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November Events

Posted in Autumn,Autumn fashion,Autumnal,High Fashion,Scandalize,SL Events by Piper Hanriot on November 11, 2017

Due to a busy RL I have not written a blog post for a few weeks, however now that my RL has settled down again, I have been visiting the November events and picking up a few autumnal goodies along the way.


Fameshed has become one of my favourite monthly events and I always come away with a few new items, so for November the two items that caught my attention are the Anashara jumpsuit and jacket, which I have teamed up with Star Cluster jewellery from Maxi Gossamer.


I have fast become a fan of Scandalize clothing.  Their style is modern and the range of colours, together with an ombre mix in each pack is gorgeous.  The fabulous thing about modern attire is that you can dress it up or down.  As well as the standard jumpsuit, this set also comprises a jacket, a waist chain and a body chain to complete the look.  There are also huds with this set so that you can change the metal colour of the chains and you can also change the colour of the pearls on the jumpsuit.


I adore Maxi Gossamer jewellery and have quite a few of her jewellery sets now that I have been collecting over the years.  With the festive season soon her, the Star Cluster set is perfect.  This set comprises one pair of earrings and three choker necklaces, as shown below.  I have shown this set in gold, however you can change it to silver as well.

Latte MG

As I was in a shopping mood, I also visited Collabor88, which is probably one of the events that has been running the longest in SL and is still a firm favourite of mine.  With winter just around the corner, I picked up the sweater and scarf dress set, together with the soft leather boots from Zenith.


Today is set to be a rainy one here in the UK, so I might go and visit a few more SL monthly events and see what other gorgeous trinkets I can find on my travels to share with you all.  And in the meantime, I hope you all have a great weekend.  Until next time…

Photography locations:   Tanya’s Coffee Shop & Bar and The Mill


A Touch of Romance

This week I decided to stick with blogging ball gowns from a few more of the amazing apparel designers in SL.

I would like to start by sharing with you a couple of brand new gowns, which are being featured at the Spoonful of Sugar event.  This event is running from 16 September through to 01 October and it such a worthy cause, so if you have not visited this event yet, then I highly recommend it.  The designers at this event are selling new items with either 50%, 75% or 100% of the proceeds being donated to this charity.


Unwrap caffe by Son!a

One of my all time favourite designers, Sonia28 Jie has released some new items, all of which can be found at the Spoonful of Sugar event.  A gown that caught my eye is the brand new Unwrap gown.  This stunning gown is available in caffe and in true Sonia style this gown is elegant and romantic and I adore the exquisite lace detail.  I hope Sonia releases some more colours for this gown in the future.


Bobbi sapphire by Mariposa

Another wonderful designer who is also showing some brand new gowns at the Spoonful of Sugar event is a lady whose work I have seen, however not yet featured and that is Tesslyn Finesmith of Mariposa.  The dress that caught my eye in her store is a new and exclusive dress for this event, the Bobbi gown.  This gown is available in either sapphire or magenta and it sparkles like a starry night sky.  It is so beautiful.  Tesslyn has also provided a body light with this dress, which when you wear it enhances the glitter and sparkle.  I love it.


Divine Eve makeover gown by Utopia

I would now like to share some wonderful news with you all.  Utopia is celebrating 10 years in SL and I am so excited for them.  To celebrate Rick and Saby have put on a party with live music on Sunday 24 September and they have also released some stunning new apparel.



Divine Eve makeover gown by Utopia

Saby has released the Divine gown makeover to mark this 10 year anniversary.  This dress is available in 9 different colours.  There are 2 different skirts included with this dress, the flexi (as shown above) and a fuller skirt with a side split, featuring roses on the waist. (second photo above).


Khalees rainbow by Utopia

A brand new gown, also from Utopia is the Khalees gown.  This gown is available in a variety of colours, however the one that caught my eye was the rainbow.  So I decided to be a bit more creative with my styling and photography, to show off this absolutely stunning dress.  Included with the gown are also some tiaras, 2 of them with a unicorn theme.  A thought occurred to me ‘I have unicorn nail varnish’, and so I completed the look.

Congratulations Utopia on 10 years in SL and long may you continue.  I have been a fan of Saby’s work right from the beginning.  For now though, I am going to put my tiara and heels back on and go join the party.  Have a good week everyone.  Until next time …





Autumn Gowns 2017

The summer has seen me blog a lot of posts featuring lingerie and beachwear and a few summer dresses, so now I would like to share with you some stunning new gowns in SL that have recently caught my eye, as blogging stunning SL gowns has always been a favourite topic of mine.

The September round of events is currently taking place, each of them opening on their chosen day and I am excited to see some warming autumnal delights appearing.  I have bought a few items from Valentina E this year and fell in love with this beautiful gown, which my magpie eye saw at the Fameshed event recently.  It is simple, yet elegant, perfect in my book and in my favourite colour as well, however there are other gorgeous colours to choose from as well.


Aja gown in emerald by Valentina E

Amazing apparel creator, Solas at Silvan Moon Designs has also been a very busy lady and today I wanted to show you not one, but two of her most recent releases.  Firstly the stunning Pennies from Heaven gown.  This gorgeous gown is elegance and chic all rolled into one, a timeless classic.  The Pennies from Heaven gown was released at the Trunk Show nearly a month ago and hopefully will be available at the Silvan Moon Designs main store in the near future.


Pennies from Heaven gown in black by Silvan Moon Designs

In the meantime, at the Silvan Moon Designs main store, Solas has released the brand new Psalm of Soraya gacha vendor.  There are four colour common parts to collect (upper dress, skirt and gloves), with the black and white full set gowns being the rare items.  The gacha is 88L to play and there is a demo available to try before you play.  The Psalm of Soraya gown is compatible with the Maitreya, Slink and Hourglass mesh bodies and there is also an option to buy the entire set for 5000L.


Psalm of Soraya gown (gacha) in lilac by Silvan Moon Designs

Another gown that caught my magpie eye this week is Carrie’s Lingerie monthly gown for September 2017, of which I loved the style of the gown, the colour and the print.  There is a hud included with this set with lingerie options as well in sensual black lace, which compliments the gown.  A full make up tattoo is also included, as well as a pair of earrings and if that was not enough, to buy separately, Carrie has also made matching shoes to complete the look.  For a spontaneous night out, almost everything is in one box, perfect!


September 2017 limited edition gown by Carrie’s Lingerie

Well dear readers that is all for now, however with Halloween just around the corner, followed by the winter solstice and New Year festivities, I will bring you more fabulous gowns from the world of SL and in the meantime, happy shopping.  Until next time …

Autumn on my Mind

Posted in Autumn,Autumn fashion,Autumnal,Autumnal food,Fruit,High Fashion,Lingerie,September,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on September 5, 2017

September 2017 is now here and as we enter into my favourite season of the year, autumn is definitely on my mind.  I love the coolness of the mornings and evenings, those hazy late summer days.  I love watching the leaves on the trees start to change colour from green to yellow to orange to red and then brown.


Dress and boots from Blueberry

The hedgerows filled with tempting blackberries just waiting to be picked, as well as apple, pear and plum trees brimming with fruits, ready for harvesting then freezing, ready to be used in delicious autumn and winter puddings.


Jacket from L&B .   Top from Just Because.   Jeans from Blueberry and earrings from Earthstones

In relation to autumnal food, from later this month, right through to the end of the year, is also one of my favourite times to cook.  I enjoy cooking any day of the week, however as autumn sets in and the temperature in the UK cools, I love cooking stews and roast dinners, warming breakfasts of waffles with fruit and maple syrup and fruit crumble and warming chocolate desserts.


Outfit (including boots) from Hilly Haalan.   Necklace from Maxi Gossamer

I also love baking granary and German rye bread and baking cakes and cookies with some of the wonderful seasonal ingredients around.  Ginger, cranberries, pumpkin, cinnamon, apples and so on.  I feel at my most creative in autumn and I enjoy cooking and baking new things that I have not yet made before, together with some of my classic favourites, which always go down well at home, as well as with my friends and work colleagues.


Lingerie from MMC and jewellery from Earthstones

With regard to Second Life, my thoughts of autumn have inspired me to put together some early seasonal looks.  I know that over the next few months, the designers in world will also feel inspired to create and release new apparel for autumn and I am very excited to see and share with you some new looks with you all.

In the meantime, I have included my styling details on my Flickr page, and hope that autumn inspires some of you, as it does me.  Until next time …

Flickr page – https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/?

Into The Groove

Posted in Disco,Hair,High Fashion,Into the groove,Jewellery,Metallic,SL Events,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on August 28, 2017

One of my favourite SL fashion events, Uber is now open for the August round and even though when I visited the event yesterday, it was busy, I felt like a child at Christmas when I saw all the wonderful delights featured.  So I decided to get into the groove and mix with the hub hub of fellow shoppers, before coming away with some amazing trinkets.

Groove 1

Tiara set in diamonds by SEUL (left) and Tess romper in gold by Erratic (right)

It does make me wonder if in a previous life I was a magpie, as I seem to always be drawn to shiny things and at Uber this month, there are lots of shiny things on offer as you can see from the photos in this blog.  After spending about 30 minutes casually wandering around the event and taking it all in, I felt inspired to create some disco looks as a theme for this blog.

Groove 2

Cristal pants and tops in beige by Vision

Even though I was able to mix and match most of my Uber purchases, I also used a couple of accessory items from elsewhere in my rather extensive SL wardrobe, otherwise known as my inventory.  However, the majority of the items used for this blog were purchased at the Uber event and as much as I love my everyday casual clothing and in the knowledge that autumn is just around the corner, I am not ready to wave goodbye to summer 2017 just yet.


Becky hair by Entwined and Nightfall eye shadows by Veechi

So please feel free to join me and continue to sparkle and shine in diamonds and gold lame for another few weeks, dancing around SL without a care in the world and grooving with the late summer vibes.  So Mr DJ, put another record on and keep playing those tunes, as I am not done yet.  Are you?


Tess romper by Erratic and Rachel sandals by Pure Poison

Full details on my looks for this blog can be found on my Flickr page  https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/

Have a great week everyone.  Until next time …







Bring on the Lace

Posted in High Fashion,Lace,Lingerie,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on August 26, 2017

Throughout the year I regularly blog for one or two lingerie designers in SL, which is wonderful and I enjoy creating and posting blogs for them.

However, when it comes to SL lingerie, there is a whole host of amazing designers out there and so in today’s blog I would like to share with you a few snippets of some gorgeous lace lingerie from a few of the other amazingly talented lingerie designers in SL.


Sandra lingerie set from Star Outlet

I follow a couple of designers in Flickr and there are a couple who create stunning  lingerie that really catches my eye on a regular basis.  Gillian Winsmore of Star Outlet is one of those designers.  Her main outlet is in lingerie and swimwear and I have become quite a fan of her work.  Gillian’s ideas and creations are fresh and I also like her colour palettes.  Star Outlet is only available on the marketplace, so go take a look and treat yourself.


Hannah lingerie from MMC

Next is someone’s work who again I have been following in Flickr for quite some time, but have not gotten around to blogging them yet and that is Edison Frohlich of MMC.  The majority of Edison’s work is women’s clothing, however in their marketplace store you will also find a few accessories and some men’s clothing as well.

The bulk of the clothing sold at MMC is lingerie, and again, I love the colour palette and the textures.  There is a lot of lace lingerie, however there are no two lingerie sets the same, they are all unique, but don’t take my word for it, go check them out for yourself.


Arianna lingerie set from Big Beautiful Doll

And finally, I could not blog lingerie without giving one of my favourites a mention, Big Beautiful Doll.  Big Beautiful Doll have been creating sexy lingerie in SL since 2013 and I have been a fan of theirs since I first found them on the SL marketplace.

BBD, as they are known for short, largely sell lingerie sets and stockings, however they also sell a few accessories as well.  I am not sure if it’s the way their lingerie is presented in the photos, but there seems to be a romantic feel to their work and I have to admit that I always get stuck choosing a colour for a lingerie set, as their lingerie looks good in all the colours.

That concludes today’s blog, however it is bank holiday weekend here in the UK, so I will bring you more fashion news from SL very soon.  Until next time…



The Open Door

Posted in Evanescence,Gothic style,High Fashion,Jewellery,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on August 16, 2017

One of my favourite rock bands in RL is Evanescence and so today’s blog post is a tribute to the brilliant and hugely talented Amy Lee.  This is a blog that I have been meaning to write for some time and I admit that like with past blogs, where I feature a specific person or topic, it has taken me a few weeks to put the blog together, especially the photography.


Sweet Sacrifice inspired look from The Open Door album

I spent some time watching YouTube videos of Evanescence and I also used Google images as a base to research Amy Lee’s style.  The next big challenge was to sift through my SL inventory and see what items I had that I could use to try to capture Amy’s style.  Of course spending some time shopping for new items of clothing and accessories is always great fun.


VIP exclusive set, Maria from Carrie’s Lingerie

The recently released VIP exclusive, Maria outfit from Carrie’s Lingerie initially inspired me to write this blog and once the cogs in my brain started to turn, the creativity was well and truly flowing.  Even though I am only featuring a few looks in this blog, I am definitely going to put together some more looks in the future.


And to add a little Evanescence to my blog, a few lyrics from the song ‘All that I’m living for’ on The Open Door album.

All that I’m living for
All that I’m dying for
All that I can’t ignore alone at night
All that I’m wanted for
Although I wanted more
Lock the last open door
My ghosts are gaining on me


Snow White Queen inspired look from The Open Door album

This was my first attempt at styling more gothic looks in SL and I have posted the styling notes for these inspired looks on my Flickr page and I am already excited and starting to plan future Amy Lee looks, and in the meantime, I hope that you like what I have put together so far.

For now, have a good week and until next time…

Link to my Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/







Trinkets from Blueberry

Posted in High Fashion,SL Events,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on July 29, 2017

It has been a few weeks now since my last blog post, however I have not been idle.  As fast as the Blueberry store have been releasing new clothing to their main store and events in SL, I have been hot footing it to the location and picking up some trinkets before returning home to take some photos for today’s blog.


Ime lace dress


I fell in love with the gorgeous Ime lace dress as soon as Blueberry shared with everyone a sneak peek of the ‘work in progress’ photo on her Flickr page and I have to also add that this is the first occasion that I have decided to push the boat out and buy a fatpack from Blueberry, so I am super excited to show you the cool white dress and also the metallic silver dress.


Dream Girl in red at Epiphany

Just when everyone had calmed down from the excitement of the release of the Ima lace dress, Blueberry then shared a photo on Flickr for the gacha items at the July round of the Epiphany event.  I love this gacha event but it can be annoying when you play it and get lots of items in lots of colours.  This time I consider myself lucky in that apart from one item, which I purchased on the SL Marketplace, I managed to get this stunning dream girl set in red.  Yay!


Whilst playing the Blueberry gacha I also managed to get a few of the dream girl items in pink also.  One of these days I will around to putting all my unwanted items on the SL marketplace and have an SL car boot sale.  In the meantime though I am very happy with my recent summer purchases and yesterday I spied in Flickr Blueberry’s ‘work in progress’ photo for a brand new dress, which I will share with you very soon.


Dream Girl in pink at Epiphany

For now though, I wish you all a good weekend and I will have more beautiful apparel from the SL fashion world to share with you very soon.  Until next time …

Feeling Groovy

Posted in High Fashion,Poses,Skins,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on July 1, 2017

We are now officially in July 2017.  Happy Canada Day to all my friends and followers who read my blog.  I believe it is the 150th anniversary, so congratulations.

With the summer in full swing I have more exciting beachwear to show you, plus some fun poses from a pose set that I bought a while ago, but have not yet had the time to blog.

I was looking through the SL marketplace this morning when I noticed that Beautiful Dirty Rich have recently released some fabulous new beachwear.  They have released two different sets, Tropica and Bohemia.  I love bright colours, so I bought the Tropica bikini set.  Each set comes with a hud, so that you can change the fabric and pattern for both the bikini top and the bottom.  These bikini sets are compatible with Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Hourglass mesh bodies.  For more details please refer to the item on the SL marketplace here.


Tropica bikini at Beautiful Dirty Rich

Whilst modelling my fabulous new bikini set, I am also delighted to show off another new skin from the awesome designer Shantia Soulstar of Amara Beauty.  As well as being an awesome skin designer, Shantia’s skins still remain my firm favourite and most worn in SL.


Kouralee skin for Catwa Koura head at Amara Beauty

Some of you may be aware from one of my previous blogs that Shantia sometimes works with Catwa Clip from Catwa who has designed some amazing mesh heads.  Catwa have recently released their new Koura mesh head, so to complement this mesh head, Amara Beauty have created a Catwa skin applier called the Kouralee.


Tropica bikini at Beautiful Dirty Rich and Kouralee skin at Amara Beauty

The beautiful Kouralee skin comes is available in 12 different gorgeous skin colours and there is a hud with each skintone, so that you can match your eye brow colour to your hair colour.  I do not have the Koura mesh head yet, so my photos show this lovely new skin on the Catwa Tumble mesh head.  Amara Beauty also have a new main store in SL, link here, so hop in a taxi and go visit.

Framed collage

Framed pose set at Adorkable Poses

And finally as I mentioned above, I found a fun pose set in my inventory, which I had bought a while ago, but then forgotten about.  This pose set is by Adorkable Poses and is called framed.  There are 5 different frames in the box that you can pose with.  I chose 3 out of the 5 to show you.

Well that is all for today’s blog.  Full details of my styling can be found on my Flickr page here.  Enjoy the weekend and I will have more fun, groovy and beautiful trinkets to share with you all again soon.  Until next time …



Feeling Peachy

Posted in Uncategorized by Piper Hanriot on June 24, 2017

Carrie’s Lingerie recently released the Kasslina lingerie set in beautiful summer pastels.  This lingerie set is available in 6 different pastel colours and there were 2 colours that I really liked, however today I thought I would feature the Kasslina in peach.


The box includes an Omega hud for those ladies who wear a mesh body and the hud itself has a range of different ways in which you can wear this stunning lingerie, as you can see from my photos in this blog.


I adore the combination of the satin lingerie, together with the intricate lace work, making this lingerie set so feminine and beautiful.


Whilst I was busy take the photos for the Kasslina, Carrie sent me a box for a new and exclusive lingerie, which is due for release shortly, so I am very excited to show you a sneak peek of the brand new Andie lingerie.


The hud only has a couple of options, however I have to say that this bodysuit and stockings are super sexy and I am looking forward to seeing the other colours of the Andie lingerie.  Who knows I may feature another colour in my next blog for Carrie’s Lingerie.

For now though, it is time for me to make some breakfast and I will bring you more delights from Carrie’s Lingerie very soon.  Have a good weekend …



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