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Oh No It Isn’t!

Posted in 101 Dalmatians,Cruella de Vil,Giz Seorn,High Fashion,SL Events,SL Mesh,Winter by Piper Hanriot on December 10, 2017

Oh yes it is!  Panto season in the UK is just about to start and whilst I was visiting the Winter Trends 2017 event in SL, I found a brand new outfit from Giz Seorn and my brain then had a light bulb moment.  So I decided to follow-up on this thought for a theme, which is quite fitting for the panto season.


The outfit in question is the fabulous Chi Chi, which comprises a jacket, shorts, fish net tights and thigh high boots.  The outfit is available in a choice of colours and textures.  Whilst it may be a bit cold in the UK to wear shorts right now, I love this outfit and I could not miss the opportunity to tie this one to the 101 Dalmatians theme.


Puppies you say?  Behind me you say?  Oh no they are not.  I cannot see any puppies.

I think that I have managed to capture some Cruella attitude, so thank you Giz for this burst of inspiration and this amazing outfit.  Now to head back to the Winter Trends 2017 event to see what other trinkets I can find.  Until next time…





12 Days of Festive Delights Part III

Posted in Carrie's Lingerie,christmas,Gowns,High Fashion,Lingerie,SL Events,SL Mesh,Winter by Piper Hanriot on December 9, 2017

One of my final blogs to celebrate the Carrie’s Lingerie 12 days of Christmas is all about the gowns.  This year Carrie has created some stunning and beautiful gowns, which of course also have gorgeous lingerie underneath, helping you to set the mood after a romantic night out or simply because women just like to wear nice lingerie underneath their clothing no matter what the occasion.

CB Gowns_003

Jasmine gown in ice

I have chosen my three personal favourite gowns to share with you, all the photos of which were taken on the grounds at Carrie’s Lingerie as well, adding some Christmas magic.  The Jasmine gown, shown above, comes in a choice of three different colours, ice, cranberry and evergreen. Carrie has also included a pair of stunning deco style earrings with the gown/lingerie set for added sparkle and there are also matching shoes, which can be purchased separately.

CB Gowns_006

Juliana gown in silver

The second gorgeous gown I’d like to share with you is the exquisite Juliana gown/lingerie set.  This set is available in a choice of six different colours or if you cannot decide, there is also a fatpack available.  This box set comes with skirt attachments for the gown and a baby doll lace attachment, which can be worn with the lingerie.  There is also a full face make up included in the gown/lingerie box.  Carrie has also designed matching shoes to complete this look, which are available to buy separately.

CB Gowns_008

Heather gown in brick

And finally my favourite festive gown from Carrie’s this season, the Heather, which is available in a choice of six different colours or there is also a fatpack available, not only for this gown set, but also the Jasmine and the Juliana gown sets featured above.  Included in this gown/lingerie box are bento opera gloves, a shoulder and a hair ornament, together with two huds, one for the lingerie for mesh bodies and a pose hud for the bento gloves.  Matching shoes to finish this look can also be purchased separately as well.

CB Gowns_014

All items featured in this blog are available both at Carrie’s Lingerie VIP store and on the SL marketplace and as I have enjoyed creating the photos showing off the gowns, I feel inspired to write a second blog, featuring the lingerie, so watch this space.

In the meantime though, have a great weekend and  happy festive shopping.  Until next time…








Return of the Ice Queen

Posted in christmas,High Fashion,Holiday,Ice / Snow Queen,Sascha's Designs,SL Events,SL Mesh,Winter by Piper Hanriot on December 8, 2017

This month’s Swank event is themed Winter Wonderland, however don’t worry, you will not need to dress too warmly to see all of the wonderful apparel, make up, poses and home decor items that the event has to offer.

In today’s blog I am featuring the stunning Ice Queen gown from Sascha’s Designs which is featured at this month’s Swank event.


This beautiful gown is elegant and angelic with a touch of drama.  This gown is compatible for the Maitreya and Belleza mesh bodies as well as the standard mesh avatar sizes and fitmesh. Also included in the box are three different types of skirt with the gossamer skirt shown above and the splash skirt shown below.


To complete the look Sascha has also included matching gloves, wings and a gorgeous tiara.  There is also a hud in the box which you can wear that accompany the gloves for different hand poses.


Thank you for this beautiful gown Sascha and it is starting to look a lot like Christmas.  I highly recommend a visit to the Swank Winter Wonderland event, if you have not had a chance to visit yet.  Happy festive shopping everyone.  Until next time …




Carrie’s Xmas Group Gift

Posted in Carrie's Lingerie,christmas,SL Events,SL Mesh,Winter by Piper Hanriot on December 6, 2017

Carrie Bridger recently announced to her group that she had put together a festive VIP group gift for this year’s holiday season.  So drum roll please as I present to you Christmas PJ’s!  Or festive lounge wear if you prefer, but they are still awesome either way.


I have to say that I was so excited to try on this set and share it with you.  The main box contains a festive hat and socks, together with a hud containing six different festive colours, so that you can mix and match.  There are also two separate boxes, one for men’s and one for women’s pyjama set.


The women’s box contains a camisole top, panties and pyjama bottoms, and again there are colour huds for each item so you can mix and match the colours as you wish.  This is such a treat and I wanted to say a huge thank you to Carrie for this year’s Christmas gift.


I have found in my nearly 11 years in SL that finding pyjama’s has always proved a challenge, so it is lovely to see a few more designers including these most comfortable lounging items to their SL apparel lists.  I can also safely say that in RL I am now wearing my new festive pyjama’s for lounging around at home and I love them.

In the meantime though there is Christmas shopping to do and don’t worry I will not be wearing my pyjama’s for that, as it’s a bit too cold outside.  Have fun and until next time…




12 Days of Festive Delights Part II

Posted in Carrie's Lingerie,christmas,Holiday,Lingerie,SL Events,SL Mesh,Winter by Piper Hanriot on December 5, 2017

The past week proved to be a busy one for me in the real world and coupled with moving house in SL, my pastime of photography and blogging took a back seat during this time.

As promised I said that I would share some more festive delights from Carrie’s Lingerie, as Carrie continues with her 12 days of Christmas event.  Today I thought that I would share with you the Winter Athena dress and silks from Carrie’s Lingerie.


The gorgeous Winter Athena silks is available in a choice of three colours and on this occasion I also purchased the matching sandals as well, which can be purchased separately.  As well as the silks, Carrie has also included the choker necklace and make up to complete the look.


There is a hud with this set, so you can choose how you wish to wear your outfit.  Just ensure if you wear a mesh body to use the Omega applier so that you can access the items from the hud.  The sandals are compatible with Slink, Maitreya and Belleza mesh bodies.


I hope that you like this set as much as I do and whilst writing I can also confirm that Carrie’s VIP section where you can purchase all of this year’s 12 days of Christmas treats from Carrie’s Lingerie.  I will bring you some more festive delights very soon.  Until next time …


12 Days of Festive Delights

Posted in Carrie's Lingerie,christmas,Lingerie,SL Events,SL Mesh,Sunday by Piper Hanriot on November 26, 2017

Carrie’s Lingerie have started their 12 days of Christmas lingerie, which is currently available in the VIP room at the store.  Carrie has been a very busy lady recently and there are some stunning new lingerie sets, gowns and even new festive pyjama’s, so without further ado, feast your eyes on Day 1’s gown and lingerie.


I was happy to see that Carrie has released a holiday version of the Tabitha lingerie set, as this is one of my favourites for 2017.  The lingerie set is available in three colours being traditional Christmas red, holly green and a gorgeous winter blue, I was stuck for choice already and it is only day 1.  However, remembering that I featured the royal blue lingerie set of the Tabitha when it was originally released earlier this year, I chose the green to show off this time.

Tabitha 000

As well as the Tabitha lingerie, Carrie has also designed and released the Tabitha in a gown as well and I have to say that I was also so happy to see when I opened the box that Carrie has included mesh body appliers for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink, as well as the Omega applier, so this is an added Christmas treat.  The stunning Tabitha gown is also available in the same three colours as the lingerie and for a complete look, you can also purchase the shoes.


One of the best reasons to join the Carrie’s Lingerie VIP group for those of you who have not done so yet, is that each day, as Carrie reveals her next festive treat, for that one day only, you can purchase each new item at a special discounted rate, so it is definitely worth it.

I will bring you more festive treats from Carrie’s very soon and for now I hope that you all have a super Sunday.  Until next time …

Morning Tranquility

Posted in Chez Moi,Poses,Sari Sari,SL Mesh,Sunday,Yoga by Piper Hanriot on November 19, 2017

Sunday mornings are the best. Where I live, it is so tranquil and as I am not one for laying in bed when I wake up, I like to get up, make a pot of coffee and sit quietly listening to the morning bird song and watch as the sun rises, lighting up my little corner of the world.  I never tire of this wonderful experience.


Yoga & Exercise mat mesh day spa at Chez Moi

So in SL, I decided to follow this through in my home there, out on the decking, trying out some yoga poses from a couple of designers.  The first set of yoga poses are built into a yoga mat, which I purchased from Chez Moi.  As well as yoga, the built in hud also contains a tai chi and meditation sequence and also some exercises.  I ran a few of the yoga sequences and took a few photos from them.  There are seven yoga sequences in the hud in total.


Yoga at Sari Sari

Still using the same yoga mat, I was then able to use try out the yoga pose set that I purchased from Sari Sari, which worked well with this mat.  There are six static poses in this set in total and the poses are also slightly different from the ones in the Chez Moi yoga mat, so I was able to get a lovely selection of photos using these poses.

Well I have enjoyed my lazy Sunday morning again this weekend, so I am now heading off for a walk in the sunshine.  Until next time …

Getting in the Mood

Posted in Carrie's Lingerie,Lace,Lingerie,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on November 18, 2017

This time of year is a firm favourite with a lot of people I know including Carrie Bridger, designer and CEO of Carrie’s Lingerie.  With Halloween now past Carrie has started to launch into the upcoming festive season and one of the bonuses of being a VIP member at her store is that we get to both see and purchase some of the festive releases before they arrive at the main store.


Catty Polka in red

This time last year I remember that I was very busy and I don’t recall blogging a certain favourite new festive release in lingerie from Carrie’s.  I remember trying to blog as much as I could, however juggling SL with RL was a bit of a challenge, so I am taking this opportunity to share with you a stunning lingerie set from 2016, the Catty.


Catty Polka in black and white

Carrie has released two versions of this set, the original Catty Sparkle and the Catty Polka.  I have to say that I adore this set.  From the dramatic colours, the exquisite and elegant lace, the soft satin and even the added sparkle, this set is perfect or the holiday season.  My next question to Carrie would be ‘Will we see this set this year in white lace?”  Winks, hint, hint.  Even if white lace would not work this is still one of my favourite lingerie sets.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a good weekend and if you are doing any shopping, I hope that you find some sparkle too.  Until next time…

In The Pink

Posted in High Fashion,Sascha's Designs,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on November 15, 2017

I have decided to start doing more in the way of one item feature blogs, comprising one particular new item released by an SL designer, by way of endeavouring to keep on top of blogging.  This will also mean that, hopefully, I will not fall behind and have a vast inventory of items that I have purchased from designers and events and never having the time to share them with you.


So today I start by giving a huge shout out to Sascha’s Designs and Sascha’s recently released Varvara gown.  I first saw this stunning gown in Flickr when Sascha posted it last week and it woke up my magpie instincts and I just had to visit the store and choose one to buy.  I adore the design and intricate embroidery and beading on the bodice is absolutely stunning.  As most of my regular followers know, I am not a huge fan of pink, however this gown in particular is exquisite in pale pink with the floral design both on the bodice and on the skirt hem line.


This particular dress is compatible with the Slink and Belleza mesh bodies and there are also 5 standard mesh size gowns.  I wear a Maitreya mesh body, so using one of the standard sized gowns, had to patiently fit it, however I didn’t do too badly.  It was a bit of a challenge, but worth it so that I could get some photos to show the Varvara off.  I would have to invest in a new mesh body if I wanted to wear this gown more, but it is Christmas soon so who knows, I may get a treat from Santa this year.


In the meantime, huge applause to Sascha Frangilli for this stunning gown.  There are other colours to choose from as well, so I highly recommend either a visit to the Sascha’s Designs store in-world or on the SL marketplace.

For now though, back to the working week.  Just a few more days until the weekend.  Until next time …



November Events II

Posted in Autumn,Autumn fashion,High Fashion,Locations,Sad November,SL Events,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on November 12, 2017

This weekend I continue to visit some of the SL events and I am now pleased to share with you a couple of trinkets that I managed to pick up, this time from the Sad November event and also from the 68 Main event.

68 Main is a relatively new event in SL and features some of SL’s top designers for both fashion and the home.  For the November round, the one item that caught my eye was the Shania outfit from Finale Couture and I have to say that I adore the coat in particular.


Upon arriving at the Sad November event SL, I discovered that this is the 4th edition of this event, however it was my first visit to this event and I am happy that I took the time to go and see what it is all about.  The event itself if a bit laggy, however it is certainly worth bearing with it and during my visit I did not crash out of SL, which is good.  I had to smile though as walking around it felt like I was visiting Ikea.  There are arrows directing you around the event, but it is a good way to ensure that you get to see everything.

Rain poses

At this event I picked up a couple of trinkets, being the Stacy outfit from Scandalize and the Tracy pose set from Belle Poses.  The Tracy pose set is perfect for a rainy day.  The box comprises six poses in total, together with the mirror poses and a gorgeous bright yellow umbrella for each of the poses and mirror poses.  I even found a rainy spot to take the photos.


Following on from my previous blog, which featured apparel from Scandalize, I was also delighted to see that they had this fantastic jumpsuit at the Sad November event.  The box comprises the jumpsuit in both a block colour and an ombre colour, as well as a wool top, perfect for those cool rainy days.

Well folks that is all for now, however I will bring you more wonderful delights from SL very soon and I am already looking forward to the 5th edition of Sad November in 2018.  In the meantime, have a great SL and a good week.  Until next time …


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