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SL Mesh Breasts – Part 2

Posted in High Fashion,Medieval by Piper Hanriot on August 29, 2014
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In my last blog, I featured SL mesh breasts, who makes them and some skin designers who make appliers for them, so in this blog I am going to feature some designers who make clothing appliers for the SL mesh breasts, together with some apparel shopping experiences from a few friends.

I have spent the past week researching both on the SL Marketplace as well as in SL itself which of the apparel designers make Lola/tango appliers to accompany their designs and from early on I discovered that women who are looking for nice quality clothing with the appliers is very limited.  There is quite a bit out there, however the majority of it is quite tarty and not to everyone’s taste.

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 Avona in silver and Zoe pants set by Sascha’s Designs

 One of the most recent designers to start making the Lola/tango appliers is Sascha’s Designs.  On speaking to Sascha a few days ago, she is in the process of making some fatpacks and in the meantime, Sascha has asked her customers to send in requests of which of her gowns and outfits they would like her to make appliers for.  This is great news and on behalf of Sascha’s customers I want to say a huge thank you to her.

0. Bac 13

Isolde in midnight by Madison’s Creations

Another one of my good friends, Madison Winthorpe has also received a lot of requests from her customers asking if she can make appliers for her clothing and I am pleased to announce that Madison has now added appliers for four of her gorgeous dresses, Isolde, Jocelyn, Reaghan and Erica.  Madison also intends to make appliers for some of her other gowns, so I will keep you posted in the future of further releases.  A huge thank you to Madison as well.

I am also very pleased to announce that on asking the question in the Angel Dessous group chat last weekend when the designer of my favourite lingerie was online, Nando confirmed that in the near future she will also be releasing the Lola/tango appliers for some of her lingerie.  A huge thank you to Nando.

0. Bac 3

Carnal special edition by Solange

On the SL marketplace you can find some gorgeous lingerie and silks.  The photo above shows a lovely set by Solange, which looks very Moulin Rouge.

Some designers who make the mesh breast appliers only have a small amount available, however there are a few who do have a nice selection of outfits and it has taken me a while to find them.  I can report that the following designers (as well as the ones I have featured) do make SL mesh breast appliers: Vita’s Boudoir, Son!a, Aris Aris, Dirty Princess, Carrie’s Lingerie, Black Lace, Indyra Originals, PheNIX, FashionNatic, T&A Designs, Butterfly Effect, Beautiful Dirty Rich, Eli’s Fantasy Outfits, BabyDoll, Jane Westminster and Blueberry.  There are a lot more, but these are the main ones I found.

Whilst doing my research I have also been asked the question whether mesh breasts work with mesh clothing.  I asked my friend Eleya, as she has been wearing her mesh breasts since the end of 2013.  Eleya advised that answer is yes and no.  She said that it can be done, but is more challenging.  A few designers are trying this, so it will be interesting to see how well this does or does not work.  It is a lot more work and Eleya is currently trying this herself.

0. Bac 9

Shauna cowgirl outfit by Greta’s Couture

Last weekend I was chatting to my friend Kwai who also wears mesh breasts and she loves to dress up in attire from other eras like pirate, steampunk and medieval.  Kwai told me that the choice of costumes with the mesh breast applier is very limiting and having done some research on this myself, I agree.  It would be amazing to see more designers who create costumes for fantasy and fairy to apparel from the 1920’s, the Victorian era, as well as the swinging 60’s to make some appliers for SL mesh breasts.  So I would like to ask those designers if they can at least consider it, pretty please?

There are some fashion designers who do not like the mesh breasts and refuse to make the appliers for them, which is fair enough.  However, looking at it from a customer’s point of view, I hope that some of these designers will eventually warm to the idea, as instead of the possibility of losing customers, they will gain more customers and their sales will increase from selling the appliers.  A lot of the top shoe designers are happy to make their shoes compatible with the Slink feet, so why not make top appliers that are compatible with mesh breasts?

Times in SL are changing and there is fast becoming the need for designers to balance making mesh items and appliers for all the mesh body parts in SL that are becoming more and more popular.

Before I sign off for today, I just want to say a huge thank you again to Sascha Frangilli, Madison Winthorpe, Nando Korobase, Eleya and Kwai for your help and input with my blog.  Until next time …


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