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SL Mesh Breasts – Part 1

Posted in Photographers,Skins,SL Mesh by Piper Hanriot on August 25, 2014

A few weeks ago a dear friend who also happens to be an SL apparel designer told me that she had received quite a few requests from her customers asking if she can make appliers for the mesh Lola Tango breasts.

My friend then asked if I could help her with this by modelling them for her, as she was making them, for a second opinion, so I set out in search of some mesh breast demos to try.  The original Lola Tango mesh breasts were released in 2012, however since then other designers have also been making them.  I decided to try the demos from Sinful Needs, Story Leaf and *X*plosion before visiting the famous Lolas store itself, where they originated.

0. Bac 12

Styling: Lingerie by Carrie’s Lingerie, Hair by Truth, Mesh breasts by Lolas

I tried the Story Leaf demo first.  Inside the main folder were lots of other folders one containing the mesh breasts, the next for the skin hud, the next containing the alphas, etc, etc.  There were quite a few separate folders and it seemed a bit confusing and off-putting.  I next tried the Sinful Needs demo.  This one was seemed pretty good.  Inside the main folder is a choice of three different size mesh breasts, together with alphas, skin hud and physics and of course the all important instructions.  I quite liked these mesh breasts.  Finally, I tried the *X*plosion demo and found this to be a bit limited.  You can fit the mesh breasts to try them on however there are no scripts in the skin hud, so you cannot try the options unless you buy the breasts.  They did look pretty good on though.

After trying on the above mentioned demos, I then visited the Lolas store.  Unfortunately there are no demos for you to  try them before you buy them, which is a cross in the box to start.  You can pick up a note card with information about their mesh breasts.  Luckily for me, there was a lady in the store, Marie,  who like myself, had read the notes about the two different types before she decided which one she wanted to buy.

0. Bac 5

Styling: Lingerie by Blacklace, Hair by Truth, Mesh breasts by Lolas

I introduced myself to Marie who had just bought her mesh breasts and asked her for her initial thoughts and opinion on them.  She said she was unsure about these at first as she did not want humongous breasts.  She tried different settings on the skin hud and on the mesh breast menu and after about a 15 minute conversation, she confirmed she was happy with them.

With the information I now had, I decided to take the plunge and buy some for myself and I have to say that after only wearing them for the past three days, I quite like them.  I used to say I would never get them, however after a little research and trying them out, I am glad I bought them.

Although the mesh breasts all come with a skin hud, so you can match it to your own colour, quite a few of the skin designers in SL do make a skin applier, which is great news and does make life a lot easier.  Some of the designers are as follows:  Glam Affair, Your Skin & Your Shape, Tuli, Zoul Creations, Wow Skins, TuTy’s, 7 Deadly Skins, Deluxe Body Factory, Esode, Pink Acid, Alessandra Skins & Fashion and Ooh-la-licious Skins.  There are more and there are also some skin designers who do not make them.

0. Bac 15

 My friend Kwai wears a skin by a designer who unfortunately does not make the mesh breast appliers, so she has to match her skin tone using her Lola skin hud, which does take time, however hopefully in time her favourite skin store will make the appliers.  I am lucky in that most of the skin designers I frequent do sell the Lola appliers.

My photos for this blog were inspired by my friends Bernard and Kwai.  He is a photographer in SL and his partner, Kwai models for him sometimes and between them, they inspired me to be a little braver with my own photography work, especially when writing a blog about a ladies’ assets, I did have to think about as I wanted to ensure that the photos were tasteful but also showed the product I am featuring.

There are more photos in this series, so if you would like to take a look, then please feel free to visit my Flickr page at  https://www.flickr.com/photos/47089508@N08/

In part 2, I will be looking at apparel and mesh breasts – who makes the clothing appliers and sharing comments from other women on their shopping experiences for this topic.

In the meantime, thank you to Marie, Kwai and Bernard for their help and input for my research and if anyone would like to share their thoughts and comments on their own personal experiences when looking to buy mesh breasts, to matching their skin with their favourite designer, then please do so as I am interested to know what other women in SL think.  Until next time …


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  1. Bernard Broono said,

    Oh my god are you hot….

    • Thank you very much kind Sir 🙂

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