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Mesh Head Research

Posted in Uncategorized by Piper Hanriot on July 7, 2016

Hello readers.  This week I finally decided to do some of my own research into mesh heads in Secondlife with a view to purchasing one for myself at the end of my research.

I started by reading a few blogs and spoke to a good friend of mine and after this task was complete,  I went shopping for some demos.  I chose to try mesh head demos from Catwa and Lelutka.

Once I was armed with a few mesh head demos to try, I also bought a few mesh head skin appliers from various designers to try with the mesh heads.  From reading blogs written by other women in Secondlife, it was interesting to see just how different the skins by different designers look once you have applied it to the mesh head.

0. Head 2

Karin Lelutka mesh head with Glam Affair skin applier

I spent the best part of two days trying out the demos and in the end I decided that the Lelutka head was my favourite.  One of the main reasons I chose the Lelutka head is that the designer has included a note card in the box, which detailed not only what was in the box, but also information on how to wear your mesh head, as well as explaining the hud for the mesh head and how to use it.  Unfortunately the Catwa mesh head demos did not have this, so it was very much a case of pressing the buttons on the hud to find out what everything does.

Don’t get me wrong, I am sure the Catwa head is great.  I hear a lot of people raving about them and I have also seen some wonderful photos in Flickr of some of my friends and people I follow wearing their mesh heads.  The Catwa head was just not the right one for me this time.

0. Head 1

Karin Lelutka mesh head with Amara Beauty skin applier

For now though, I have to admit that even though I have only been wearing my new Lelutka mesh head for a couple of days, I love it already and I have also received a couple of lovely compliments from friends, which is very much appreciated whilst also confirming that I chose the right mesh head for me.  I have shown above a few photos using two different skin appliers.  The hud with the Lelutka head, like the Maitreya Lara body, comes with Glam Affair pre-set skins.  You can purchase separate Glam Affair make-ups to add to your look.

I  also blog for Amara Beauty and until now I have not been able to blog the skin appliers compatible for a mesh head, as I have not had this option.  However, now I am able to and I am delighted to finally be able to show off the Kallie skin applier (03 beige) for the Lelutka head.  Unfortunately this is the only one that the awesome Shantia Soulstar has created for this mesh head, so maybe a *nudge nudge, big smile* and a pretty please can you create a few more skins for the Lelutka head Shantia?

Well that is all I have for now, but I hope you find this blog useful and if you have not yet tried wearing a mesh head yourself and you have an hour or so free time, then give it a go.  I had great fun with this research project.  Until next time …


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  1. I’m a huge Lelutka mesh head fan, too. I got also Alex from Logo, but I’m yet to find a skin applier that I like, and I’ve not liked any of the Catwa heads. I see amazing pics of them in flickr, too, but when I put them on, they’re just not me.

    • Hi Irina. Since posting this blog, I think I tried all the Catwa heads and did not find one, then they released the Tumble head and I have to say I have been wearing it quite a lot 🙂 x

      • I tried the demo of Tumble but there was one lil thing that I didn’t like. I can’t remember what it was, tho. I’ve tested their bento head demo now, but I’m gonna wait for more bento heads before buying. I got some Genesis Lab heads now, too, and I’m liking them, but Ikon eyes don’t work well with them, so I probably just wait for Lelutka bento head. XD

  2. Suzy Mynx said,

    I do like the Lelutka head, I just find the eyes rolling around a lot, whatever adjustments I make to the shape – don’t get the same problem with catwa

    • Hi Suzy. Since posting this blog, I have now found a Catwa head I like and wear it a lot. I find that the eye rolling thing happens with this head, so I opt for IKON eyes and wear the hud for photos, so I can keep my eyes in place, otherwise it’s a nightmare lol 🙂

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