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Cylon or Human?

Posted in Uncategorized by Piper Hanriot on October 2, 2016

Since July I have been watching the Battlestar Galactica remake from 2004.  It was a TV show that I intended to watch back then, however my real life was quite busy so watching this show fell onto the back burner for a few years.

Being a huge sci-fi fan in general, some of you may remember that towards the end of 2015 I posted a blog featuring a female character from Star Wars, creating a look and style with my SL avatar and watching the 2004 remake of Battlestar Galactica, I felt inspired once again to create a character, so this time I chose  the super sexy cylon Number Six.



Looking at the SL Marketplace I am sure that back in 2004 and whilst this show was running, there were a lot more items relating to this TV cult, which would have assisted me with this project, however now there are a few viper’s, cylon raiders and the odd t-shirt to purchase.  There is also a Number Six outfit, however it is very old from the prim days in SL.


I have to say that creating a look and styling my avatar has actually proved to be quite easy and had I thought about this as a project back in 2008 when I first rezzed into SL, I know that this task would have proved to be far more difficult and my SL avatar in 2008 would not have looked as stunning as she does today.


Since then SL has evolved, we now have mesh, not just mesh clothing, but also mesh bodies and heads, all designed and created to improve the standard SL avatar.  Hmmm this does make me wonder if we actually started life as cylons ourselves.  Whilst on my styling quest for Number Six, I also discovered that a lot of the designers have in 2015 and in 2016 created clothing not only for mesh bodies, but designed styles of clothing typical of what you might have seen worn by Number Six in Battlestar Galactica some 10 years ago.  Some of the outfits I am featuring in this blog are not 100% exact, however they are pretty close and you can relate this to the actual character.


As for the character herself,  when Number Six was not looking ‘smokin hot’ in sexy dresses, teasing the mind of  her beau, Gaius Baltar, driving him wild one moment and guiding him through the rocky waves in space the next, she also looked just at sexy covered up, including joining her fellow cylon sisters going into battle to save their existence.


After this brief interlude, I am now heading back to season 4 to continue watching and to see how things work out for Number Six, Geius Baltar and all the other characters in Battlestar Galactica.  So say we all.

If you would like more details on my styling for the fabulous Number Six, then head on over to my Flickr page  https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/  Until next time …

A huge thank you to the designers included in this blog: Catwa, Amara Beauty, Rezology, IKON, Blueberry, Graves, Vaxer, Stars Fashion, N-Core and Mandala.


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