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Summer Events

Posted in Hair,High Fashion,Jewellery,SL Events,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on June 16, 2017

I am enjoying an extended weekend this week, now that my RL has calmed down which has meant that I have had time to visit some of the amazing summer events that are taking place this month in SL.

Surf 1

Jasmin bikini by Rebel Hope and Rebecca skin by Amara Beauty

My first trip took me to the June round of Fameshed.  I have to admit that sometimes I forget about this one, but since the anniversary event for Fameshed in May this year, I made sure to visit this month as well, where I bought the fabulous Jasmin bikini from Rebel Hope. The bikini is available in various colours and there is a hud so that you can change the colour of the straps and metal findings.

The cosmetics fair is about to open shortly, however I am very delighted to show you a sneak peak of the new Rebecca skin from Amara Beauty.  Amazing skin designer, Shantia Soulstar posted a photo of the new skin on her Flickr page a few days ago, so I was very excited when I logged in this morning and received this stunning skin to blog for her.  The Rebecca skin comes in a choice of 12 skin tones and is compatible with Catwa mesh heads.

Surf 2

Surf board set from What Next and Haruka hair by Argrace

I sometimes like to use props in my photos, just to add variety and on the SL marketplace I found this surf board set.  I had so much fun with this today.

Included in the package are 4 surf boards.  A standing board with 5 poses, a flat surf board that you can rez in the water, again with 5 poses and then the other 2 boards have one pose each for carrying your surf board, one for under the arm and the other carrying your board over your head.  What Next never disappoint and this set is perfect for a day at the beach.


Off Shoulder top by Tetra and Aretha shorts by WellMade

My next trip took me to the June round of Uber, where from the corner of my eye, I found this amazing off the shoulder top from Tetra.  This gorgeous summer top is available in various colours and each box contains 2 versions, a solid colour version and a grid line version (shown above).  I am so pleased to see yellow back as one of the main summer colours this year.  It should be a standard colour for every year, but that’s just my opinion.


Ashley outfit by Finale Couture and Angie hair by Truth Hair

Next I visited the June round of the Designer Showcase where I purchased the gorgeous Ashley outfit by Finale Couture.  It may be summer but even working in an office you need to keep cool.  This short suit and heels is available in a variety of pastel colours.  The shorts and shoes are compatible with mesh bodies, however the jacket is standard mesh and comes in 5 different sizes, all included in the box.



Finally I had to add some sparkles and Earthstones jewellers have recently released their playful dolphin necklace and earrings.  There is a hud included in the box with a choice of 3 different metal options, 3 options for the main stone, 3 accent stones and 3 eye stones.  These stunning items are available at the Earthstones main store and also on the SL marketplace.

Well that is all I have time for now, however I will bring you more SL events news soon as I finally managed to also visit the Tropical Summer Event where I picked up a few trinkets.  For now though, have a good weekend.  Until next time …


Night on the Town

Posted in High Fashion,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on June 11, 2017

This week I will be celebrating my birthday and on the day in question I will be having a night out with friends.  I admit that I do not venture out of an evening very much these days, but when I do, I like to do something that I will enjoy and with good company.


Fleurista jumpsuit in rose gold @ Just Because

If it was available in the real world, my choice of attire for my birthday evening outing would be the gorgeous newly released Fleurista jumpsuit from Just Because, in one of my favourite colour.  The Fleur gown was a huge success so I hope that the Fleurista jumpsuit is equally as popular.  Both of these items are available to purchase at the Just Because mainstore.


Date Night dress in sky @ Blueberry

For something a little more daring for a night out, maybe with the special someone in your life, Blueberry have recently released a new outfit called Date Night.  This sexy outfit comprises a dress which has two versions (opaque and sheer), as well as a beautiful lingerie set.


Date Night lingerie in sky @ Blueberry

I have a feeling that this outfit will be quite popular also and I have to admit that both Just Because and Blueberry have been added to my personal list of favourite apparel designers in SL.  Their mesh clothing is fresh and unique and they have some for everyone, however don’t take my word for it. If you have not visited their mainstores in SL, then I highly recommend it.


For now though I must away back to the kitchen to finish off this weekends cake projects, however I will blog more from SL very soon, as there are lots of events currently taking place in SL and I have picked up a few goodies to share with you next time.  In the meantime, have a good week.  Until next time …

Life’s a Beach

Posted in High Fashion,SL Events by Piper Hanriot on June 6, 2017

Greetings dear readers.  I am not sure what happened to March springs and April showers, but in the UK June is starting off with hot weekend and blustery showers and cooler temperatures during the week, which is not a bad thing, however I did not think that I would be wearing my knee-high boots to work in June!

For today’s blog though, I have decided to shower it with warm rays of sunny days, beachwear and tanned skin whilst relaxing under palm trees and listening to music.



Megan bikini @ Rebel Hope Designs

Starting with beachwear, Rebel Hope Designs have just released two brand new bikini sets, the Megan and the Cassy.  I get quite excited every year when Rebel Hope release their new range of beachwear, as they always create something unique and I love the fresh and fun patterns that accompany some of them also.


Cassy bikini @ Rebel Hope Designs

Both of these fabulous bikini sets come with a hud, so that you can change the colour of the straps and also the metal components on these bikinis as well.  I am also very pleased to announce that Rebel Hope Designs are one of the designers who are taking part in the SL14 birthday celebrations this month.  I have not had a chance to visit the sims yet, so I am looking forward to seeing what Rebel Hope have created for this event.


Mariel skin by Amara Beauty @ We Love Roleplay

For me, beachwear and new skin releases go together like ‘cheese and wine’ and Shantia Soulstar at Amara Beauty has just released her brand new skin, Mariel, which is available at the June round of We Love Roleplay event in SL.  There are two different skins available, one is with the usual 12 human skin tones and the other is a fantasy skin tone.  I love creating fantasy work  so I will be featuring the fantasy skin tones in a future blog.  For this blog though, I have topped up the tan with just a natural look, so not to spoil the look of this beautiful skin.


Riviera coastal beach towel @ What Next

One final word of praise for today has to go to the awesome home and garden furniture makers, What Next for this awesome Riviera beach towel.  These are available in either coastal or pinks and the hud is filled with poses for chilling on either the beach, by the pool or on a dock.  You can even sit on your towel and do some fishing. I am going to have lots of fun this summer.

Speaking of fun, it is now time for me to sign off and get back to working on that tan and just chilling on the beach with my coconut cooler whilst listening to the soothing sounds of the sea.  Have a good week.  Until next time …





Satin and Lace

Posted in High Fashion,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on June 3, 2017

Welcome to June 2017 and welcome also to some fantastic new lingerie from Carrie’s Lingerie and TST Creations.  I would normally blog these to fabulous designers separately, however my RL is quite busy at the moment, so my time in SL and also spent blogging is precious.



Tabitha lingerie from Carrie’s Lingerie

Carrie’s Lingerie have released the stunning new Tabitha lingerie set and I have to say that it’s a show stopper.  I fell in love with this set the moment I saw the designer, Carrie wearing it at her store last week.  This lingerie is sexy, sassy and just oozes with gorgeousness and yes I have been dancing around my bedroom in this lingerie also.


Tabitha lingerie from Carrie’s Lingerie

The Tabitha lingerie is available in six different colours and an Omega hud for fitting the lingerie with mesh bodies is also available in the box.  This set is available at the Carrie’s Lingerie mainstore inworld.

TST Creations have been quiet for a couple of months, however they have now returned with the beautiful and exquisite Primula lingerie set.


Primula from TST Creations

Bands of silk hold together the delicate lace in this lingerie set by TST Creations and I have to say that all of the new colours are simply gorgeous.  As well as purple, shown above, this lingerie is also available in black, emerald, white, blue, brown and black/gold.  This box also comes with a hud, which is compatible for Maitreya and Belleza mesh bodies.

The Primula lingerie set is available both at the TST Creations store inworld and also on the SL marketplace.

Well that is all I have for now, but I will share some more wonderful designs from SL with you very soon.  Have a great weekend.  Until next time …





Miss SMD/TWA 2017 Update

Posted in Contests,High Fashion,SL Events by Piper Hanriot on May 27, 2017

The Miss Silvan Moon Designs / The White Armory 2017 model search is now underway and we have so far received some wonderful entry photos which are now taking pride of place on the contest wall in the entrance foyer at the Silvan Moon Designs / The White Armory main store in SL.


Constance Stanbury gown in black and white

I was going to give the ladies of these two fabulous groups two weeks to enter, however I then looked at my own timetable and with my next RL cake project just around the corner, I decided to give everyone an extra week, so that I don’t end up in a heap of icing sugar and SL clothing all at the same time.


Rohanna of the Moors dress in anemone

With the entry round now completed, the remaining ladies are now busy working on their quarter-final looks and photos.  We have received a few so far, which are now hanging up on the display wall at Silvan Moon Designs.  Over the next week, the remaining ladies will submit their photos before judging commences for this round. After which those ladies who go through will then be set their challenge for the semi-finals.  It’s so exciting!


Lady Gothel gown in vanity

The finale for this year’s contest will be taking place on The finale will comprise a mini fashion show, as well as a few words from Miss TWA 2016 and a few other exciting items on the program while the judging takes place.  More information in respect of the finale will be posted in the Silvan Moon Designs and also The White Armory groups a bit nearer the time.


For now though, I thought I would show off a few of the recent and new releases and I hope you like them as much as I do.  Enjoy the rest of your week and I will bring you more from Silvan Moon Designs and The White Armory soon.  Until next time …


Spring Sensations

Posted in High Fashion,SL Meets RL by Piper Hanriot on May 7, 2017

We have already arrived in May.  This year is flying by.  Carrie’s Lingerie have a new and exclusive gown and lingerie set for the month, as well as some exciting new releases and even a favourite lingerie set that has been given a face lift, so here are a few mouth-watering snippets to tempt you.


Reese in black

Carrie does lace lingerie so very well and the Reese set is no exception.  As well as black, this beautiful lingerie set is also available in teal, red, purple, fuchsia and blue and comprises the lace body, gloves and stockings.  While here in the UK the outside temperature is still a bit cool for the time of year, I think with the Reese lingerie, you can soon warm things up a bit.


May exclusive, Genevieve gown and silks set

As I first mentioned above the new May exclusive outfit it out in the Carrie’s Lingerie mainstore.  You can wear this set as a full gown (shown above) or the silks (shown below).  There are two different options for the bra and knickers.  Also included in this set is a full face make-up.  There are matching shoes, which can be purchased separately to complete your look.  Carrie has also added Omega applier hud with the options for this stunning set.


Well my dear readers, that is all that I have to share with you for now, however I will bring your more hot off the press news and exclusives from Carrie’s Lingerie very soon.  In the meantime, have a great week.  Until next time …

Just Because I Can and I Did

Posted in High Fashion,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on May 7, 2017

Hello again dear readers.  In my last blog post I featured the wonderful Blueberry store who had an awesome spring sale last week, however what I did not share with you is that their neighbours Just Because who are also resident on the same sim, also held a spring sale, so it was a double delight for women in SL who love a bargain.


Dana body and Daniella skirt @ Just Because mainstore

I first saw Just Because women’s clothing featured at one of the Uber monthly events in SL.  After seeing their featured clothing items at Uber over the course of a few months, I then decided to pick up the landmark and visit their in-world store and I have to say that the women’s clothing at Just Because is just as awesome as the women’s clothing at the Blueberry store.


Lucie shirt and Jan capris @ Just Because mainstore

I took my time walking around the sale a few days ago and picked up some bargains.  Whilst shopping I also noticed that Just Because had released a brand new gown, which is currently available at the Fameshed 5th Anniversary.  So once I had finished my bargain hunting, I went along to the Fameshed event.


Fleur gown @ the Fameshed 5th anniversary event

The Fameshed event was very busy, however it will calm down in a few days.  I was lucky enough to land and do a quick scan, only to find that I had landed near the shed where the beautiful Fleur gown from Just Because is located, so it was a quick hop in, choose my favourite colour and then a quick hop out again.  I will visit the Fameshed event again another day.


 Gwen dress @ the Uber monthly event

Whilst at the Just Because mainstore, I then took a cab to the Uber monthly event, as the top and skirt featured at this event by Just Because is also gorgeous.  It took me a while to decide which print I liked for the skirt, which I managed to narrow down to two before picking my favourite and then matching it with a top and voila, perfect.


Christine gown @ Just Because mainstore

The plus side of taking a week off is that I have had an opportunity to visit more of my favourite designers, write more blogs for my favourite designers, catch up with friends in SL and generally have some fun.  However, the not so good side of taking a week off is that I have spent quite a few lindens.  Oh well I will soon be returning to my RL kitchen and getting busy with my next decorated cake project.


Blueberry Bargains

Posted in High Fashion,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on May 3, 2017

At the end of April, the Blueberry store sent out a message to their group advising that the store would be closed for a few hours, so that they could get the store ready for a sale.

Everyone in the Blueberry group patiently waited with excitement for the store to open so that they could go and grab some bargains.  This included myself.  Once the announcement came that the store was open and that the sale had begun, everyone flocked to the Blueberry store.  I kid you not when I say that it reminded me of a sale that we have here in the UK every summer for a store called Next.

Lodge 1

Loud jumpsuit (Pic 1 with leather bra and Po shoes) – (Pic 2 with studded bra and cupcake boots)

I admit that it took me a couple of days to actually get to the store so that I could seek out some awesome clothing bargains for myself and it was a bit frustrating at time, but eventually I got there.  Over the past few years Blueberry have become one of my favourite stores for women’s casual clothing and also their fabulous fantasy gachas.


Lola hoodie, cake leggings and cupcake boots

I hope dear readers that you do not mind me sharing with you some photos of my awesome bargains.  I have to admit, writing this blog and taking the photos were the 2 things going around in my head as I looked around the store and made some mental notes of what clothing to match with either boots or shoes and I also love that Blueberry make their clothing in a rainbow of colours, so there is something for everyone.  I feel that I should also add how much I love the new metallic and halo textures.


Scarlet angel wings dress and Iconic doll shoes

It may sound completely daft, but I do wonder sometimes if I was a magpie in a previous life, as even in the real world, I am drawn to silver, gold, copper/rose gold and iridescents, as well as glitter and sequins.


Breeanya dress in green and Iconic doll shoes in gold

I know that I have shown the Breeanya dress in a recent blog, but this is my favourite dress of the year so far, so I thought that I would show it in a different colour.  Please note that this dress is not on the Blueberry sale though.


Cutieberry cardigan, cossy shorts and cupcake boots

Before I finish waffling for today’s blog, I confirm that the Blueberry sale is only taking place at their in world store and not on the SL marketplace.  The sale is only on for a short time, so if you have not had a chance to visit the store or if you are trying to get to the store, please keep trying.  It may take a while but you will get there.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading today’s blog as much as I have enjoyed taking the photos and putting it together.  I will bring you more gorgeous clothing from the world of SL very soon.  Until next time …

Fantastic FurtaCor

Posted in High Fashion by Piper Hanriot on May 1, 2017

This weekend is a bank holiday here in the UK and one of those mornings when it is so peaceful outside, it feels like everyone is having a lay in.  These are the opportunities I grab to blog and in today’s blog I am featuring some fabulous women’s apparel from FurtaCor.


Loise set – Outfit and bag

One of the things that attracted me to start shopping at FurtaCor and then also blogging for them is that they remind me a little of LaVien.  FurtaCor make their clothing to cater for the standard avatar in mesh sizes as well as compatible with Slink, Maitreya, Belleza and Tonic mesh bodies.

The Loise set (above) comes with a hud, which contains a choice of 24 fabrics for the top, 6 denim fabrics for the jeans, 11 choices of belts, 6 colours for both the bag and shoes.  Unfortunately you cannot see the shoes in the photos above, so I will show them later in this blog.


Debora set

The Debora set comprises this stunning swimsuit and beach bag.  The hud contains 30 texture choices for the swimsuit and 10 different colours for the beach bag.  You can change the straps on the swimsuit as well as the texture for the main parts and the swimsuit is compatible a variety of mesh bodies, as mentioned for the Loise set, plus a few more.  You can purchase clothing from FurtaCor at their in world store, which has recently moved (please see link below) or on the SL marketplace.


Bell dress with shoes from the Loise set

I complete today’s blog by showing you the gorgeous Bell dress, together with the fabulous shoes from the Loise set (above).  The Bell dress is so pretty and perfect for spring/summer.  Again there is a hud, this time with 15 choices for the dress, 13 for the dress straps and 4 choices of mesh overlay for the skirt, so you can mix and match to suit any occasion or whatever takes your fancy.

That is all for now, however I will bring you lots more from FurtaCor very soon.  In the meantime, I have included styling for this blog on my Flickr page and please also remember when out shopping for new items, please try the demos first, which are also available.  Have a great day. Until next time …

Link – FurtaCor inworld store

Link – FurtaCor on marketplace

Link – Piper’s Flickr page





Posted in High Fashion,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on April 17, 2017

Hello dear readers and a Happy Easter 2017 to you all.  Today I bring you just a very quick piece of writing a couple of photos, but I felt that I just had to share with you the brand new Tompouce outfit from Sascha’s Designs which is currently available at the April round of the Swank event in SL.


This outfit comprises a gorgeous magenta shift dress, peach over coat, magenta rimmed sunglasses and magenta court shoes to complete the look.

The shift dress and coat are mesh and the shoes are compatible with Slink high feet.


Flattering, chic, sexy and perfect for spring are just some of the words best used to describe this stunning outfit, so while this is available at Swank, go treat yourself for Easter ladies.  You deserve it.

I have completed my look with pearl earrings which are also available at the Swank event from Heartsdale Jewelery and hair from En Vogue.

Have a good Easter.  Until next time …

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