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Miss SMD/TWA 2017 Update

Posted in Contests,High Fashion,SL Events by Piper Hanriot on May 27, 2017

The Miss Silvan Moon Designs / The White Armory 2017 model search is now underway and we have so far received some wonderful entry photos which are now taking pride of place on the contest wall in the entrance foyer at the Silvan Moon Designs / The White Armory main store in SL.


Constance Stanbury gown in black and white

I was going to give the ladies of these two fabulous groups two weeks to enter, however I then looked at my own timetable and with my next RL cake project just around the corner, I decided to give everyone an extra week, so that I don’t end up in a heap of icing sugar and SL clothing all at the same time.


Rohanna of the Moors dress in anemone

With the entry round now completed, the remaining ladies are now busy working on their quarter-final looks and photos.  We have received a few so far, which are now hanging up on the display wall at Silvan Moon Designs.  Over the next week, the remaining ladies will submit their photos before judging commences for this round. After which those ladies who go through will then be set their challenge for the semi-finals.  It’s so exciting!


Lady Gothel gown in vanity

The finale for this year’s contest will be taking place on The finale will comprise a mini fashion show, as well as a few words from Miss TWA 2016 and a few other exciting items on the program while the judging takes place.  More information in respect of the finale will be posted in the Silvan Moon Designs and also The White Armory groups a bit nearer the time.


For now though, I thought I would show off a few of the recent and new releases and I hope you like them as much as I do.  Enjoy the rest of your week and I will bring you more from Silvan Moon Designs and The White Armory soon.  Until next time …



Miss TWA 2017

Posted in Contests,High Fashion by Piper Hanriot on April 16, 2017

Questions: Do you like wearing medieval and fantasy clothing in SL?  Do you enjoy styling looks for these genres of clothing?  Do you love taking photos of your created looks in SL and posting them in Flickr or other social communities for others to see?  Would you like to be an embassador for The White Armory and Silvan Moon Designs?

If you answered yes to either some or even all of these questions, then please keep reading, as this may be of interest to you.


Styling spring looks for TWA and SMD

On Monday 01 May this year’s Miss TWA model search will begin.  Unfortunately I cannot share any spoilers with you as that would ruin the surprise, however since our last official Miss TWA contest in 2015, The White Armory has teamed up with Silvan Moon Designs, so this year’s contest promises to be a collaboration of creative styles showing the amazing work of these two brilliant designers.


Lady Rhapsody gown in heather

For those ladies in SL who are interested in taking part in this prestigious event, here are a couple of ‘tick box’ checks to consider before the contest begins.

  • Please ensure that you are a member of The White Armory group in SL;
  • Please ensure that the name of The White Armory is visible in your SL profile;
  • Please ensure that your avatar has been in SL for at least 1 year.


The Light of Sarin gown in rose

With the above three boxes ticked, you can relax and wait for further notices and blogs relating to this year’s Miss TWA event.  One thing I can share with you is that this event continues for approximately 2-3 months before a winner is declared.  We do not like to rush things at TWA and SMD, as we believe that quality of an artist’s work is very important.


Indira’s Light gown in mint

You will also notice in this blog that I have put together a few styled looks with some of the recent releases from Silvan Moon Designs, so if you like these and or know that you can create something even better for Miss TWA 2017, then once the contest opens on 01 May, I will look forward to seeing you enter the contest.

In the meantime, I wish you a happy Easter and hope you have fun, whatever you are doing this weekend.  Until next time …






Miss TWA 2016

Posted in Contests,High Fashion by Piper Hanriot on February 19, 2017

In 2016, unfortunately due to RL commitments we did not get a chance to hold the Miss TWA model contest, however during the year, one of TWA’s store manager’s was a very busy lady indeed.  When not modelling at The White Armory, RoyaleSun Ixchel was also honing her SL modelling skills as well as entering SL modelling contests on the grid and from what I hear, she did rather well.  For all her hard work in 2016, Bee Dumpling, CEO at The White Armory announced to the group that RoyaleSun  Ixchel had earned the title of Miss TWA 2016.


Following tradition, as I always do, I spent some time with RoyaleSun, taking some photos while also interviewing her after the announcement and here is what she had to say.

Piper: How did it feel to be announced as the Miss TWA 2016?

RoyaleSun: It was quite a surprise…one I never expected! I was thrilled by it though and still am! It is such an honor to help represent TWA and all the work that Bee puts into her clothing. The detail is simply amazing. How I wish I could watch over her shoulder as she works on new creations!


Piper: I know that you have been busy with other modelling work throughout the year, please share some of your modelling highlights with us?

RoyaleSun: I was picked up by several modeling agencies this last year and have been busy with fashions shows and magazine photo shoots of all types.

The real highlight for me was taking a deep breath and plunging into the Miss SL competition. The challenges were extremely challenging but fun to do.

There were 24 of us and I had limited experience at the time so I did it primarily for experience. You can imagine my surprise when I made the top 12. I’m not allowed to say where I placed but it was close to top 5. I so loved the experience, I am doing it again this year.


Piper: In respect of both Miss TWA and also SL modelling, what would you like to achieve in 2017?

RoyaleSun: I had to step down as modelling manager at TWA, as my competition schedule would take me away from the store too much of the time. I still model there as time permits…and love showing off Bee’s delicious creations.

I would like to advance further in the Miss SL competition this year… and yes, even win it! I am also participating in the Miss Royalty pageant and hopefully the Miss Metaverse competition.


Piper: With a TWA show in the pipeline for the spring is there anything else you would like to add?

The spring show will be an awesome event and I hope the TWA members turn out to support it in large numbers.

I would also like to thank Bee for the opportunity and the trust she placed in me. The last couple of years at TWA have been wonderful!

If you are interested in modelling, go to a modelling school, learn the basics and then just take the plunge. The more you do, the more you learn. Modelling is a craft, like many other professions and it takes work…lots of it!


RoyaleSun and I enjoyed our fun day and I found out that in RL she is also a fellow baker and cake decorator, so of course we enjoyed chatting about our RL creative work too.  Congratulations RoyaleSun for winning Miss TWA 2016, which is certainly well deserved.

As for this year, we do plan to hold a fashion show at The White Armory in the spring. I hope to have the date for this event very soon and I can also confirm that the Miss TWA model contest for 2017 will start on 01 May. I am busy putting the plan together with some exciting new challenges for the entrants.

For now, enjoy your SL and thank you so much for reading.  Until next time …



Miss TWA 2015 Grand Final

Posted in Contests,Fantasy,High Fashion by Piper Hanriot on October 25, 2015

On Saturday 24th October 2015 eight finalists arrived backstage for the grand final of Miss TWA 2015.  The week prior to the final, Bee had created and decorated an amazing runway and seating area, which was perfect for the Halloween theme and to quote Bee’s own words ‘It looks very Tim Burtonesque’.  With the CEO’s Bee and Colton and the audience taking their seats, together with our esteemed jewellery creator, Norena and myself floating on brooms, it was shaping up to be an awesome event.

0. Miss Piper

Piper wearing Spellcaster gown set in midnight

The finalists were given two themes in which to style for the final.  The first was ‘Regal’ and the second was ‘Halloween’.  As I was busy multi-tasking, I did not get time to take any photos from the Regal set, but I did capture a few from the Halloween set.

0. Miss Bee

TWA CEO’s and awesome husband and wife team Bee and Colton

Once the finalists had completed their walks, Miss TWA 2014, Odelissa Love took to the runway to say a few words and inspire other women in SL to unleash their creativity.  Colton and Bee then also said a few words and thank you’s.  They have had a busy year what with moving house in RL as well, so hopefully things for them will calm down for them now.

0. Miss Ninette

Miss TWA 2015, Ninette Secretspy

The votes were counted and the winners announced in reverse order.  Second runner-up was Sydney Ashbourne. First runner-up was Amyly Verne and the winner and lady who has shone through the whole of this year’s contest is Ninette Secretspy.

A big thank you also to Norena Soir of NSP Florals / MUSE who designed and created the beautiful gems for the winners.  I will feature these in a forthcoming blog as well.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks, as Ninette will feature in a forthcoming blog and in the meantime, I hope that Ninette, together with the other finalists enjoyed a glass of two of champagne.

The White Armory is also planning a Christmas fashion show in December 2015, so as soon as I have more details on that, I will let you know.  Until next time …

Sneak peeks at The White Armory

Posted in Contests,Fantasy,High Fashion by Piper Hanriot on October 4, 2015

Autumnal greetings from The White Armory!

As some of my readers are aware, the Miss TWA 2015 model contest is currently taking place at The White Armory.  Whilst I was in the store today putting some of the semi-final photos on the wall, I also managed to take a few sneaky pics of the TWA store models.

0. TWA 1

Skye modelling the  Old Soul gown (styled with her own wings and sceptre)

0. TWA 2

Sam modelling Fiona of Ferndale Elven Tunic set in pacific

Both Skye and Sam have done wonders styling their looks and it was also a pleasure to meet Sam’s lion  and guardian.

The semi-finals will run to Friday 9th October.  The ladies going through to the final of this year’s Miss TWA 2015 will then be announced by Sunday 11th October.  There will then be a break for a few weeks whilst everyone gets ready for the live final in SL, I will keep you all posted.  Until next time …

Miss TWA 2014 Finale

Posted in Contests by Piper Hanriot on July 27, 2014
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On Saturday 26th July at 1pm slt, The White Armory in Secondlife hosted the finale of the Miss TWA 2014 contest and what a finale it was.

The stage was set, ten nervous finalists patiently waited backstage, the judges came and took their seats, as did the audience.  I started off in full flow for the first ten minutes and then crashed out of SL just as I was about to announce the third finalist onto the runway.  In the four years that I have been running this wonderful contest, it was certainly a first for me.

0. ABB 1

Miss TWA Host Piper Hanriot

A few moments later and I was back inworld and continued with proceedings.  The first set was fantasy where the finalists wore the outfits they styled and submitted photos for the semi-final a few weeks ago.  For the second set I chose to take the finalists Back to Prims to test their styling skills.  Also the majority of Bee’s work is now mesh, so it was a wonderful opportunity to show off her prim gowns, which are just as beautiful now as they were a few years ago and I also noticed quite a few of the audience also wearing a prim gown as a wonderful testament to this talented ladies work.

0. ABB 3

Miss TWA 2014 runners-up and winner

Once all the finalists had completed their two sets and the finale, Miss TWA 2013, Mari Hawkes spoke about her year since winning last year’s title.  Owners of The White Armory Colton and Bee then took to the stage to say a few words before Colton set the audience a quiz whilst I counted up the judge’s scores.

The runners-up and winners were announced as per the photo above  on the left in red,  2nd runner-up: Aabbi Rhode, on the right in blue and white, 1st runner-up: Sloan Bellflower and in the centre, the winner of Miss TWA 2014, Odelissa Love.

0. ABB 5

Live entertainment from Brixton Canning

After the finale, everyone headed to the ballroom where The White Armory Rangers held a charity ball.  The DJ played a few tunes before handing the baton over to live singer Brixton Canning who has an amazing voice.  Everyone danced and had fun.

0. ABB 4

Miss TWA 2014 Odelissa looking stunning at the charity ball

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who either took part or who were involved in this year’s Miss TWA contest.  It is a contest that Bee, Colton, Ida and I love to put on at The White Armory every year and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do.

I am now in the process of planning a late summer fashion show at The White Armory, details of which will follow shortly, so keep an eye out for notices.  Until next time …

Lyrical B!zarre Templates Grand Opening

Posted in Contests,High Fashion by Piper Hanriot on May 18, 2014
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By blog this week is dedicated to a new and amazing designer in SL, Lyrical Bizarre.  I actually had the honour of meeting the lady in question by chance yesterday and we had a lovely chat.

Lyrical was originally inspired to design by Bee Dumpling from The White Armory and on having a look around Lyrical’s store, she has some outfits on her first floor featuring costumes from past era’s for both men and women.

As part of the Lyrical B!zarre Templates grand opening, Lyrical is giving not one but two gowns to her customers for free.  I decided to model the Romanian inspired gown called Dobrogea.  You usually only see dresses like this featured in SL for the MVW Contest, so this is a real treat.

0. Ab Lyric 1Dobrogea dress by Lyrical B!zarre Templates taken at Jasmine Hills

Now that spring has sprung, the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, I thought I would also show you a gorgeous part mesh dress also by Lyrical Bizarre called Bohemian.  This short dress is gorgeous and in my favourite colours of blue, green and lilac.  Teamed up with matching shoes by Hucci at Collabor88 and taken at Jasmine Hills, home of LBT, I think the photo below gives a feeling of springtime.

0. Ab Lyric 2Dress: Bohemian by Lyrical B!zarre Templates

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog today and please do visit this fantastic ladies store, if you haven’t done so already.  Lyrical also advised yesterday that she has a surprise in store for today, which will be announced on or around noon SLT.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I will certainly be there.

I have posted the above photos on my Flickr page with styling details  https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/

Until next time …

Miss TWA 2013 Finale

Posted in Contests,High Fashion by Piper Hanriot on August 10, 2013

On Sunday 4th August, eight nervous and beautiful ladies all got together at The White Armory runway to take part in the final chapter of this year’s Miss TWA 2013 model contest.  The theme was Summer Garden Party and it was a glorious day for a picnic and to feast your eyes on some of Bee Dumpling’s mouth-watering gown creations.

0. Mari TWA 14From left to right: Piper, Ida and Bee all wearing the new Summer Breeze gowns

After an hour of the finalists walking down the runway and presenting their final looks, Miss TWA 2012 Serenity Doleman said a few words about her past 12 months.  Bee Dumpling and her husband, Colton Dreschler then also said a few words, thanking everyone for their support not only to the store but also to the annual model contest.

0. Mari TWA 13Some of the Miss TWA Finalists pose on the runway

The votes were counted and as always every year, I was very excited to read out the results.  Second runner-up is Lamu Freidman.  There was then a tie for First runner-up who are Aabbi Rhode and Talora Resident.  And finally the winner and lady crowned Miss TWA 2013 is Mari Firelight.

0. Mari TWA 11

Miss TWA 2013 – Mari Firelight

A few days ago I caught up with Mari and asked her “How do you feel winning the coveted title of Miss TWA 2013?”  to which Mari replied “Wow, to tell you the truth it hasn’t fully sunk in yet. I’m waiting to wake up from this dream.  Then again, if it is a dream, maybe I shouldn’t wake up, lol”

I also asked Mari how she celebrated after the finale, to which she replied “Actually I went home and just took it all in, threw my arms up into the air and yelled “I WON!” Got strange looks from the family, but that isn’t unusual.

0. Mari TWA 12Mari wearing the Sylph of Spring gown by TWA

Finally I asked Mari “How do you feel about taking part in your first fashion show for The White Armory?” and Mari replied “I’m excited, and nervous. All this is new to me. A lot of the women either have or have had previous experience training in this field. I on the other hand, am a novice. But I think having taken part in two of TWA’s amazing modelling contests, I’ve learned a great deal with of course your help Piper. You have graciously guided us all along with your knowledge and great patience. Can’t thank you enough.”

And I am glad I could help not just Mari, but all the other finalists as well.  It is always a joy and pleasure to spend some time working with them and getting to know the finalists a bit before the final show.  Now the contest is over my thoughts now turn to the first fashion show at TWA in which Mari will take centre stage or even runway, so keep your eyes peeled for future notices.  I’m looking at October for this show, but in the meantime enjoy the rest of your summer and congratulations to Mari and the rest of the finalists.

Miss TWA 2013 Update

Posted in Contests,Fantasy by Piper Hanriot on July 13, 2013

They always say save the best for last and I think in respect of challenges for the Miss TWA 2013 contest, I have done just that.

The contest started on 1st June with entrants taking a full body shot photo of themselves in their favourite TWA gown.  We received 46 gorgeous photos.  Then 30 were chosen to go through to the quarter finals.  For this challenge I chose two medieval mesh gowns and one medieval mesh outfit.  Each quarter finalist then took a photo in their mesh gown or outfit.  I wanted to test their styling skills with mesh.

Eighteen of the best were chosen to go through to the semi-finals.  The theme for this challenge is “Fairies at the bottom of the Garden”.  The fantasy photos for this challenge are coming in thick and fast and the ladies have really excelled with their fantasy styling and photography.  I love fantasy fairy as well, so here is my “Fairies at the bottom of the Garden” photos.


Spring Starlight gown by The White Armory


So that’s all the news for now, however, once judging has taken place after the semi-final closing date, I will let you all know who this year’s finalists are.  It’s going to be spectacular, so pencil Sunday 4th August in your diaries.

You Are Gold

Posted in Contests,Good Causes,High Fashion by Piper Hanriot on January 5, 2013

What an amazing year 2012 was.  Here are just a few of my personal highlights, together with some people I feel deserve a shout out.

Firstly, a double whammy for Sascha Frangilli at Sascha’s Designs.  On Sunday 16th December, Sascha won the Avi Choice award for best designer of female apparel for the second year in a row, a remarkable achievement in itself.

0. Gold 1Avi Choice Award 2012 celebration gown by Sascha’s Designs

On that same day at Sascha’s runway, staff, friends and models past and present got together to put on a fashion show to join Sascha in celebrating five years of Sascha’s Designs.  It was a great show and the champagne flowed.  Our amazing designer was lost for words, but a very happy lady.

Sascha-anniversarySascha’s Designs 5th Anniversary.  Photography by Rabia Baxton

Models (from left to right): Draakje Dailey, SterlingZen Harbour, Sascha Frangilli, Damatjo Magic and Piper Hanriot

On Saturday 15th December, the Miss Virtual World final took place.  This prestigious was watched by hundreds of people on Metaverse TV, myself included.  It was a well produced show and my thanks go to Frolic Mills and his team.  Congratulations to Miss Starline Igeria, Miss Virtual Kenya 2013, I hope Starline has a wonderful year as MVW 2013 in SL.

2012 in SL was as always a good year for charity and good causes campaigns, one of which I have to mention is the Stand For Love campaign, which was put together by the dynamic duo, RicoRacer Flux and Editorial Clarity.  The Stand For Love campaign was supported by over a thousand SL residents and it certainly sends a valuable message to everyone, but don’t take my word for it, have a look at the responses in Flickr at http://www.flickr.com/groups/stand4love.

0. Stand 1My Stand For Love photo posted in the Flickr campaign group

I want to also mention PBIP (Pretty Bald in Pink) photo campaign for cancer that was put together by LovelyMiwako Meena in October 2012.  Again, this was supported by hundreds of women who wanted to show their support for this good cause.  Here is the link to the Flickr page http://www.flickr.com/groups/pbip-prettybaldinpink.

0. Cancer 5My photo for the PBIP photo campaign, October 2012

Some of you may also remember my blogs in the summer of 2012 during the search for Miss TWA 2012, which was won by the gorgeous Serenity Doleman and Serenity will be taking part in the forthcoming Winter Wonderland fashion show at The White Armory on Saturday 19th January.

0. Arwen TWA 2Recently released Arwen Evenstar gown by The White Armory

2012 in RL was just as terrific, especially if you live in the United Kingdom.  The Queen’s diamond jubilee and the London 2012 Olympic games were pretty amazing, however I hope that in both RL and in SL, 2013 will be another fantastic year.

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