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Posted in Chop Zuey,Dead Dollz,High Fashion,Lace,Maxi Gossamer,SL Events,SL Mesh,Truth Hair,Valentine's by Piper Hanriot on February 11, 2018

I am not half-way through my life yet, however when I turn around and look back, I see how times have changed in more ways than one.  People do things differently today compared to 20 or 30 years ago.  People dress differently today than they did back then too, however every year on 14 February a lot of people celebrate St. Valentine’s Day in their own way.


Today’s blog post features a designer who I have not blogged for before, however, having seen their designs at some of SL’s recent events, I am falling in love with their work and feel a trip to the Dead Dollz main store is definitely on the cards very soon.

The first dress that caught my eye when I visited the recent round at Fameshed is the Faye dress.  Red and pink may be the main colours that we associate with Valentine’s Day, so I decided to choose blue for this one and also because blue is one of my favourite colours.  I adore the beautiful lace work on this dress, giving it a romantic feel, together with the modern style of the dress.


Faye dress @ Dead Dollz (Fameshed), Bea shoes @ Mosquito’s Way, Naomi key to my heart necklace @ Maxi Gossamer (Collabor88)

Next on my event stop tour was The Liason Collaborative, where the next item that caught my eye, also by Dead Dollz is the Padma dress.  Well it is actually a stunning lace top, edged with beads, together with a beautiful and soft satin skirt, which also has beads on the waistband.  This time I chose the purple dress, as this is also one of my favourite colours.  It is funny how you can look at one item, in many colours, however one colour in particular will always stand out more than the others.  At least this is how my brain works and I think that it is a good thing.


Dead Dollz have been around for some years now and I will definitely be showing you more from the fabulous Kiddo Oh in the near future and by the same token I hope to see more amazing outfits and dresses from Dead Dollz at the SL events in 2018 too.  In the meantime, I am heading to the main store, however if you do not have time to explore, then you can also find Dead Dollz on the SL marketplace.


Padma dress @ Dead Dollz (TLC), Majesty jewellery @ Chop Zuey, Teanna hair @ Truth Hair

Time now to head off on more fun adventures in SL.  Thank you for reading and I wish you all a good weekend, whatever you are doing.  Until next time…




10 Years in SL Feature Blog 1

Posted in Anniversary,High Fashion,Sascha's Designs,SL Mesh,SL Prim by Piper Hanriot on February 9, 2018

On 30 January 2018 I celebrated 10 years in Second Life.  So to mark this milestone, which to be honest, I never thought I would reach, I have decided to write 10 special feature blogs.  Some of you already know about my early days in SL and have seen the photos, so these feature blogs will be focused on my 10 years in SL fashion.  Each blog will partially tell a story.

For this, my first feature blog is dedicated to the simply fabulous Sascha Frangilli of Sascha’s Designs.  I have known Sascha for almost as long as I have been in SL and we are still friends today, so this is the perfect place to start.

10 Years SAS_001

Wilhelmina in gold (classic and prim with sleek skirt)

After spending the first 4 months in SL finding a niche that I could fit into, a friend invited me to a fashion show, which was being held at Sascha’s Designs.  The show was great, hosted by Sascha herself.  Of course I joined the group and had a good look around her store, falling in love with all the gowns.  A few weeks later Sascha sent out a notice advising that she is looking for an organiser and host for her fashion shows.  So I applied. I was very surprised to find out that I was the only applicant, so Sascha hired me.  I shadowed Sascha for the first show and the first gown that she gave me to wear for this show was the Wilhelmina.  I loved this gown and I was super excited to style and wear it.  The fashion shows were huge fun and I enjoyed every one.

10 Years SAS Pudding

LtoR – Pisang Pudding gown (classic and prim with swooshy skirt), Strawberry Pudding gown (Omega applier for mesh with battleship skirt)

Over the past 10 years Sascha’s work has gone from strength to strength and she has created so many beautiful gowns and outfits.  Sascha is known for her gowns first and foremost, using a variety of gorgeous textures.  Even now I still get excited when I open each new box and see how many different skirts have been included.  Sascha likes to cater for all women’s styles and tastes. In this blog I have decided to try to show you some of the different skirt types.

10 Years SAS Trouble

LtoR – Trouble in royal blue (classic and prim with big sucker skirt), Trouble in mandarin (Omega applier for mesh with sleek skirt)

As well as her gowns, Sascha’s pant and skirt ensembles have also proved to be a huge hit.  Before mesh came into SL, a lot of Sascha’s pant sets were teamed up with boots from Bax Cohen with each pant set box containing at least 4 tops, either in different styles or in different colours.  It was hard to choose just one pant set to feature in this blog, however I do still clearly remember that at the time the Rock Chic set was my favourite.  It was my ‘go to’ outfit for the weekends and for when I was just exploring SL.

10 Years SAS_005

Rock Chic outfit (classic avatar)

As Sascha continued her own journey through fashion, she has also become well-known for her hats.  The very first hat to feature with one of her gowns was the Divination and I remember that particular hat was huge!  Again, it was hard to choose just one gown with a hat to show you, however one of my favourites dresses, inspired by the film My Fair Lady, is the Ula.  The style is vintage, the textures are vintage, it is such a beautiful gown and of course comes with a hat as well as an umbrella to complete the look.

10 Years SAS_010

Ula gown in beige (Omega applier for mesh with swooshy skirt)

Mesh clothing were the first items to arrive in SL before mesh bodies and heads and Sascha embraced the change and has created some stunning gowns and outfits in mesh as well.  Having shown you enough gowns in this blog, I decided to opt for the Lou Lou pant set.  Having un-meshed my avatar for the most of these photos, applying this gorgeous mesh outfit was a lot easier than trying to fit it whilst wearing a mesh body, as they all need appliers, but I know that you all know enough about that already.

10 Years SAS_004

Lou Lou mesh outfit in pink

Well folks, I could ramble on and on and show you more of the amazing work both past and present from Sascha’s Designs and I will blog more of her work again very soon.  In the meantime, I hope that you have enjoyed reading and gosh with 10 years in SL under my belt, maybe I should write a book?  Until next time …



Valentine’s Lingerie at Carrie’s

Posted in Carrie's Lingerie,High Fashion,Lingerie,SL Mesh,Valentine's by Piper Hanriot on February 3, 2018

The past two weeks have flown by and with a busy January now behind me, I turn around and see Valentine’s Day 2018 is closer than I thought.  Carrie’s Lingerie always celebrate the occasion with sensual silk and lace, bringing lingerie romance and style, as well as sexy.  So here are a couple of Valentine’s trinkets that you might like to celebrate  in this year.


Justine negligee in red and black

Some of you who regularly shop at Carrie’s Lingerie may recall having seen the Justine negligee back in December in a variety of colours and laced in either silver or gold for the festive season,  Well now I am pleased to see that this stunning negligee is back in a choice of three new colours for Valentine’s.  I decided to show you the romantic red negligee, which I love teamed up with the black lace.  The stockings are included in the box and you will need to wear the Omega applier to fit them.


Maria lingerie set in red (above and below)

The other lingerie set, which this time is my choice for Valentine’s, is a lingerie set that was originally released in Autumn 2017, the Maria.  I added a touch of gothic style to it in my previous blog and I really loved the lingerie, so I have decided to show it again, this time in the red.  This lingerie set is super sexy and as you can see from the photos, you can wear the corset complete or you can opt for an under bust corset version.  Perfect for those ladies who are looking to ‘wow’ their partners.


I admit that in RL I do not do anything special for this day, however, I it always good fun to share a little romantic inspiration with those of you who do from our virtual world.

In the meantime, whichever world you choose to spend the time on this day, I hope that you make it a good one.  I will have more gorgeous creations from Carrie’s very soon.  Until next time…



Gacha Gacha!

Posted in Amara Beauty,Argrace,High Fashion,N-Core,Scandalize,SL Gacha,SL Mesh,The White Armory by Piper Hanriot on January 28, 2018

As well as visiting the many monthly events in SL, visiting the designers main stores and home shopping via the SL Marketplace, there is also SL gacha.  The Arcade and Epiphany are the two main gacha events in SL, however a lot of the designers also have a gacha section in their main stores.  For those who are not keen to roll the dice with the gacha machines and try their luck to see what they receive, some residents and also bloggers sell their unwanted gacha items on the SL Marketplace.


I admit that it is fun to play the gacha machines sometimes, however on this occasion I bought these items from the SL Marketplace.  The Madeva top and pants set was released by Scandalize for the pocket gacha.  The pocket gacha is a relatively new way to buy gacha items without having to visit an event and fight SL lag, crashing out and walking around the event as if you are walking through thick soup.  I have purchased a pocket gacha hud, which you can buy on the SL Marketplace and have yet to try it out.


Meanwhile back to the Madeva set, which is available in nude, aqua, red, pink, gold and also the fatpack, which contains all of these colours, plus even more.  The fatpack is the rare item in the gacha.  I like this set and who knows, when I try out my pocket gacha hud, I may try for the fatpack.


The other gacha item, which again I purchased from the SL Marketplace are the Valkyrie boots from N-Core.  These boots were at the Arcade gacha event back in December 2017.  I remember seeing lots of women in SL regularly asking in group chat if anyone would like to swap any of the colours.  Unfortunately I never got a chance to visit the event.  The boots are available in two different styles being thigh high and knee-high and of course the fatpack is the rare item, which contains all.

If you like visiting and playing the gacha’s, enjoy and have fun!  I will play again soon.  Until next time …

Styling Credits:

Madeva outfit – Scandalize

Valkyrie boots – N-Core

Illithian sword and dagger belt set – The White Armory

Yura hair – Argrace

Rebecca skin – Amara Beauty


Bekia and Velure

Posted in High Fashion,Modern,Scandalize,SL Events,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on January 27, 2018

Scandalize has fast become one of my favourite clothing stores in SL.  I love their style.  It is fresh, modern and full of zest and vibrance.  In my previous blog I mentioned that each time I purchase a new item from Scandalize, I try to buy the item in a different colour, so that a) I have a rainbow of colours in my SL wardrobe and b) so I can show my readers a different colour in each blog post.


So this blog post is keeping with the colour promise.  Today I am sharing with you the stunning Bekia dress and the sassy Velure outfit.


The Bekia dress was recently featured at the latest round of Cosmopolitan.  I adore the leaf skirt, it is so sexy and unique.  I have not seen anything like this in SL before.  Both the top and skirt come with two options block colour or glitter.  I mixed them up for my photos above and I admit it was very tempting to buy the fatpack, however after some deliberation, I managed to choose just one colour.


The brand new Velure outfit is currently being featured at the January round of Fameshed.  I have styled to look a bit preppy, which looks cute.  More often than not I tend to go for either a sexy of glamorous look, so it’s nice to create different styles.  Like the Bekia dress, the Velure outfit has a choice of two styles, a block colour version and a fuzzy version, which is perfect for winter.


Well that is all I have for now, however I will bring you more news and mouth-watering delights from the amazing Scandalize store very soon.  Have a good weekend and until next time …


Winter Warmers

Posted in Blueberry,High Fashion,Jewellery,N-Core,SL Mesh,Winter,Yummy by Piper Hanriot on January 21, 2018

Second Life has so many events in-world now and I think that sometimes we forget to visit the mainstores of these amazing designers.  To that end, I decided to write a blog featuring some wonderful new items from a couple of my favourite designer mainstores.


Laura corset dress and sweater from Blueberry

In the last couple of days, Blueberry have released their brand new Laura set.  The outfit comprises a gorgeous corset dress, together with a bolero style hoodie sweater.  These items can either be worn together or separately if you choose.  The arms of the sweater have stripes, giving it a sporty feel.  This outfit is available in a host of plain colours or you can purchase the metallic set, which comprises nine metallics.  Ultimately you can also buy the fatpack, which contains all of these plus an extra nine which have logos on them.


Eileen boots from N-Core

I decided to team up my winter outfit with winter boots from my favourite shoe designer, N-Core.  The Eileen boots were originally featured at the Uber event back in 2017, however they are now available to purchase at the N-Core mainstore.  I love these boots because they are different and have become my ‘go to’ boots for this winter.  When I purchased the Eileen boots I decided that I liked all the colours, so I bought the fatpack.  The hud in the fatpack allows you to change the colour of the boots, the boot heels, the under boot, the socks and the sock buttons.  I have few more short dresses in my wardrobe to match with these boots, so this is not the last you will see of them.

Anduril 18

Bohemian ring set from Yummy at Collbor88 (January round)

Finally, a little something that this time I did find at the January round of Collabor88.  The Bohemian ring set from Yummy jewellery.  I have seen quite a few different ring sets at various SL events over the past few months, however this set particularly caught my eye, most probably because these rings are the sort that I like in the real world as well.  Using the hud, you can choose to wear as many of the rings at any time.  You can also change the metal and the colour of the crystals.  I do not wear rings very much in SL, however I think I will be wearing these a bit more often.

Well folks that is all for now, however I have a few blogs with more amazing apparel and gems from the world of SL to share with you soon, to include lingerie, gowns and the start of some feature blogs to celebrate 10 years in SL, which will begin at the end of January.  Until next time…

Memory Lane the 1980’s

Something that I enjoy doing from time to time in my SL world is put together a small project.  Usually something somewhere inspires me, which sets the cogs in my brain in motion and the creativity flows.  Sometimes the project consists only of a photo or a series of photos, which I style and put together and post on my Flickr page and sometimes, I put together a feature blog post, just like I am doing today.

Potting shed_008

Outfit by Legendaire, gloves by Mystic, jewellery by Maxi Gossamer, Vixen hair by Truth Hair, Like a Virgin skin and make-up by YS&YS

This past weekend whilst visiting the Legendaire store in SL, I saw on the promo wall a couple of outfits from the 1980’s.  One of the outfits was created by this designer as a tribute to the queen of pop herself, the one and only Madonna.  The outfit is great, so I decided to buy it, do a little research from the original ‘Like a virgin’ photos, thanks to Google, add a few tweaks of my own in relation to styling and voila!  My avatar took on this musical icon for a short time.

Potting shed_014

Phoebe gown by Just Because, formal gloves by Sweet Tea, Eva jewellery by Lazuri

I remember the 1980’s very well, mainly for the music, closely followed by the fantastic movies of that era.  As for fashion, well all I can say is that I followed it to a certain degree with big hair, shoulder pads and ra-ra skirts.  Just for a bit of fun, I have included a photo below of some of my favourite items, as well as a few items that either leaves you with a question mark or it is just plain hilarious.

1980s memories

From main pic: 80’s fashion look, mullet hairstyle, ra-ra skirt, shopper bag, chopper bike, banana hair clip, filofax, 80’s make-up

For example the plastic shopper bag.  I had one of these when I was at school, in white and living in the UK we get a lot of rain here, so I would put a carrier bag inside my bag to act as a liner, then put all my things in the bag, so that everything stayed dry.  Looking back now to the person who created this bag, I have to ask the question why? Lol

Well that’s all for now for my trip down memory lane of the fabulous 1980’s.  Normal blogging activities will resume shortly.  Until next time …



Modern Twist

Posted in Gowns,High Fashion,Modern,Scandalize,SL Mesh,Winter by Piper Hanriot on January 6, 2018

Designer Yanika Resident is one of the busiest ladies I know.  CEO and amazing designer of Scandalize, Yanika loves what she does and her fans and followers love her wonderful creations.


Back in December 2017 I decided to try to create one blog post per item, however due to time constraints and so many events in SL these days, it is not always possible.  Scandalize feature a new item of women’s clothing at most of the major events in SL, so for today’s blog post, I give you not one but two awesome creations.


The Milena jumpsuit was featured at the Winter Trends event in December 2017 and like a magpie seeing a shiny item out of the corner of my eye, I saw this jumpsuit liked it very much.  When purchasing an item from Scandalize, I try to pick a different colour every time, so that not only do I have a variety of wonderful colours in my SL wardrobe, but also I don’t want to feature the same colours all of the time.


I first saw a photo of the Britney gown on Yanika’s Flickr page.  This gown was featured at the N21 event in SL.  A new event possibly as I had not come across this one before, however I loved the style of this gorgeous dress, so I decided to visit the N21 event and have a look around, as well as purchasing a few trinkets.  The Britney gown is modern, yet elegant and beautiful in all of the colours, so yes I struggled to pick just one colour to feature.


All of Yanika’s beautiful creations eventually take centre stage in her inworld store once each event is over, so do not despair, however for me, being that magpie, I prefer to fly from one event to the other, collecting shiny trinkets along the way.  For now though, welcome to January 2018.  Until next time …

One Last Party 2017

Posted in Azul,Erratic,High Fashion,New Year,SL Events,SL Mesh,SPIRIT by Piper Hanriot on December 30, 2017

2017 for the most part was a good year for me both in SL and also in RL.  From having an opportunity to holiday in winter and experience proper snow to attending a friend’s wedding to joining hundreds of other men and women as a competitor at Cake International in the UK and everything else in between.  Lots of highs, a few lows and a few health niggles to end the year.


Chandani dress from Azul, Po shoes from Blueberry, Corinne hair from Limerence at the Kinky Event, Ritzy shimmer pearl bracelets from Maxi Gossamer

SL has also been good fun from putting together and hosting this year’s Miss TWA contest, having my own home in SL for the first time in 4 or 5 years and finding that mesh items are even more wonderful, giving me a chance to actually create a beautiful living area and still have prims left over, to making new friends and also enjoying another wonderful year of taking photos and fashion blogging.


Chiara dress from Erratic at Collabor88 event, Iconic doll shoes from Blueberry, Strawberries hair from Magika

A few party dresses in SL caught my eye in November, which I thought will be perfect for waving farewell to 2017 and welcoming in the New Year 2018.  I then decided to create a few party looks to accompany these dresses, showing that short and cocktail dresses can be just as sexy and gorgeous as full length gowns, as I know that I have shared quite a few gowns with you all in recent blog posts.


Mel dress from Spirit, Iconic doll shoes from Blueberry, Cassandra hair from VoltHair at the Kinky Event

As well as having the perfect party attire, the bubbly is in the fridge, so just enough time now for some well deserved pampering before the last party for the season begins.  Thank you to my readers and followers for your continued support in 2017 and I hope that you will join me again in 2018 for another year.  Let’s make it a good one.  Happy New Year! …

New Year Sparkle

Posted in High Fashion,New Year,Sascha's Designs,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on December 29, 2017

With the Christmas festivities 2017 now behind us, the clock is now heading towards the end of the year and into 2018.  For those of you planning to party the night away and need a little last-minute inspiration, then how about the gorgeous and very sparkly Palomma dress from Sascha’s Designs.

Palomma 1

Palomma in aqua and champagne

This sassy little dress and jacket combo comes in a choice of five different colours, purple, red, silver, toffee and burnt sun and Sascha has now added five brand new colours of this dress, aqua, champagne, chocco, magenta and salmon.  These new colours are just as stunning as the previous colours so you can shine as you sip your bubbly and dance the night away.

Palomma 2

Palomma in chocco and magenta

These dresses are mesh and include the five standard sizes only, however using your mesh body hud you can weave some magic and your dress and jacket will fit perfectly.  Voila!  Finish off your look with some sexy strappy heels, sparkly nails and jewellery and you’re good to go.


Palomma in salmon

Of course you would also like to know where you can purchase the Palomma dress, so please find a link here to the Sascha’s Designs MP site first and then you will also purchase this dress at the Sascha’s Designs main store inworld in due course.  Happy shopping.  Until next time …

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