outfits from this event.

For this blog, I am featuring apparel and accessories by Italian designer, Sahra Freschi of Fashion Dream.


Casino Royale – Vesper Lynd


So we start with Casino Royale and Vesper Lynd, played by the fabulous Eva Green.  I adore the scarlet red dress with it’s shoe-string straps and matching clutch purse.  This dress is Fitmesh and the designer, Sahra Freschi has also included mesh body appliers for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza.

The gorgeous purple gown above is also from the same movie and worn by Eva Green.  This gown is mesh in the standard 5 sizes.  Also included in this box is a pair of matching shoes, compatible with Slink high feet, a scorpian brooch for the front of the dress and a matching pair of scorpian earrings.  A killer look wouldn’t you say?🙂


Dr. No – Honey Ryder

We now travel back to the days when the handsome Sean Connery played 007, and to the film Dr. No, one of the most famous scenes from that movie, even now was the stunning Ursula Andres coming out of the water in ‘That’ bikini with her shells and humming a tune and Fashion Dream have done a fantastic job at recreating this look.

As well as the bikini, Sahra has also included the knife holster, shells and pearl earrings to finish the look.  You cannot see from the photo, as her hair is wet, but I am wearing the earrings in the photo above.


Spectre – Lucia Sciarra

Finally we zoom back to November 2015 when the most recent Bond movie was realeased, Spectre and to Italian actress Monica Bellucci who played Bond Girl Lucia Sciarra.  I have not actually seen this film yet, which is unusual for me, however going on research alone, Fashion Dream have created this stunning corset, which she wore in the movie.

This outfit is mesh in the standard 5 sizes and to complete this look Sahra has also included panties, the shoes which are compatible with Slink mid feet, gun holster and hand gun.

The Bond Girls event in SL is running from 16th to 23rd October.  In collaboration with Miss Virtual LatinAmerica organization, the organisers for this event would like to invite you to join them for a fashion show themed on the Bond Girls. Everyone knows that women flanking the 007 agent James Bond are beautiful, sexy, mysterious and feminine. This fashion show will feature haute couture with creations inspired by the clothes worn in movies, equipped with unique accessories such as guns and knives.

The fashion show will focus on female, but we will have also some male models to play the role of James Bond.  So keep your eyes peeled for more information about this fabulous show and also enjoy this one week event.

I will bring you more from this event very soon, so until next time …




Cylon or Human?

Posted in Uncategorized by Piper Hanriot on October 2, 2016

Since July I have been watching the Battlestar Galactica remake from 2004.  It was a TV show that I intended to watch back then, however my real life was quite busy so watching this show fell onto the back burner for a few years.

Being a huge sci-fi fan in general, some of you may remember that towards the end of 2015 I posted a blog featuring a female character from Star Wars, creating a look and style with my SL avatar and watching the 2004 remake of Battlestar Galactica, I felt inspired once again to create a character, so this time I chose  the super sexy cylon Number Six.



Looking at the SL Marketplace I am sure that back in 2004 and whilst this show was running, there were a lot more items relating to this TV cult, which would have assisted me with this project, however now there are a few viper’s, cylon raiders and the odd t-shirt to purchase.  There is also a Number Six outfit, however it is very old from the prim days in SL.


I have to say that creating a look and styling my avatar has actually proved to be quite easy and had I thought about this as a project back in 2008 when I first rezzed into SL, I know that this task would have proved to be far more difficult and my SL avatar in 2008 would not have looked as stunning as she does today.


Since then SL has evolved, we now have mesh, not just mesh clothing, but also mesh bodies and heads, all designed and created to improve the standard SL avatar.  Hmmm this does make me wonder if we actually started life as cylons ourselves.  Whilst on my styling quest for Number Six, I also discovered that a lot of the designers have in 2015 and in 2016 created clothing not only for mesh bodies, but designed styles of clothing typical of what you might have seen worn by Number Six in Battlestar Galactica some 10 years ago.  Some of the outfits I am featuring in this blog are not 100% exact, however they are pretty close and you can relate this to the actual character.


As for the character herself,  when Number Six was not looking ‘smokin hot’ in sexy dresses, teasing the mind of  her beau, Gaius Baltar, driving him wild one moment and guiding him through the rocky waves in space the next, she also looked just at sexy covered up, including joining her fellow cylon sisters going into battle to save their existence.


After this brief interlude, I am now heading back to season 4 to continue watching and to see how things work out for Number Six, Geius Baltar and all the other characters in Battlestar Galactica.  So say we all.

If you would like more details on my styling for the fabulous Number Six, then head on over to my Flickr page  https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/  Until next time …

A huge thank you to the designers included in this blog: Catwa, Amara Beauty, Rezology, IKON, Blueberry, Graves, Vaxer, Stars Fashion, N-Core and Mandala.

Sascha Designs at Swank

Posted in High Fashion,SL Events by Piper Hanriot on September 4, 2016

On Saturday 04 September, the Swank Event fashion show took place in SL.  It was a chance to go and see just a few of the many designers who will be featuring an item for the September 2016 round.

A lady who did not feature in the show, however she has designed a fabulous pant set to feature at the event itself is one of my favourite apparel designers, Sascha Frangilli.


Sensation pant set with long sleeve blouse in white/blue

With autumn just around the corner, this chic pant set is perfect ensemble to add to your SL wardrobe.  The set includes both a short sleeve top and a long sleeve blouse, for those cooler breezey days.


Sensation pant set with short sleeve top in white/blue

The pants and tops are mesh and come in the standard sizes and Sascha has also included a pair of stylish sunglasses to finish the look.


I’m Fabulous hud dress set in pink

Meanwhile back at the Sascha’s Designs mainstore, Sascha has recently released to ‘I’m Fabulous’ hud dress set in pink, so if you still have an end of summer special occasion to attend, then this may be the perfect outfit.

The dress hud contains 4 different pink/white combinations to include a pink polka dot.  As well as the dress, Sascha has also included a matching purse, fabulous hat and a pair of killer heels, which are compatible with Slink high feet.  I have to say that I do love this outfit and I am not a huge fan of pink, but this look certainly rocks.

Well that is all for now, however I will bring you more news and exclusives from Sascha’s Designs very soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the Swank event September round, which opens in SL very soon.  Until next time …



A Celebration of Colour

Posted in High Fashion by Piper Hanriot on August 27, 2016

On Friday 26 August, I logged into SL to read the sad news that due to a busy RL, iconic fashion designer, Samantha S Jones will be closing the doors of her store Lavian & Co and heading off into RL for good.

Samantha has been in SL for the past 10 years and her first store, Liv Glam proved to be a huge hit with SL women, as Sam’s designs and fabrics were like a breath of fresh air.


The Heat Is On bag 3

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, Liv Glam, then evolved into Lavian & Co, as Sam collaborated with a few of her creative assistants and this venture has proved to be just as successful.


Black Dahlia bag 2

I have only been an official blogger for this amazing lady and her work for the past few months and I have to say that I have loved every moment. As 10 years is a sizeable milestone in SL, I wanted to create a final blog for Samantha and Lavian & Co by way of celebrating some of her beautiful work, as you can see from the pictures.


Love Train bag 3 (above and below)


As Samantha packs up her store and completes events that she has supported in SL over the years, I do hope that she has also had some time to pour herself a large glass of champagne and reflect on what she has achieved with a smile.  There are a lot of women in SL who are going to miss her, however this amazing lady will not be forgotten.


Put Your Hearts Up bag 4

For those of you who wish to still obtain a piece of this fabulous legacy, I confirm that today Saturday 27 August is the last day of the L’Exo De event at the St. Tropez Market where Lavian & Co has some items for purchase in their shop, and I can also confirm that the Lavian & Co / Liv Glam store on the SL marketplace is still currently open, but I do not know how long for, so you ladies better be quick and hop to it.

As a final word from me, Samantha’s notice to all her fans in her groups read ‘Love you all’.  We love you too Sam, thank you so much for bringing colour into our SL world and we wish you all the best in the future.

Charlie Blue

Posted in Uncategorized by Piper Hanriot on August 19, 2016

I am still in the process of catching up with some blogging some moving house in RL, so you will see a few quick posts featuring one or two items only for the next couple of weeks.

Here is one of Carrie’s Lingerie’s recent releases, the Charlie lingerie set.  The style of this lingerie is perfect if you want to put on a show.


This lingerie set comes with corset, panties, stockings, suspenders. gloves and the bow tie.  Carrie has also included an Omega applier for women who wear a mesh body.  This gorgeous, almost burlesque style lingerie set also comes in a choice of 6 glorious jewel colours.


I do not have any photos of it yet, but Carrie has just this week also released the new Lara lingerie set, which is more sheer, but also just as sexy as the Charlie set.  Both of these sets are available to purchase at Carrie’s Lingerie store in Secondlife.

Happy shopping everyone.  Until next time …

TWA Summer Show 2016

Posted in Fantasy,Medieval by Piper Hanriot on August 18, 2016

On Saturday 27 August at 1pm SLT, The White Armory is going to hold a fashion show on their sim at Emerald Isle, the home of The White Armory and for the first time this year you are invited to join us and see us not only showcasing some of Bee Dumpling’s beautiful work, but also some collaborated work from Silven Moon Designs.


Willow Spirit dress Hipster from Silven Moon Designs

As always there will be some wonderful delights from Bee Dumpling herself, one outfit (below) which featured in the recent Fantasy Faire event in Secondlife.  And of course no TWA show is complete without a stunning variety of formal gowns.


Dellhaven Sprite outfit (wings and slippers model’s own)

In the meantime, keep your eyes posted for notices in the TWA group and on behalf of the team at The White Armory, we look forward to welcoming you to the show.  See you there!


Summer Style at Sascha’s

Posted in High Fashion by Piper Hanriot on August 14, 2016

It has been just over a month since I posted my last fashion blog before I moved house in RL.  I then had a friend stay for a few weeks, so now they have gone home and my life is back to normal, so to speak, it’s back to work in SL.  I have missed it.

Today I am going to share with you some gorgeous summer style from Sascha’s Designs.

SAS Calpurnia_005

I’m Fabulous Outfit

SAS Calpurnia_011

Starting with the two photos above, Sascha has released a very stylish and chic outfit called ‘I’m Fabulous’.  The dress comes in 5 fitmesh sizes and is compatible with the maitreya, belleza and slink mesh bodies.  The dress hud contains 4 different combinations.  This outfit also comes with a stunning black hat, a black clutch bag and fabulous black peep toe sling back sandals, which are compatible with slink feet.  This outfit is perfect for a day at the races or even a wedding.

SAS Spirit_001

Spirit dress in apricot

Sascha has also just released a perfect dress for those hazy summer days, the Spirit.  This beautiful semi-formal dress comes in a choice of 7 different colours and I have to say that I adore the print on the fabric.  Sascha has also included 2 Omega mesh body appliers for the top and pants, one for wearing a short skirt and one to wear with the longer skirts.  Bring on the summer tunes and let’s salsa.

SAS Calpurnia_002

Culpurnia Caracas gown

And finally with the Olympics in Rio at the half way point, for those of you who are feeling in the mood for a carnival, how about the Culpurnia Caracas gown with it’s glorious bold floral fabric.  This is a mesh gown and is available in the standard sizes.  I don’t know about you, but I am now off to a party, so enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Toodle pip …


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