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Summer Flowers

Posted in Accessories,LODE,Shiny Shabby,SL Mesh,Summer fashion,The Chapter Four by Piper Hanriot on June 30, 2018

I have been wanting to write a few blog posts on women’s accessories in SL for some time and I now find myself in a position to do just that.  I am going to start with some beautiful headdresses and wreaths from LODE.  I usually find these at either the monthly Shiny Shabby or Chapter Four events in the form of a gacha and I always play a few times to see what I can get and so I certainly do not mind receiving one item but in two different colours, as they are all so gorgeous.


Juliet collection in pink and vintage violet

I have slowly been collecting these for a few months now, so it is high time that I gave them an outing, as the designer creates such stunning floral work, which certainly deserves a mention.  I admit that I only play the gacha at these events if I am inspired by the flowers themselves and I have also bought a few of LODE’s stunning floral head wreaths on the SL marketplace as well.


Valley crown collection in mix and red

As well as floral head wear, LODE also make gorgeous hats and fascinators, as well as some beautiful flower trinkets to accompany the head wear, such as flowers that you can hold in your hand or pots or vases of floral displays to decorate your home with.  I have purchased some of these pieces as well which are just as stunning.


Mattihola collection crown (rare) and pink

I also love that LODE will create and release her floral blooms, changing with the seasons. I adore all flowers and I will definitely not leave it so long to blog more work from the amazing designer, Chirzaka Vlodovic.

For now though, I wish you a good weekend, enjoy the summer.  Until next time …



On The Move

Posted in High Fashion,Locations,SL Mesh,Sascha's Designs,Gowns by Piper Hanriot on June 25, 2018

Today is the last day that Sascha’s Designs will be residing at Coco Beach, as the mainstore will have a new home at Pond.  The new Sascha’s Designs store is slowly taking shape and you can find all Sascha’s new releases, together with the weekly and monthly items, as well as some of Sascha’s other gorgeous clothing.


Bibi outfit in red

The old store was big and beautiful, so yesterday I spent some time just wandering around the store for the last time.  So many beautiful gowns and sassy casual outfits, both new and old graced the walls, all lovingly created, in a fantastic rainbow of colours.  A couple of recent releases from Sascha’s Designs include the Bibi outfit, which was featured at the recent Swank event.


Sigma gown in pink

Only a few days ago, Sascha also released the Sigma gown.  The gown is available to purchase at the new mainstore in white, pink and black.  Whilst Sascha settles into her new store, if you cannot find either an outfit or gown, then please visit Sascha’s Designs on the SL Marketplace, where you will be able to find everything there as usual.


Novice gown in gold

Over the past month to six weeks, Sascha has been going through her store at Coco Beach, revisiting gowns and outfits which also share memories and carefully going through, deciding which items to box up and which items to take to the new store.  I cannot even begin to imagine what a task this is, especially when you have been established in one place for such a long time.


Trust gown in blue (winter collection)

As I walked around the store yesterday, I also took a trip down memory lane myself, remembering the fashion shows that were held on a platform above the store and seeing some of my favourite gowns still on display.  It is wonderful that some of them now feature an omega applier so that you can still wear these beautiful and stunning gowns and outfits.  The majority of Sascha’s exquisite gowns are timeless and I also think that Sascha enjoys giving them a make over and introducing new colours from time to time.


So as the team at Sascha’s Designs help this wonderful lady to box up the remaining items, I hand everyone a glass of chilled Prosecco and I toast to the awesome Sascha Frangilli and wish you all the best in the new store, to new beginnings, more fun and of course more Prosecco.  Until next time …

Love of Lingerie

Posted in Big Beautiful Doll,Lingerie,Ricelli,SL Mesh,Violent Seduction by Piper Hanriot on June 24, 2018

I have not blogged a great deal of lingerie this year and I am not sure if it’s just because of summer, but I admit that I am currently struggling to find designers who make classic lingerie sets.  When I say ‘classic’, I mean lingerie sets that comprise bra, knickers, garter, stockings and in some cases either a corset or a cincher, a complete lingerie set.

Having spoken to a few male friends both in SL and also in RL, they adore seeing women in classic lingerie.  Classic lingerie sets are not only sexy but they are so romantic too.  I see quite a few designers who have created bra and knickers sets or just a bodice, but that’s it.  I really hope that the lingerie designers have not either run out of steam or even ideas.


In the meantime, I have spent some time looking around and have three sets of lingerie from designers that do still seem to be going strong.  Big Beautiful Doll have been in SL for a few years now and they have some stunning lingerie sets.  I admit that it was difficult to choose a set to model, however after some deliberation, I chose the Jezabel set.

The Jezabel lingerie set is a perfect classic lingerie set and I love the combination of the base colour with exquisite lace edging in white.  I have a few lingerie sets from Big Beautiful Doll, all of which I adore wearing from time to time.


Next a designer who creates more modern and sexy lingerie, however I have fast become a fan of her work and I am equally as excited to see what she releases next in her lingerie range by Ricelli.  This fabulous designer usually features a lingerie set at the monthly Kinky event, which is usually where I purchase a set from.  I have also visited the Ricelli mainstore and I highly recommend anyone to go and visit the store.  Ricelli create more than just lingerie and I will feature a more classic lingerie set from them in the near future.


And finally for this blog a designer who doesn’t appear to release as much as either BBD or Ricelli, however when the designer of Violent Seduction releases anything, whether lingerie or other clothing, it seems to be very popular.  I found this more vintage style corset which looks so romantic.  It has a Parisian feel to it, but with a slight modern twist.

That is all for today’s blog post, however I hope to bring you some more lingerie soon and I also really hope to see more classic and romantic sets soon.  With summer here it’s also wedding season, so hopefully this will inspire our amazing lingerie designers in SL to start creating again.  Until next time …


What About Us

Posted in By Miss Jones,Lavian & Co,Sense Event,SL Events,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on June 16, 2018

The June round of Sense Event is just about to begin and I have pleasure in bringing you an exclusive brand new release from By Miss Jones, a dress named ‘What About Us’.

What about us_003

This gorgeous modern style dress comes in block colours with a hud, so that you can change the colours.  The hud splits the dress into three parts, being dress, belt and ruffle.  The What About Us dress is mesh and is compatible with the Maitreya, Slink and Belleza bodies as well as the standard mesh sizes.

What about us_004

I have to say that I adore the style of this dress.  It is definitely something that I would wear in RL.  It’s so easy and effortless, however very sassy and perfect for a night out.  As you can see from the photos, I decided to have a play and show you a mix of the different colour combinations.

What about us_009

If you wish to keep abreast with all the news and latest releases from By Miss Jones, then why not join the group and don’t forget that as well as the SL events, Sam has also released some exquisite dresses and outfits at her mainstore.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend, as well as the June round at Sense Event.  Until next time …



Designer Showcase Style

This month at the June round of the Designer Showcase, By Miss Jones has two new fabulous outfit exclusives.  Satellite Sisters dress and the Forever in Blue Jeans.  Awesome designer, Sam Jones has also made chain style boots to accompany the Satellite Sisters dress and a pair of sassy peep toes heels to accompany the Forever in Blue Jeans outfit.


Satellite Sisters top and skirt combo.

So what better way to start the summer and in style too, as both of these outfits are so sassy and perfect for looking cool as the weather heats up.  Teamed up with a tote bag and a pair of sunnies, you’re all set from day to evening.


All of these gorgeous items come with a hud, so for example, the Forever in Blue Jeans heels can be one colour or you can mix it up and make them two-tone.  You can also mix the colours up on the top by making the mesh lace a different colour or the same colour as the top.  This is the same for the Satellite Sisters skirt as well.


Forever in Blue Jeans top, jeans and heels

There is also black and a selection of cool denim blues for the jeans. Both in RL and in SL I love a classic denim jean and these are absolutely perfect.  Both outfits are compatible with the Maitreya Lara, Belleza Isis, Venus, Freya and Slink Physique and Hourglass and mesh sizes from XXS to L.  The shoes are only available for mesh bodies Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.


That is all for this blog post, however I will feature more from By Miss Jones in the near future, as it may be summer, but Sam is a busy lady and is already creating lots more  fantastic women’s clothing.  It is wonderful to have her back in SL again.  Have a great weekend everyone and until next time …

Satellite Sisters and Forever in Blue Jeans at the Designer Showcase.



Summer is Here

Posted in By Miss Jones,High Fashion,Lavian & Co,SL Events,SL Mesh,Summer fashion by Piper Hanriot on June 3, 2018

Sam Jones, amazing designer and CEO of her clothing brand By Miss Jones has been hard at work this past week creating some fantastic summer show stoppers, so I am delighted to share a few of these treats with you.


Currently available at The Avenue event (June round) is the brand new Perfect Ten dress. A modern contemporary style dress, perfect for the day or evening and as you can see from when I took the photo, I had not even finished my first coffee, so I was still a bit sleepy, as you can tell.


Summer is finally here and I am beach ready in the new To The Edge dress.  There is a hud with this dress, so that you can change not only the main part of the dress, but also the under skirt and the belt.  Beach here I come!


For my final dress choice for this particular blog post, I decided to add a little cutting edge class in the new Forget You gown, however I have to say that this is a type of gown that is more than likely to be remembered, rather than forgotten.  I have to say that I have quickly fallen in love with this gown.  The front is sexy with its thigh high split in the skirt and the back of the dress will definitely turn heads.


All of the above dresses are compatible with the Slink Physique and Hourglass bodies and also the Maitreya mesh body.  The To The Edge dress also has a fitmesh version for classic avatars.  To The Edge and Forget You are both available to purchase at the mainstore.

By Miss Jones mainstore link – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Treacle/14/127/22

That is all for today’s blog, so I hope that you all have a good week and I will have more wonderful delights from By Miss Jones for you very soon.  Until next time…






By Royal Appointment

Posted in Gowns,High Fashion,Sascha's Designs,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on May 15, 2018

It was not that long ago when I recall writing a blog and sharing some wedding inspiration when Prince William wed Kate Middleton.  At that time I was working as a manager in a hotel and looked after a couple who were also getting married on the same day as the royal couple.

Now in just less than a week’s time we will be wishing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle all the best as they exchange their wedding vows, which the rest of us toast them with Prosecco and wish them all the best.


In SL we can also dress up and toast the royal couple and Sascha’s Designs also has the perfect outfit for the day.  The Hyperis was recently released in the colour nude.  I have featured this dress before in a previous blog post and still maintain that teamed up with matching shoes, hat and clutch bag, it will always be an outfit full of class and style.  The dress is mesh and comes with the standard mesh sizes.  The shoes are compatible for Slink feet and I admit that in my photos I chose a different shoe, as I wear a different mesh body.


With the formalities completed, you could change into a more formal gown to dance the night away.  Once again, Sascha has recently released some perfect spring gowns, which are beautiful and perfect for such an occasion.  The Enchanted gown is absolute stunning and Sascha has created this gown with some gorgeous spring floral textures.  It was hard to choose which one to wear.  There is also a choice of three different skirt options, depending on your style.  The Enchanted gown is compatible with Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies and there is also a fitted mesh option.


Finally if you would prefer to sparkle like your glass of bubbly, then I would recommend the Gigi gown, also from Sascha’s Designs.  The beautiful Gigi gown is also compatible with the above mentioned mesh bodies.  This gown was originally released in white, gold, aqua and pink, so I am now delighted to announce that Sascha has released some brand new colours for this gown, nude, black, silver, blue, vanilla and red.  This gown really does sparkle, I simply love it.


That is all for today’s blog, however if you would like to see more from Sascha’s Designs, then a visit to the mainstore inworld is a ‘must’ or if you prefer to shop online, then you can visit Sascha’s Designs on the SL Marketplace ‘link here‘.

I am now off to go and wave my Union Jack flag, sip a glass or two of bubbly, wave and cheer the new royal couple as I watch them on television.  Wishing you all a good week.  Until next time …  Toodle pip!

Spring at Miss Jones

Posted in By Miss Jones,Designer Showcase,High Fashion,On9,SL Events,SL Mesh,Spring by Piper Hanriot on May 8, 2018

Today’s blog post may not see me waffling on as I usually do, but then again, sometimes people just want to see pictures and create their own stories and ideas.  Honestly though, my writing time at the moment is limited due to RL cake projects, but I just had to share with you some brand new releases from the Miss Jones store.

For those of you who do or maybe for those of you who do not follow my work on my Flickr page, I have shown the new and sassy Answerphone dress

Clef de Champs_001

This past weekend Miss Jones also released the brand new Candy Paint dress (shown above) and the Call My Name dress.

A hud is included with these dresses, so that you can change the texture and these gorgeous dresses are also compatible with the following female mesh bodies (Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, Altamure and TMP).  The Call My Name dress (shown below) is available in either block colours or printed textures.

Clef de Champs_017

Both beautiful summer dresses shown here and all of Miss Jones’ new and recent releases are available at the mainstore.  Please link to the mainstore below.

Miss Jones mainstore link here

Last week I blogged the Speak Your Mind dress, which is available to purchase at the May round of the Designer Showcase.

I am also excited to tell you that the fabulous Speak Your Mind dress 2 (shown below) is exclusively available at the May round of the On9 event.


Well my loyal readers, it looks as though I have ended up waffling on for longer than I had anticipated, however I hope that you love these new dresses as much as I do and I look forward to sharing with you, more from Miss Jones in the near future.

For not though, I must away back to RL.  Toodle pip!  Until next time …

Welcome back Miss Jones

Posted in By Miss Jones,High Fashion,Lavian & Co,LivGlam,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on April 30, 2018

Last weekend I received a note card advising me that Miss Samantha Jones, owner of Lavian and LivGlam is back in SL.  I am so very happy and yes I did a happy dance in my living room still wearing my PJ’s, and I do not care if anyone saw me.


At the time when Miss Jones left SL for RL back in 2016, I had only just started blogging for Lavian, after a friend of mine recommended the store and put my name forward to blog for Lavian & Co, as they were named then.


Lavian and LivGlam have always been known for their bold and beautiful fabric textures, as well as their stylish and sophisticated block colour palette as well.  Miss Jones, as she is now known, has released a couple of brand new dresses, Sister Cities and Speak Your Mind.


Sister Cities dress (photos above)

Both dresses are available to purchase at the Miss Jones store.  Link here to the mainstore.  Both of these dresses are available only in a fatpack version, which I admit I do not mind at all, as I love the texture palettes in both of these fatpacks.


Speak Your Mind dress (photos below)

Are these dresses compatible for women’s mesh bodies?  Yes of course they are.  Included in the box are versions for the Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Ebody and a fitmesh version for the classic avatar.  There is also a hud in the box, so that you can change the dress texture.


It is well worth joining the group and Miss Jones has also made available some of her Lavian work as well, both of which you can purchase either at the mainstore or on the SL marketplace.


For now I imagine that Miss Jones is still settling back into SL life and designing, but I am very excited to see what she has in store for us through the summer and I will definitely share with you more wonderful goodies from Miss Jones very soon.  Until next time …


April Events in SL

The April round of events in SL are now in full swing.  There are still a few more to open over the coming weeks, however I wanted to share a few gorgeous trinkets from my SL event travels thus far for this month.


The Black Fair has been open for a week now and Scandalize are back.  I was so happy to Yanika post a photo in Flickr of what she is featuring at the Black Fair event this year, so with spring finally here and dreams of long sunny days, I thought that I would take a stroll over at Soul2Soul Bay.


Of course when deciding which colour of the Susan dress to purchase, I was stuck, I usually am with Scandalize and then after I decided, I then wished that I had just bought the fatpack, so I may make another trip back to the store.  *Laughs*  In my mind I knew exactly the spring look I wanted and the Susan beach dress is perfect for a bit of beach glamour.

Black Fair 001

At the 2017 Black Fair event I bought an unusual, but stunning gown from Eclipse Designs (the Samal) and this year they have done it again by releasing the Shinty dress.  You can wear the Shinty either with a long or short skirt.  This dress oozes sex appeal and teamed up with the Paula shoes by N-Core (also at the Black Fair) and No Sir hair by No Match (at the Sense Event) you can quite happily stop traffic.

Black Fair_007

Styling Details

Susan in pale pink by Scandalize (Taren hair by Truth, Rimini sandals by KC Couture, Boho rings by Yummy, Peaceful dolphin jewellery by Earthstones, Beach bag by Reign, summer in the sky gacha.

Shinty dress by Eclipse Designs, Paula shoes by N-Core (at the Black Fair) and No Sir hair by No Match (at Sense event)

That is all for this blog post, however if you have not had a chance to visit The Black Fair yet, then I highly recommend it.  Have a good weekend and until next time …

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