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Signs of Autumn

Posted in Autumn,Autumn fashion,High Fashion,Scandalize,SL Mesh,Tres Chic by Piper Hanriot on August 18, 2018

This past week I have started to notice the signs of autumn.  The evenings have started to draw in, as it starts to get darker earlier, the night temperature cooling, followed by a fresh morning with dew on the grass, which in turns makes me smile, as autumn is my favourite time of year.


Without realising until this morning, I have also noticed that the colours that I have chosen for the new Ankola and Adriyana outfits, both from Scandalize, are also in shades of autumn.  I admit that thoughts of chocolate and pumpkin have been passing through my mind recently, but enough of that.  Let me tell you about these wonderful outfits.


The sassy Ankola outfit is currently available to purchase at the August round of the Kinky event and comprises a short dress, together with a top.  The briefs are not included, so I teamed up the top with the briefs from the Stasica outfit, also from Scandalize.  I admit that it is great to have a few outfit fatpacks in your wardrobe from Scandalize, as it is great fun to mix and match.


Yesterday the August round of Tres Chic opened and available to purchase at this event is the brand new Adriyana outfit from Scandalize.  I have to admit that the first word that came to mind when I saw this outfit was ‘Cozy’.  This is definitely an outfit that makes me want to snuggle up for an afternoon with a hot chocolate, whilst watching classic movies, so that is exactly what I decided to do.

Whatever your weekend, I hope that you have a good one and I hope that some of you also feel inspired by autumn and these gorgeous outfits from the amazing Yannika at Scandalize.  I will feature more from her soon.  For now though, back to my movie.  Until next time …



The Heat is On

Posted in Blueberry,High Fashion,SL Mesh,Summer fashion by Piper Hanriot on August 12, 2018

In today’s blog post, I am going to share with you some awesome summer sizzlers from Blueberry.

Blueberry have been very busy this summer and of course, when on holiday or visiting the beach on a glorious summer’s day, most women like to spend time looking for the perfect bikini.


The Jenna bikini set from Blueberry has a choice of two different bikini tops and one pair of bikini bottoms.  I have to say that I adore the crochet fringe bikini top in this set, which is so feminine with a hint of boho chic.  The Jenna set is available in either single block colour sets or if you purchase the fatpack there are also some patterned options as well.  Teamed up with your sun hat, flip-flops and beach essentials, you are ready to go.


After a day of sunning on the beach, what better way to show off your tan than an evening out in the sassy Helena outfit, also from Blueberry.  I absolutely love the penny style top, which is so unique and fabulous.  The tops come in two versions, together with a bikini top which you can wear with or without the coin top.  The shorts have a hud so that you can change the colour of the strings as well as choosing to wear them either with or without the zipper.

If you have not visited the Blueberry mainstore yet this summer, then I highly recommend it.  I will bring you more from the amazing Blueberry very soon.  Have a great week and until next time …


Summer Gowns

Visiting the August events in SL, Swank, Designer Showcase and Fameshed, there is a stunning array of beautiful summer gowns this month.  I have always been a huge fan of gowns in SL, so here are a few of my favourites from the August events.


Mavis gown from Just Because at Fameshed

All three of the above mentioned events usually open in the first week of the month and so my first port of call was Fameshed where Just Because are featuring the Mavis gown.  This gown is so elegant and feminine with its delicate flowers.  The Mavis gown is available in a rainbow of colours and whether you choose a pastel or dark shade, they are all just as beautiful.


Delicate gown from Entice at Designer Showcase

My next stop took me to the Designer Showcase, the notecard for which I received whilst I was looking around the Fameshed event.  I usually peruse the notecard first, however on this occasion I decided to go straight to the event, as I was having a fun shopping day.  At the Designer Showcase, Entice are featuring the gorgeous Delicate gown.  There are eight different designs to choose from and if you purchase the fatpack, there are an extra two colours, believe me it was very tempting to buy the fatpack.


Jewel gown from JUMO at Swank

A few days later I visited the August round of the Swank event and at this event, the gown that caught my eye was the new Jewel gown from JUMO.  This stunning gown comes with a hud, which has a choice of wearing this gown in either a plain colour or there is a choice of two different prints.  I decided to take a photo showing my favourite print, however I will style this gown another day in one of the plain colours too, as I know that I will wear this gown a few times in the coming weeks.

Well that is all for now, however the August events are in full swing and I will feature some more summer trinkets in the near future.  In the meantime, have a great weekend and until next time …





All That Jazz

Posted in By Miss Jones,High Fashion,N-Core,SL Mesh,Summer fashion by Piper Hanriot on July 29, 2018

While Miss Jones is busy in RL, spending some time enjoying a glorious summer, I decided to catch on a spot of blogging for By Miss Jones.  This summer may be a hot one during the daytime, so how about cooling off with a cocktail and listening to some mellow tunes.  Looking good is optional, however maybe I can tempt you with one of these stylish dresses?


Private Joy is the first dress in today’s blog.  Chic, stylish and simply gorgeous.  For those women who love to accessorise, then this is the perfect dress in which to do so with.  I admit that I usually opt for delicate jewellery, however this dress deserves a bit of bling, so I set about looking for the perfect ‘signature’ necklace to style with this dress.

BMJ Private Joy

The second dress is one that I have had in my extensive SL closet for over a month now and I have been meaning to feature it in a blog post, but RL has been quite busy lately, so I decided to feature the Chasing Fire dress in today’s blog post.  I have come to learn that trying to choose just one dress texture for a photo is not enough, so I decided this time to choose three.  I completed my look with some stunning new shoes from N-Core and voila.


This dress comes complete with a hud, so that you can change the colour of the ruffle, as well as the belt.  The box also includes two dresses, one with and one without the thigh side straps.  Before Miss Jones went on holiday, she also advised that has revamped her in-world store, which I think looks awesome now, but don’t take my word for it, go and see for yourself ‘smiles’.

BMJ Chasing Fire

Well that is all that I have from By Miss Jones for today, so I hope that you all enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week.  Until next time …

Taxi to By Miss Jones store:


Adorsy Style

Posted in Adorsy,High Fashion,SL Events,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on July 28, 2018

I recently decided to take a closer look at Adorsy, as I have seen them a few times now featured at the Cosmopolitan event, so I visited the in-world store to see what other delights I could find.


After spending some time having a good look around the store, I liked what I saw very much, so I bought a dress and joined the group.  I think that Adorsy is going to be one of those designers that I buy a few fatpacks from.  I do wonder if their lucky number is 6, as they sell their women’s apparel in 6 block colours or 6 denim colours, as well as the fatpacks.


The fatpacks include a whopping 30+ colours, together hud so that you can mix and match the various components of the items.  This is very typical of the Margot top, which I recently bought.  I also purchased the Margot shorts, however I only chose one colour for the shorts.  The Margot outfit is so cute and perfect for summer.  I love it.


As I mentioned earlier, I also purchased a dress when I visited the Adorsy store.  I was particularly looking for a summer dress and the one that caught my eye was the gorgeous Ashley dress of which I decided to buy the fatpack.  As well as block colours the fatpack also contains some ombre versions and printed floral versions, which are so pretty.


Since taking the photos for this blog I have purchased a few more trinkets, which I will feature either in a future blog for Adorsy or a fashion photo on my Flickr page.  In the meantime, I am looking forward very much to see what this fabulous store will release next.

As always, I will post a few of my photos onto my Flickr page over the next few days and for now though, have a great weekend everyone and until next time …


Scandalize Summer Trends

Posted in Collabor88,High Fashion,Scandalize,SL Events,SL Mesh,Summer fashion,Tres Chic by Piper Hanriot on July 24, 2018

Having been away from SL for the past week, due to work commitments, it is lovely to return and catch up on the new releases from my favourite fashion designers in SL.

Whilst visiting Collabor88 I found the newly released Amande outfit from Scandalize.  A gorgeous and sassy top and skirt set, which is definitely in my style directory.



As always choosing just one colour was a challenge, however whilst looking at the ombre versions that come with the block colour version, I was sold on the red and blue combination.The Amande outfit is one of those sets that I might return to buy another colour or even the fatpack.



The Tres Chic event for July also opened whilst I was away and I have to say that this event in particular is one of my favourites and as I always seem to purchase a few items at this monthly event.



Scandalize have a store at Tres Chic and released the brand new Niah dress and top combination.  Just like some of my other favourite fashion designers, I love that Yanikka gives us ladies a couple of different options with her outfits.



The Niah can be worn firstly as a dress with or without sleeves in either the block or ombre colours or if you prefer, you can just wear Niah as a top for a more casual look.


I adore both of these new outfits from this amazing designer, however there are more trinkets that I would like to share with you soon.  With a glorious summer now in full swing, I will feature some beachwear from Scandalize very soon.


For now though, I will post a few of these photos onto my Flickr page before heading off to enjoy some RL sunshine.  Until next time …

Summer Flowers

Posted in Accessories,LODE,Shiny Shabby,SL Mesh,Summer fashion,The Chapter Four by Piper Hanriot on June 30, 2018

I have been wanting to write a few blog posts on women’s accessories in SL for some time and I now find myself in a position to do just that.  I am going to start with some beautiful headdresses and wreaths from LODE.  I usually find these at either the monthly Shiny Shabby or Chapter Four events in the form of a gacha and I always play a few times to see what I can get and so I certainly do not mind receiving one item but in two different colours, as they are all so gorgeous.


Juliet collection in pink and vintage violet

I have slowly been collecting these for a few months now, so it is high time that I gave them an outing, as the designer creates such stunning floral work, which certainly deserves a mention.  I admit that I only play the gacha at these events if I am inspired by the flowers themselves and I have also bought a few of LODE’s stunning floral head wreaths on the SL marketplace as well.


Valley crown collection in mix and red

As well as floral head wear, LODE also make gorgeous hats and fascinators, as well as some beautiful flower trinkets to accompany the head wear, such as flowers that you can hold in your hand or pots or vases of floral displays to decorate your home with.  I have purchased some of these pieces as well which are just as stunning.


Mattihola collection crown (rare) and pink

I also love that LODE will create and release her floral blooms, changing with the seasons. I adore all flowers and I will definitely not leave it so long to blog more work from the amazing designer, Chirzaka Vlodovic.

For now though, I wish you a good weekend, enjoy the summer.  Until next time …


My SL Tribute to Cate

Just over a week ago I tried and then bought a new skin, this time from Pink Fuel.  I have a few of their Catwa lipstick appliers, so I decided to try the new skin, Minji.  I liked the demo, so I bought the skin, together with a body applier for Maitreya, in a couple of skin tones colours that I liked and off I went, continuing on with my SL life.


About a day later, bearing in mind that my avi was still sporting her brunette locks, I noticed that whilst wearing my gorgeous new skin that Piper now looks like Cate Blanchett.  This was both amusing but also very cool, as I love Cate’s work, and this discovery then fuelled my inspiration, so I decided to do a little styling research, put together a few looks and write this blog as a tribute to the wonderful Cate Blanchett.


Of course with the new movie, Ocean’s 8, now just releasing in cinemas across the UK, I decided to start here.  I am hoping to see Ocean’s 8 in the next few days.  I have seen the trailer for the movie and it looks really good.  I read an article online a few days ago and found out that Cate is famous for wearing an array of different suits, whether in movies or to functions and in lots of different colours.  I found a couple of lovely women’s suits in SL, one from Valentina E and the other from Giz Seorn.  Both are very stylish and chic.


My next thought led me to Cate’s role as Galadriel in Lord of the Rings, so this was my next style challenge, however I did recall seeing a gown or two at Arwen’s Creations that would be perfect, and I was correct.  I then also found a gorgeous tiara and finding a suitable hair style took the longest.  I have so many hair styles in my inventory and I knew that I had a couple that would work well with this look.  The necklace is included with the Varda dress and also matches the belt.


Finally, I decided to complete this tribute with a classic red carpet look.  It was difficult to choose one look and I will probably add some more red carpet looks for Cate on my Flickr page in the coming months.  However, for this photo, I wanted to capture Cate’s style.  I know that for the big Hollywood events the top RL designers provide gowns our fabulous actresses to wear.  I have recently bought some new gowns from Azul, so after doing a little research, I chose the Yeva by Azul.  For this style I also noticed that Cate, for the most part, keeps her make up neutral, wearing red lipstick from time to time and that her hair is mainly short to shoulder length.


My own hair in RL is quite long, so I opt for mainly short to shoulder length hair styles in SL, which I love.  I have had so much fun with this blog post, especially the styling and I have decided that a change is as good as a rest, so for the time being I will keep this look for my avi and I am inspired to recreate some more styles and write another blog in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post, especially those Cate Blanchett fans out there.  I will be adding some of these styles to my Flickr page as well.  Have a great week and until next time …

Link to my Flickr page.

On The Move

Posted in Gowns,High Fashion,Locations,Sascha's Designs,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on June 25, 2018

Today is the last day that Sascha’s Designs will be residing at Coco Beach, as the mainstore will have a new home at Pond.  The new Sascha’s Designs store is slowly taking shape and you can find all Sascha’s new releases, together with the weekly and monthly items, as well as some of Sascha’s other gorgeous clothing.


Bibi outfit in red

The old store was big and beautiful, so yesterday I spent some time just wandering around the store for the last time.  So many beautiful gowns and sassy casual outfits, both new and old graced the walls, all lovingly created, in a fantastic rainbow of colours.  A couple of recent releases from Sascha’s Designs include the Bibi outfit, which was featured at the recent Swank event.


Sigma gown in pink

Only a few days ago, Sascha also released the Sigma gown.  The gown is available to purchase at the new mainstore in white, pink and black.  Whilst Sascha settles into her new store, if you cannot find either an outfit or gown, then please visit Sascha’s Designs on the SL Marketplace, where you will be able to find everything there as usual.


Novice gown in gold

Over the past month to six weeks, Sascha has been going through her store at Coco Beach, revisiting gowns and outfits which also share memories and carefully going through, deciding which items to box up and which items to take to the new store.  I cannot even begin to imagine what a task this is, especially when you have been established in one place for such a long time.


Trust gown in blue (winter collection)

As I walked around the store yesterday, I also took a trip down memory lane myself, remembering the fashion shows that were held on a platform above the store and seeing some of my favourite gowns still on display.  It is wonderful that some of them now feature an omega applier so that you can still wear these beautiful and stunning gowns and outfits.  The majority of Sascha’s exquisite gowns are timeless and I also think that Sascha enjoys giving them a make over and introducing new colours from time to time.


So as the team at Sascha’s Designs help this wonderful lady to box up the remaining items, I hand everyone a glass of chilled Prosecco and I toast to the awesome Sascha Frangilli and wish you all the best in the new store, to new beginnings, more fun and of course more Prosecco.  Until next time …

Love of Lingerie

Posted in Big Beautiful Doll,Lingerie,Ricelli,SL Mesh,Violent Seduction by Piper Hanriot on June 24, 2018

I have not blogged a great deal of lingerie this year and I am not sure if it’s just because of summer, but I admit that I am currently struggling to find designers who make classic lingerie sets.  When I say ‘classic’, I mean lingerie sets that comprise bra, knickers, garter, stockings and in some cases either a corset or a cincher, a complete lingerie set.

Having spoken to a few male friends both in SL and also in RL, they adore seeing women in classic lingerie.  Classic lingerie sets are not only sexy but they are so romantic too.  I see quite a few designers who have created bra and knickers sets or just a bodice, but that’s it.  I really hope that the lingerie designers have not either run out of steam or even ideas.


In the meantime, I have spent some time looking around and have three sets of lingerie from designers that do still seem to be going strong.  Big Beautiful Doll have been in SL for a few years now and they have some stunning lingerie sets.  I admit that it was difficult to choose a set to model, however after some deliberation, I chose the Jezabel set.

The Jezabel lingerie set is a perfect classic lingerie set and I love the combination of the base colour with exquisite lace edging in white.  I have a few lingerie sets from Big Beautiful Doll, all of which I adore wearing from time to time.


Next a designer who creates more modern and sexy lingerie, however I have fast become a fan of her work and I am equally as excited to see what she releases next in her lingerie range by Ricelli.  This fabulous designer usually features a lingerie set at the monthly Kinky event, which is usually where I purchase a set from.  I have also visited the Ricelli mainstore and I highly recommend anyone to go and visit the store.  Ricelli create more than just lingerie and I will feature a more classic lingerie set from them in the near future.


And finally for this blog a designer who doesn’t appear to release as much as either BBD or Ricelli, however when the designer of Violent Seduction releases anything, whether lingerie or other clothing, it seems to be very popular.  I found this more vintage style corset which looks so romantic.  It has a Parisian feel to it, but with a slight modern twist.

That is all for today’s blog post, however I hope to bring you some more lingerie soon and I also really hope to see more classic and romantic sets soon.  With summer here it’s also wedding season, so hopefully this will inspire our amazing lingerie designers in SL to start creating again.  Until next time …


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