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Welcome back Miss Jones

Posted in By Miss Jones,High Fashion,Lavian & Co,LivGlam,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on April 30, 2018

Last weekend I received a note card advising me that Miss Samantha Jones, owner of Lavian and LivGlam is back in SL.  I am so very happy and yes I did a happy dance in my living room still wearing my PJ’s, and I do not care if anyone saw me.


At the time when Miss Jones left SL for RL back in 2016, I had only just started blogging for Lavian, after a friend of mine recommended the store and put my name forward to blog for Lavian & Co, as they were named then.


Lavian and LivGlam have always been known for their bold and beautiful fabric textures, as well as their stylish and sophisticated block colour palette as well.  Miss Jones, as she is now known, has released a couple of brand new dresses, Sister Cities and Speak Your Mind.


Sister Cities dress (photos above)

Both dresses are available to purchase at the Miss Jones store.  Link here to the mainstore.  Both of these dresses are available only in a fatpack version, which I admit I do not mind at all, as I love the texture palettes in both of these fatpacks.


Speak Your Mind dress (photos below)

Are these dresses compatible for women’s mesh bodies?  Yes of course they are.  Included in the box are versions for the Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, Ebody and a fitmesh version for the classic avatar.  There is also a hud in the box, so that you can change the dress texture.


It is well worth joining the group and Miss Jones has also made available some of her Lavian work as well, both of which you can purchase either at the mainstore or on the SL marketplace.


For now I imagine that Miss Jones is still settling back into SL life and designing, but I am very excited to see what she has in store for us through the summer and I will definitely share with you more wonderful goodies from Miss Jones very soon.  Until next time …



April Events in SL

The April round of events in SL are now in full swing.  There are still a few more to open over the coming weeks, however I wanted to share a few gorgeous trinkets from my SL event travels thus far for this month.


The Black Fair has been open for a week now and Scandalize are back.  I was so happy to Yanika post a photo in Flickr of what she is featuring at the Black Fair event this year, so with spring finally here and dreams of long sunny days, I thought that I would take a stroll over at Soul2Soul Bay.


Of course when deciding which colour of the Susan dress to purchase, I was stuck, I usually am with Scandalize and then after I decided, I then wished that I had just bought the fatpack, so I may make another trip back to the store.  *Laughs*  In my mind I knew exactly the spring look I wanted and the Susan beach dress is perfect for a bit of beach glamour.

Black Fair 001

At the 2017 Black Fair event I bought an unusual, but stunning gown from Eclipse Designs (the Samal) and this year they have done it again by releasing the Shinty dress.  You can wear the Shinty either with a long or short skirt.  This dress oozes sex appeal and teamed up with the Paula shoes by N-Core (also at the Black Fair) and No Sir hair by No Match (at the Sense Event) you can quite happily stop traffic.

Black Fair_007

Styling Details

Susan in pale pink by Scandalize (Taren hair by Truth, Rimini sandals by KC Couture, Boho rings by Yummy, Peaceful dolphin jewellery by Earthstones, Beach bag by Reign, summer in the sky gacha.

Shinty dress by Eclipse Designs, Paula shoes by N-Core (at the Black Fair) and No Sir hair by No Match (at Sense event)

That is all for this blog post, however if you have not had a chance to visit The Black Fair yet, then I highly recommend it.  Have a good weekend and until next time …

Afternoon Tea

The Cosmopolitan event in SL is one of my favourites and I have been visiting this event since it began some years ago in 2013.

For the current round there is a gacha by Duvet Day, which comprises a wonderful conservatory building, together with some items for the conservatory.  After putting my first coins into the slot I was excited to see that I got the conservatory, which is also the rare item in this set, so I played a few more times and also got the rug, the hanging light and the decorative jar.  This then gave me an idea for this blog.


I then visited Trompe Loeil and purchased a sofa and chair set, which had caught my eye when I visited their inworld store recently, and which I knew would be perfect for this particular project.


I also remembered that at the March round of Fameshed I had purchased a home baking set by Dust Bunny, which included a yummy lemon cake, together with a British tea set from Tartessos Arts and plates and napkins from Fancy Decor.


I completed this project by adding a sleeping cat from Chez Moi, together with some conservatory plants from What Next, DB Design, Chez Moi and Dutchie.  I will probably either change or add more plants in the future.  My first thought was to create a lovely afternoon tea in this fantastic conservatory, then take it down again, however having now also added some lime trees, sunflowers and grass from Little Branch and a cobblestone pathway, I quite like this space, so I think I will leave it on my land for now.  It may very well become my quiet and tranquil place and I think that everyone needs a retreat such as this.



For now it is back to thinking and planning what I would like to create for my next project and in the meantime, I wish you all well and have a great weekend.  Until next time …

Spring at Neve

Posted in Neve by Cold Logic,SL Mesh,Spring by Piper Hanriot on April 1, 2018

Today’s blog post features a designer whose store I have visited a few times and I have also seen some of her new releases at some of the many monthly events in SL.  Neve by Cold Logic have a wonderful store, both in SL and also on the marketplace.  Their designs are gorgeous and their colours are fresh.


Jude dress in geo

One of the things that I love about Neve is that they create, say for example. one top in four neutral tones as one pack, then create another three packs with tops in different colours and some with a pattern or texture on them.  For me when this is then complemented with a matching skirt or pants, I then spend ages choosing my favourite.  Theoretically I should just bite the bullet and purchase the fatpack.  Lol


Outfit overall in corduroy

Neve women’s clothing packs include fits for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink mesh bodies.  Another thing that I love about this apparel is that it has a sense of romance and whimsical about it with a hint of edge and sass.  Neve by Cold Logic clothing is definitely my kind of style and I admit that I do excited to see what new treats they have released at the monthly events.


Connelly top in lively and Demi skirt in stripe

I will definitely blog more from Neve very soon and in the meantime I hope you like the items that I have featured in today’s blog.  I already have some more gorgeous outfits to share with you soon.  For now though I hope that you have a good Easter.  Until next time …

SL marketplace link for Neve by Cold Logic

Link to my Flickr photo page



10 Years in SL Feature Blog 2

Posted in Gowns,High Fashion,SL Prim by Piper Hanriot on March 30, 2018

Whilst working at Sascha’s Designs, one of the first designers that Sascha put me in touch with to put together a show for was Amity De Cuir of Bliss Couture.  I was asked to choose a dress to wear for the show and I chose the beautiful Eve gown in blue.  I have shown this gown in previous blogs, so here for one last time is the Eve gown, this time in emerald.


Eve gown

I remember always spending ages walking around the Bliss Couture store.  It was like visiting an art gallery, as there were so many different gowns and lots of vibrant colours and textures.  Bliss Couture also started making some casual clothing as well, but a little like Sascha’s Designs, Bliss Couture were also famous for their ball gowns.


Elissana gown

Amity left SL a few years ago now for RL.  It was just at the time when mesh clothing was becoming more popular.  Had Amity stayed it would have been wonderful to see what she would have designed and created and how her SL fashion path would have continued.


Emerald gown

Whatever Amity is doing now in RL though, I hope that things are going well for her and as they say, never say never, she may return one day.  For now though, I have a few trinkets from her store and some fond memories.  Until next time …


Aliyeh gown


Photos can also be found on my Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/

New at Carrie’s Lingerie

Posted in Carrie's Lingerie,Easter,Lace,Lingerie,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on March 28, 2018

For those of you who are looking to forgo the traditional indulgence of chocolate and cake this Easter, or maybe you will indulge in these treats, here are some recent releases from Carrie’s Lingerie.  So if you have no plans to leave the house, then I would say spend Easter in style whilst at home.


Carries does make some beautiful silks and the Sensuous silks are very beautiful combining satin with exquisite lace for a real Easter treat.  Out of all of Carrie’s silks sets, I think that the sensuous silks are definitely my favourite.


Another brand new release for spring 2018 is the Julia lingerie set.  The corset is mesh and separate with a hud for the rest of the lingerie set.  Finished with an elegant skirt and a classic bow at the back, you’ll have a license to thrill in this lingerie.


At the beginning of this year, Carrie released the Camille lingerie set.  I have to say that Carrie’s lace lingerie this year is seriously off the chart and I am sure has pulses racing all over the grid.  I adore this set and could quite happily  wander around at home sipping Prosecco and nibbling chocolate in this attire.


As with all Carrie’s lingerie there is an Omega applier which is compatible for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza mesh bodies.  For more from Carrie’s Lingerie please visit her in-world store or you can look up Carrie’s Lingerie on the SL marketplace.

Oh man!  I just realised that I forgot to model wearing bunny ears.  Oh well I will have to see if I can add some Easter elements to the Flickr photos.  Have a great week and until next time …



Gowns at Silvan Moon

Posted in Fantasy,Gowns,Medieval,Silvan Moon Designs,SL Events,SL Mesh,Spring by Piper Hanriot on March 24, 2018

I have not blogged for Silvan Moon Designs for a while, however amazing designer, Solas has been hard at work during my busy RL spell, creating some beautiful spring gowns, so here are just a few.

0. SMD_005

The February round of Enchantment saw the release of the stunning Belle’s Enchanted gown.  For those of you who remember your fairy tales, Belle was the woman who fell in love with the beast in this classic once upon a time story.  I have to say that I adore this gown, so pretty and elegant, and as well as the traditional colour, yellow, this gown is also available in 5 more enchanting colours.

0. SMD_009

The March round of We Love Roleplay saw the release of the beautiful Lady Ariana gown, more traditional in medieval style, but gorgeous with its rich taffeta and embroidery print, complemented with a spring pastel colour outer skirt. A must have gown for any occasion.  I admit that I struggled to pick a colour for this gown to show you, as I love them all, but in the end it was process of elimination, so that I could show you a different colour gown for each featured in today’s blog post.

0. SMD_013

Now for some pre-release teasers and yes I am often told that I am a tease, so today is no exception.  Fantasy Faire will be opening on 18 April and Silvan Moon Designs will be releasing 2 new gowns at the event.  The Lady of Shalot and the Moonstone gown.

The Lady of Shalot gown is also in a more traditional medieval style, this time in dramatic dark colours and as for the skirt, I love it, especially when you move and the layers follow, it’s stunning.  I also love the double fluted sleeves, so elegant.

0. SMD_006

The Moonstone gown is an exclusive for this year’s 2018 Fantasy Faire.  This gorgeous gown looks like it will fit an elven princess.  This gown will be available in 10 different colours and for a sneak peek you can see this gown, plus all of the other gowns mentioned in this blog on the Silvan Moon Designs Flickr page.


That is all for today’s blog.  Now it is time for me to head back into the virtual world to seek out more fantasy realms and beautiful landscapes.  Have a good day and until next time …

Classic Styles

Posted in Gowns,High Fashion,Modern,Sascha's Designs,SL Events,SL Mesh,Spring by Piper Hanriot on March 18, 2018

Sascha Frangilli, fabulous designer and a wonderful lady is dancing her way into Spring.  There may be snow here where I live, however in Sascha’s part of the world it has now all melted away and the spring blooms are getting ready to burst into flower.

0. Sascha_003

Art deco dress and hat at Sascha’s Designs. Bea shoes at Mosquito’s Way. Majesty jewellery at Chop Zuey

Something vintage, Sascha recently re-released the classic art deco dress, which are now available with appliers for mesh bodies.  I admit that I am a bit late in sharing this with you, especially as Sascha is now releasing a gorgeous complementing art deco style dress, the Frances, so I am looking forward to showing you this one very soon.

0. Sascha_009

Anisha outfit at Sascha’s Designs. Daisy shoes at Mosquito’s Way

Modern chic, Sascha has also recently released the fabulous Anisha outfit, which is perfect for this spring.  This box contains an applier for the Maitreya body as well as an Omega applier.  As well as aqua, this outfit is also available in beige, black, pink and white.  I really love this outfit.

0. Sascha_010

Sumptuous gown at Sascha’s Designs. Majesty jewellery at Chop Zuey

Romantic drama, the beautiful Sumptuous gown in red was released in February in time for Valentine’s, however this gown is now available in further colours to include gold, which is currently available to buy at the March round of the Swank event.  This month’s theme at Swank is ‘Hollywood’, and the Sumptuous gown is definitely a show stopper.  The head-dress is included with the gown.

0. Sascha_016

As Sascha would say ‘Thank you darrrrrrrlings’ for reading this blog post and I bid you all a good week.  Have a good one and until next time …

Details and photos can also be seen on my Flickr page – https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/

Baking with Friends

Posted in Apple Fall,Dust Bunny,Hive,Jian,LODE,Roost,SL Mesh,The Arcade Gacha,What Next by Piper Hanriot on March 18, 2018

Baking is a passion of mine and today having woken up to snow outside, it is the perfect day to do a spot of baking.  In SL a few of the awesome interior decorators must also have felt inspired to create some beautiful items with a baking theme, some of which I thought that I would share with you today.

0. Baking_004

I rarely visit the Arcade gacha in SL, however having seen a few beautiful photographs in Flickr created by some fellow bloggers, I visited and played the Hive gacha and also the Jian gacha.  I was lucky enough to get some wonderful items to create my baking themed photos and had a few tortoise helpers, who in RL are probably really confused as they start to wake up from hibernation to find there is snow on the ground.

0. Baking_009

Milk bottles by Roost, Baking items by Hive at the Arcade, Honey jar and plant by Lode, Tortoises by Jian at the Arcade, White flower tea-cup by Apple Fall

When I bought my SL house last year, I put in a few kitchen items, just a few every day things that I found from What Next and Dust Bunny.  I love the attention to detail that all of the above mentioned designers put into their work, they are so perfect and I definitely be visiting and shopping for items from them again in the future, as I create new themes for my SL home and garden.

0. Baking_008

Baking items by Hive at the Arcade, Board with dough and rolling-pin (pose) by Whippersnappers

As for this snowy Sunday, I feel inspired in RL to bake.  Pumpkin and cinnamon baked donuts and cherry shortbread.  Then I can cozy up in my chair this afternoon and watch an old movie with a hot mug of tea.  Have a great Sunday and until next time …

0. Baking_007

Hot chocolate dispenser, mug rack with mugs by What Next, Waffle maker, coffee machine and toaster by Dust Bunny

Spring Looks

I know that I have said it a few times already, but spring really is just around the corner.  Listening as I hear a few rolls eyes and tuts, especially as the UK is going through one more cold winter snap, which has come in from the east.  I have seen one snow flurry today already and another is forecast for this evening.

However, in SL you can visit sims, all beautifully landscaped.  Some follow the RL seasons and others choose one season.  The March events in SL are also in full swing and even though I was only away for nearly two weeks, it felt longer, as I visited some of the events and bought some new trinkets.  This inspired me to put together a few spring looks to share with you.


Dessie romper by Scandalize at Shiny Shabby, Iconic doll shoes by Blueberry, Cynthia necklace by Avaway, Polly hair by Truth Hair

I bought the Dessie romper from Scandalize before I went away, but did not get a chance to give it a mention then.  I rarely purchase fatpacks, however when I first saw this on Yanikka’s Flickr page, I fell in love with it straight away.  I will take some more photos in this outfit in the near future.  There is a plain and glitter version and you can also wear this as just a top.


Piper outfit by DeadDollz at Fameshed, Gina heels by CandyDoll at Fameshed, Polly hair by Truth Hair

Whilst having a look around Fameshed and planning something for a different blog, the Piper outfit by Dead Dollz caught my eye.  At first I did not realise that the outfit was called Piper and then when it did dawn on me, I was hopping up and down and squealing,  super excited.  Of course this probably nothing to do with me whatsoever, however it is still an honour and this outfit rocks, so thank you Dead Dollz.


Wendy skin for Catwa by Glam Affair, Pillow talk lipstick by Pink Fuel, Gardenia rings by Yummy at Collabor88

My final spring look for this blog actually comes courtesy of the March group gift from Azul.  This gorgeous dress with its spring blooms pattern caught my eye (like many things do).  I really think that I was either a cat or a magpie in a previous life.  Anyway, teamed up with some fabulous new shoes from Mosquito’s Way at Sense event and hair from Wasabi Pills, time to enjoy an evening out.


Dress by Azul (March GG), Daisy shoes by Mosquito’s Way at Sense event, Linda hair by Wasabi Pills at Uber, Black cat necklace by Earthstones

Photos of these looks can also be found on my Flickr page.  Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great weekend and St Patrick’s day whatever you are doing.  Until next time …

Flickr page at https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/


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