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Winter Warmers

Posted in Blueberry,High Fashion,Jewellery,N-Core,SL Mesh,Winter,Yummy by Piper Hanriot on January 21, 2018

Second Life has so many events in-world now and I think that sometimes we forget to visit the mainstores of these amazing designers.  To that end, I decided to write a blog featuring some wonderful new items from a couple of my favourite designer mainstores.


Laura corset dress and sweater from Blueberry

In the last couple of days, Blueberry have released their brand new Laura set.  The outfit comprises a gorgeous corset dress, together with a bolero style hoodie sweater.  These items can either be worn together or separately if you choose.  The arms of the sweater have stripes, giving it a sporty feel.  This outfit is available in a host of plain colours or you can purchase the metallic set, which comprises nine metallics.  Ultimately you can also buy the fatpack, which contains all of these plus an extra nine which have logos on them.


Eileen boots from N-Core

I decided to team up my winter outfit with winter boots from my favourite shoe designer, N-Core.  The Eileen boots were originally featured at the Uber event back in 2017, however they are now available to purchase at the N-Core mainstore.  I love these boots because they are different and have become my ‘go to’ boots for this winter.  When I purchased the Eileen boots I decided that I liked all the colours, so I bought the fatpack.  The hud in the fatpack allows you to change the colour of the boots, the boot heels, the under boot, the socks and the sock buttons.  I have few more short dresses in my wardrobe to match with these boots, so this is not the last you will see of them.

Anduril 18

Bohemian ring set from Yummy at Collbor88 (January round)

Finally, a little something that this time I did find at the January round of Collabor88.  The Bohemian ring set from Yummy jewellery.  I have seen quite a few different ring sets at various SL events over the past few months, however this set particularly caught my eye, most probably because these rings are the sort that I like in the real world as well.  Using the hud, you can choose to wear as many of the rings at any time.  You can also change the metal and the colour of the crystals.  I do not wear rings very much in SL, however I think I will be wearing these a bit more often.

Well folks that is all for now, however I have a few blogs with more amazing apparel and gems from the world of SL to share with you soon, to include lingerie, gowns and the start of some feature blogs to celebrate 10 years in SL, which will begin at the end of January.  Until next time…


Into The Groove

Posted in Disco,Hair,High Fashion,Into the groove,Jewellery,Metallic,SL Events,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on August 28, 2017

One of my favourite SL fashion events, Uber is now open for the August round and even though when I visited the event yesterday, it was busy, I felt like a child at Christmas when I saw all the wonderful delights featured.  So I decided to get into the groove and mix with the hub hub of fellow shoppers, before coming away with some amazing trinkets.

Groove 1

Tiara set in diamonds by SEUL (left) and Tess romper in gold by Erratic (right)

It does make me wonder if in a previous life I was a magpie, as I seem to always be drawn to shiny things and at Uber this month, there are lots of shiny things on offer as you can see from the photos in this blog.  After spending about 30 minutes casually wandering around the event and taking it all in, I felt inspired to create some disco looks as a theme for this blog.

Groove 2

Cristal pants and tops in beige by Vision

Even though I was able to mix and match most of my Uber purchases, I also used a couple of accessory items from elsewhere in my rather extensive SL wardrobe, otherwise known as my inventory.  However, the majority of the items used for this blog were purchased at the Uber event and as much as I love my everyday casual clothing and in the knowledge that autumn is just around the corner, I am not ready to wave goodbye to summer 2017 just yet.


Becky hair by Entwined and Nightfall eye shadows by Veechi

So please feel free to join me and continue to sparkle and shine in diamonds and gold lame for another few weeks, dancing around SL without a care in the world and grooving with the late summer vibes.  So Mr DJ, put another record on and keep playing those tunes, as I am not done yet.  Are you?


Tess romper by Erratic and Rachel sandals by Pure Poison

Full details on my looks for this blog can be found on my Flickr page  https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/

Have a great week everyone.  Until next time …







The Open Door

Posted in Evanescence,Gothic style,High Fashion,Jewellery,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on August 16, 2017

One of my favourite rock bands in RL is Evanescence and so today’s blog post is a tribute to the brilliant and hugely talented Amy Lee.  This is a blog that I have been meaning to write for some time and I admit that like with past blogs, where I feature a specific person or topic, it has taken me a few weeks to put the blog together, especially the photography.


Sweet Sacrifice inspired look from The Open Door album

I spent some time watching YouTube videos of Evanescence and I also used Google images as a base to research Amy Lee’s style.  The next big challenge was to sift through my SL inventory and see what items I had that I could use to try to capture Amy’s style.  Of course spending some time shopping for new items of clothing and accessories is always great fun.


VIP exclusive set, Maria from Carrie’s Lingerie

The recently released VIP exclusive, Maria outfit from Carrie’s Lingerie initially inspired me to write this blog and once the cogs in my brain started to turn, the creativity was well and truly flowing.  Even though I am only featuring a few looks in this blog, I am definitely going to put together some more looks in the future.


And to add a little Evanescence to my blog, a few lyrics from the song ‘All that I’m living for’ on The Open Door album.

All that I’m living for
All that I’m dying for
All that I can’t ignore alone at night
All that I’m wanted for
Although I wanted more
Lock the last open door
My ghosts are gaining on me


Snow White Queen inspired look from The Open Door album

This was my first attempt at styling more gothic looks in SL and I have posted the styling notes for these inspired looks on my Flickr page and I am already excited and starting to plan future Amy Lee looks, and in the meantime, I hope that you like what I have put together so far.

For now, have a good week and until next time…

Link to my Flickr page: https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/







Summer Events

Posted in Hair,High Fashion,Jewellery,SL Events,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on June 16, 2017

I am enjoying an extended weekend this week, now that my RL has calmed down which has meant that I have had time to visit some of the amazing summer events that are taking place this month in SL.

Surf 1

Jasmin bikini by Rebel Hope and Rebecca skin by Amara Beauty

My first trip took me to the June round of Fameshed.  I have to admit that sometimes I forget about this one, but since the anniversary event for Fameshed in May this year, I made sure to visit this month as well, where I bought the fabulous Jasmin bikini from Rebel Hope. The bikini is available in various colours and there is a hud so that you can change the colour of the straps and metal findings.

The cosmetics fair is about to open shortly, however I am very delighted to show you a sneak peak of the new Rebecca skin from Amara Beauty.  Amazing skin designer, Shantia Soulstar posted a photo of the new skin on her Flickr page a few days ago, so I was very excited when I logged in this morning and received this stunning skin to blog for her.  The Rebecca skin comes in a choice of 12 skin tones and is compatible with Catwa mesh heads.

Surf 2

Surf board set from What Next and Haruka hair by Argrace

I sometimes like to use props in my photos, just to add variety and on the SL marketplace I found this surf board set.  I had so much fun with this today.

Included in the package are 4 surf boards.  A standing board with 5 poses, a flat surf board that you can rez in the water, again with 5 poses and then the other 2 boards have one pose each for carrying your surf board, one for under the arm and the other carrying your board over your head.  What Next never disappoint and this set is perfect for a day at the beach.


Off Shoulder top by Tetra and Aretha shorts by WellMade

My next trip took me to the June round of Uber, where from the corner of my eye, I found this amazing off the shoulder top from Tetra.  This gorgeous summer top is available in various colours and each box contains 2 versions, a solid colour version and a grid line version (shown above).  I am so pleased to see yellow back as one of the main summer colours this year.  It should be a standard colour for every year, but that’s just my opinion.


Ashley outfit by Finale Couture and Angie hair by Truth Hair

Next I visited the June round of the Designer Showcase where I purchased the gorgeous Ashley outfit by Finale Couture.  It may be summer but even working in an office you need to keep cool.  This short suit and heels is available in a variety of pastel colours.  The shorts and shoes are compatible with mesh bodies, however the jacket is standard mesh and comes in 5 different sizes, all included in the box.



Finally I had to add some sparkles and Earthstones jewellers have recently released their playful dolphin necklace and earrings.  There is a hud included in the box with a choice of 3 different metal options, 3 options for the main stone, 3 accent stones and 3 eye stones.  These stunning items are available at the Earthstones main store and also on the SL marketplace.

Well that is all I have time for now, however I will bring you more SL events news soon as I finally managed to also visit the Tropical Summer Event where I picked up a few trinkets.  For now though, have a good weekend.  Until next time …

Spring at Son!a’s

Posted in High Fashion,Jewellery by Piper Hanriot on May 8, 2016

Spring has sprung, the trees are full of new spring leaves and blossom, the birds are singing their spring songs and the flowers are waking up after their winter hibernation.  Spring is a gorgeous time of year and a season which also heralds new creativity, which for this blog comes from the amazing Sonia Jie, owner of Son!a Luxury Fashion in SL.

0. Son!a Zora2Zora in candy

 The stunning Zora gown has elements of an Indian sari with its beautiful gold embroidery both on the bodice and on the skirt.  This gown also comes with a gorgeous flower and jewelled bolero.  With mesh bodies being the ‘must have’ item in SL, Sonia has included mesh body appliers with this gown.

0. Son!a Pepa3

Pepa lace gown in golden

When it comes to lace work for her gowns, Sonia has a gift for designing exquisite lace, thus creating very unique apparel, giving it her own signature stamp and the Pepa is no different.  The Pepa is a gorgeous strapless gown with a beautiful lace figure hugging bodice and comes complete with a fur stola.  I do love this gown, it is very sexy.

0. Sonia 1

Iris gown in jet black

The Iris gown is another lace masterpiece from Sonia and this is a very classy gown.  The photo above shows the Iris gown in jet black with silver, however it is also available in jet black with gold, of which this set comes as a pair, however there are six other single colours to choose from.  The gown comes complete with a mesh stole which is available in the standard mesh sizes.  Mesh body appliers also included with this gown for Maitreya, Belleza, TMP, Slink and Omega.

0. Son!a Chunky

Chunky necklace and earrings set in diamonds

Finally, as well as designing stunning apparel, Sonia also makes some gorgeous jewellery.  In the photo above, I am modelling the new Chunky set in diamonds.  This set comes complete with a hud, so you can change the metal, the straps, the glow and the shininess.  This set is also available in small or large depending on your preference.  There are seven gem colours to choose from or you can purchase the fatpack.

For these and more wonderful delights visit Son!a’s Luxury Fashion in-world.

That is all for now, but I will bring you more from Sonia in the not too distant future.  In the meantime, thank you for reading and happy shopping!  Until next time …

Summer Romance

Posted in High Fashion,Jewellery,Skins,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on July 26, 2015
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This summer I am finding that my time is SL is limited and as a result, I am not getting many opportunities to blog the wonderful designers who work so hard in SL.  My blog this week is a bit of a bumper pack of stunning creations, as opposed to blogging individual items, which, when you have limited time, makes more sense and works wonderfully if the items you combine complement each other.

0. Pic 1


An Sidean (The Fairy Hill) Gown in Mint by The White Armory

The new An Sidean gown collection from The White Armory will be available at the We Love Role Play event, which opens on Saturday 1st August 2015, so I am lucky enough to show you this as a preview.  This mesh gown comes in a choice of 5 different colours.  The gown is fitmesh and also comes with the alpha layer and puff sleeves, however for my photo above, I quite liked the strapless dress look.  This gown is also mesh body friendly, as I was able to wear my Maitreya mesh body with this gorgeous gown.

0. Pic 2

Perpetua necklace set by MUSE and Kristy skin by Zoul Creations

MUSE jewelry, who collaborate with The White Armory have released the second part of their Perpetua collection.  You may have seen in a previous blog post, the crown collections, which also contained earrings.  The necklace sets include 2 bracelets and the necklace in 2 parts, so you can choose to wear them individually or both of them together (as shown) above.  In my photo I chose to model the rainbow metal set, however these sets are also available in white gold, bronze, blackened iron and silver.  Norena has also included a hud for changing the gems and pearls.

And finally, Zoul Creations have released a beautiful new skin, Kristy.  This skin comes in a choice of 10 skin tones and Shantia has made her usual gorgeous packs of eye shadows and lipsticks, again with each eye shadow and lipstick having a choice of 3 different shades to choose from.  Also available with this skin are appliers for Maitreya, Omega, Lola Tango, Wowmeh and Slink hands and feet.

I have posted these photos on my Flickr page as well for anyone who would like more in-depth details of my styling.  https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/

Thank you for reading.  Until next time …

A Royale Collection

Posted in Jewellery,Medieval,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on June 27, 2015

You may have seen me mention in my last blog post for The White Armory a few weeks ago, that they are now collaborating with MUSE & NSP Florals.  Well today’s blog post is for some brand new and very regal stunning crown sets from Norena Soir of MUSE & NSP Florals.

Crown Double

Perpetua Crown female sets in white gold (left) and blackened iron (right)

This certainly is a Royale Collection worthy of any King or Queen.  These crown sets are available for both men and women.  The women’s crown set comprises the crown in 2 parts, together with a circlet, earrings and a ring.  Whilst the men’s set comprises the crown in 2 parts, together with a circlet and a ring.  Both the men’s and women’s crown sets also come with a hud, so you can change the colour of the pearls, the brooch and the gems.

Crown Silver

Perpetua women’s crown set in rainbow platinum

The Perpetua Crown set is available in a choice of  one of five precious metals in either white gold, silver, bronze, rainbow platinum and blackened iron.  These beautiful crown sets are available for purchase at The White Armory mall in SL and they will also soon be available on the SL Marketplace.  If you would like to see how the crowns look in-world, then please visit The White Armory store, where one of the models is modelling this stunning crown set.

Whilst writing I can also share a secret with you in that I have it on good authority from Bee Dumpling that Norena will be designing the crown set for this year’s Miss TWA 2015.  More details on this year’s contest will be announced from 1st July.  Until next time …

Medieval Style at The White Armory

Posted in High Fashion,Jewellery by Piper Hanriot on June 7, 2015

It has been some time since my last blog for The White Armory, so I am thrilled to be able to share with you some recently released medieval clothing from Bee Dumpling, together with some jewels from Norena Soir of NSP & Muse.

The Cheema D’ali tunic set is the most recent release from The White Armory and this set boasts 12 different colour combinations to choose from.  Brand new and unique also for The White Armory, Bee has included the Maitreya mesh body applier with this set.  This certainly brings me joy, as well as many other SL women out there who love to wear their mesh bodies as much as I do.  To finish this look you can also purchase the boots, which come in a choice of either black, brown or ice.

0. Blog 1

Cheema D’ali tunic set in Black and gold

The next item I am going to show you is the Selluvia Maloria gown.  This beautiful regal gown is available to purchase at the We Love Role Play event and comes in a choice of 6 stunning jewel colours.  This gown is fitmesh, so it fits to your shape and Bee has also included a Maitreya mesh body applier.  I chose to style this gown with some new and equally regal jewellery from Norena Soir.  Norena has a store (NSP & Muse) at The White Armory.

0. Blog 2

Selluvia Maloria gown in Ruby

You cannot see it very well in the photo above, but I am wearing the Perpetua crown set in white gold.  This set comprises a crown, a circlet, earrings and a ring.  This set is hud driven, so you can change the colours of the gems and pearls.  You can see the jewellery better in the photo below.

0. Blog 5

Perpetua crown set in white gold by Norena Soir

My final gown by The White Armory for today’s blog is the Queen Druantia.  This gown is fitmesh with separate mesh sleeves, belt, drape and sash.  A gown fit for a Queen, however I think you’ll agree that Bee herself styled it much better for her vendor photos.  I will post a better photo on my Flickr page in the near future.  This gown is comes in a choice of 5 exquisite spring colours available at The White Armory store.

0. Blog 4

Queen Druantia gown in Violet

That is all for now, however I will be featuring more amazing gowns and outfits from The White Armory in the not too distant future.  Until next time …

A Splash of Romance

Posted in High Fashion,Jewellery by Piper Hanriot on March 8, 2015
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Sonia Jie, CEO and esteemed designer at the fabulous SL clothing outfit, Son!a has recently released a couple of stunning new gowns, the Zula and the Rays dress and because I adore Sonia’s gowns I thought I would show them off.

0. Sonia Zula

Zula in red

 The Zula gown is a full length figure hugging dress, detailed with Sonia’s infamous lace work with a tiered skirt in satin and tulle.  Sonia loves to add different details to her apparel as well and this dress is no exception with its harness style bustier and ruffle strap.  I have seen a dress in SL with this detail, however I do like it.

0.Sonia Rays

Rays in black and gold

The Rays dress is sheer opulence and very grand, a gown I could quite easily seen worn by royalty.  The set comprises the main dress itself and a cloak, together with all the jewellery, which Sonia also makes herself.  The details are simply exquisite and I wonder how long it took Sonia to make this whole ensemble.  I certainly hope I have a grand occasion in the future in SL to wear this dress again.

0.Sonia Unfaithful

Unfaithful in paisley yellow

The final dress I’d like to show you is a short dress in a brand new colour, which was released in February, the Unfaithful.  This gorgeous, sassy short dress has all the elements of spring in yellow with its lovely blue paisley print on the bodice and hemlines.

Before I finish today’s blog I also wanted to let you know that Sonia has this week also released a note in respect of updated appliers for some of her work.  Appliers include The Mesh Project, Maitreya, Lolas Tango and the Slink physique.  For more information and to find out which dresses have been updated please visit Son!a inworld at The Edge here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Edge/118/184/26

Happy shopping and see you all again soon …

TWA Winter Releases 2015

Posted in High Fashion,Jewellery,Medieval by Piper Hanriot on February 21, 2015
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On Saturday 14th February The White Armory held its first fashion show for 2015, The Queen of Hearts Valentine’s show.  Bee had set up a romantic ballroom, the models were ready to walk and show of some of Bees stunning apparel.  The show was enjoyed by all who attended to watch, as well as everyone who took part.

0.TWA TrueloveCherish

My True Love Knows Cherished

For those who were not able to make to the show in SL, here are a few highlights, firstly with TWA’s most recent release just in time for Valentine’s, the My True Love Knows collection as in the picture above.  All Bee’s textures are hand painted.  Goodness knows how long this takes, as each of her gowns in this collection and some of the other collections have their own unique print.

0.TWA Snowbourn

Snowbourn Fields Shroom

0.TWA Snowbourn jewels

My second choice of gown to show you in this blog is from the stunning Snowbourn Fields collection, Shroom.  As well as a beautiful gown, Bee has also included some sparkles in the form of the jewelled crown, necklace, earrings and the arm bands and of course the gown itself is beautiful.  I love the colours and textures, bravo Bee!

0.TWA Dark Raven

Dark Velvet Raven in Blue

As well as beautiful gowns, Bee has also recently released some ‘smoking hot’ casual outfits, one of which is the Dark Velvet Raven collection.  This outfit is sold in separates and each piece comes in a choice of 6 different colours, so you can mix and match to suit your taste.  Whilst looking for a place to the above picture, someone IM’ed me inworld and asked me where I my outfit from and of course I told her ‘from The White Armory’.

0.TWA Adraste

Goddess Andraste dress set

And finally I have chosen the Goddess Andraste dress set, which I’m sure will be popular for women who love to roleplay in SL.  This fabulous outfit is currently only available at the We Love Roleplay event in SL and comes in a choice of 10 colours.  I admit it was very hard to choose, as I had my eye on 3 before finally choosing the one shown above.

In the not too distant future, I hope to show you more of Bee’s stunning work from The White Armory, as she is constantly inspired by the world around her, giving her new ideas, from a stunning flower to the name of a character in one of her favourite TV shows and in turn I look forward to seeing what new creations she releases from her inspiration.

Until next time …

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