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My SL Tribute to Cate

Just over a week ago I tried and then bought a new skin, this time from Pink Fuel.  I have a few of their Catwa lipstick appliers, so I decided to try the new skin, Minji.  I liked the demo, so I bought the skin, together with a body applier for Maitreya, in a couple of skin tones colours that I liked and off I went, continuing on with my SL life.


About a day later, bearing in mind that my avi was still sporting her brunette locks, I noticed that whilst wearing my gorgeous new skin that Piper now looks like Cate Blanchett.  This was both amusing but also very cool, as I love Cate’s work, and this discovery then fuelled my inspiration, so I decided to do a little styling research, put together a few looks and write this blog as a tribute to the wonderful Cate Blanchett.


Of course with the new movie, Ocean’s 8, now just releasing in cinemas across the UK, I decided to start here.  I am hoping to see Ocean’s 8 in the next few days.  I have seen the trailer for the movie and it looks really good.  I read an article online a few days ago and found out that Cate is famous for wearing an array of different suits, whether in movies or to functions and in lots of different colours.  I found a couple of lovely women’s suits in SL, one from Valentina E and the other from Giz Seorn.  Both are very stylish and chic.


My next thought led me to Cate’s role as Galadriel in Lord of the Rings, so this was my next style challenge, however I did recall seeing a gown or two at Arwen’s Creations that would be perfect, and I was correct.  I then also found a gorgeous tiara and finding a suitable hair style took the longest.  I have so many hair styles in my inventory and I knew that I had a couple that would work well with this look.  The necklace is included with the Varda dress and also matches the belt.


Finally, I decided to complete this tribute with a classic red carpet look.  It was difficult to choose one look and I will probably add some more red carpet looks for Cate on my Flickr page in the coming months.  However, for this photo, I wanted to capture Cate’s style.  I know that for the big Hollywood events the top RL designers provide gowns our fabulous actresses to wear.  I have recently bought some new gowns from Azul, so after doing a little research, I chose the Yeva by Azul.  For this style I also noticed that Cate, for the most part, keeps her make up neutral, wearing red lipstick from time to time and that her hair is mainly short to shoulder length.


My own hair in RL is quite long, so I opt for mainly short to shoulder length hair styles in SL, which I love.  I have had so much fun with this blog post, especially the styling and I have decided that a change is as good as a rest, so for the time being I will keep this look for my avi and I am inspired to recreate some more styles and write another blog in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post, especially those Cate Blanchett fans out there.  I will be adding some of these styles to my Flickr page as well.  Have a great week and until next time …

Link to my Flickr page.


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