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New For 2012!

Posted in High Fashion by Piper Hanriot on January 17, 2012

Welcome to 2012 and to my first blog of the year.  To start the year I am going to share with you some brand new delights from my top 3 favourite designers in sl and these 3 ladies are certainly beginning their designing year with a bang, like the popping of a cork from a champagne bottle.  For this collection, all I can say about these tantalising treats is the hats have it!

I also decided for this blog to take the pictures on location in sl at the newly built elegant ballroom at Drakeo’s Landing at Maitake.  Every Sunday from 1-3pm slt they hold a Cinderella Ball event.  I popped along there this past Sunday and it was wonderful.  The main ballroom was bustling with couples in their amazing formal attire dancing the night away.  As well as the grand ballroom, there is also a beautiful garden, the sea of love, a tree house and a blues club to name but a few.

So without further ado, my first elegant ball gown is by the fabulous Sascha’s Designs.  This is Sascha’s newest release, the Atteris.  This gorgeous gown comes in a choice of 13 colours and also 5 different skirts, 3 sashes, a feather collar and finished off beautifully with a flower hat.

Atteris in Sun by Sascha’s Designs

Atteris by Sascha’s Designs.  Jewellery by Virtual Impressions

Second Life is still buzzing after the very prestigious Miss Virtual World competition that saw Anna Sapphire win the coveted title on 17 December 2011.  I have been lucky enough to win one of the amazing gowns that was designed by the very talented Sonia28 Jie called Laetitia.  Sonia designed this amazing dress for Miss Costa Rica.  This dress comes in a choice of 6 stunning colours and is also teamed up with a matching hat.

Laetitia in Burgundy by Son!a Luxury Fashion

Laetitia by Son!a.  Jewellery by Virtual Impressions

Finally, the third ball gown I’m going to show you is the gracefully elegant and a gown that reminds me of the Cinderella ball gowns from my childhood story books the Milady De Winter gown by Bee Dumpling at The White Armory.  One simply unique dress in one colour with a matching hat, this dress really does deserve to be worn with elegant glass slippers.

Milady De Winter gown by The White Armory

Milady De Winter gown by The White Armory.  Jewellery by Virtual Impressions

That ladies and gents wraps up my first blog for 2012.  I hope you enjoyed it and I have added links to the stores where you can purchase these 3 breathtaking and awesome gowns, together with a link for the stunning venue where you can dance and romance to your hearts content.  Until next time, I hope you have a great sl whatever you are doing.


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  1. drakeolord said,

    Finding Beauty everywhere I look . The wonderful work Sascha’s Designs make this romantic wonderland a work of art.
    Beauty with supple lines. Elegant grace flowing gowns. A smile from your friend, while The creation of Sascha’s gown flows by you. Prince Charm holds the glass Slipper to your heart.
    Many times my eyes are captured by My wife’s dress delicate and flowing in the wind. A crystal carriage awaits you when you land
    At Drakeo’s Landing.

  2. angelenna001 said,

    Im so excited to see this years fashions, by such wounderful clothing designers. I cant wait for the fashion show, how exciting. Thank you for makeing such wounderful clothing for all of us to wear. 🙂

  3. Adam01time said,

    I frequent many of the fine places in SL I need to keep up on the best of the best. That is my job to make sure serenity and romance happens on my virtual world I manage. When my boss told me to take on a Cinderella ball I thought me a old man!
    Ok so I am a hopeless romantic.
    well I was going places to see the new clothes
    and I found Sascha’s Designs. Landing there was a relief no real lag for me. WOW! Then I looked at the work . “My MY” Even a wonderful suits for a man. Watch out SL because i am in style.
    Looking good. And a Sascha’s Cinderella on my arm.

  4. Eleseren Brianna said,

    What a wonderful blog Piper. I am so glad you enjoyed the Cinderella Ballroom, and I look forward very much to seeing you and Sascha’s wonderful designs in the upcoming fashion show. Are you going to be modelling some of them? you will look wonderful I am sure – looking forward to seeing the photos!

  5. WOW is all I can say about Sascha’s Designs. When Drakeo told me about her I just had to have a look for myself. I went to her store and loved all that she has to offer. Being in the fashion industry myself I have grown acustom to shopping at all the high-end establishments because I love to dress with elegance and class. Sascha’s Designs are my kind of fashions. Everything there from casual to formal is classy and elegant with something for both men and women. Stop by and get your wardrobe filled with elegance then go to Drakeo’s Landing to show it off. Would love to see you there!!!

    Bravo Sascha and Drakeo, both of you are bringing something very special to SL

    Qwirky Snoodle Elman

  6. Blushing to the dyed end of my roots!


    • Lord Drakeo said,

      Blushing down to the roots . Shining bright with the SL light.
      It will be prince charming she will choose. Dawning a glass slipper Cinderella will begin to live in SecondLife.

  7. Kaylee Rembrandt said,

    Sascha’s … a name synonymous with glamor and elegance, trendy designs, beautiful flow, and classic styles. Sascha Frangilli has vision and talent which upon one glance, immediately distinguishes her creations from others. Her dresses have been the source of many compliments I have received since I began in SL years ago! As well as Drakeo’s Landing, a sim well known for romance and elegance, with it’s breathtaking ballroom ~ home of the Cinderella Ball, as well as many other romantic areas so well built by Lady Eles. Ladies and gentlemen wearing Sascha’s designs to the Cinderella Ball are sure to feel they have truly become Princes and Princesses whisked away to their happily ever after.. a fairy tale come true!

    I am so very excited about the upcoming fashion show on February 12 and seeing Sascha’s beautiful creations modeled in such a majestic ballroom! I can just imagine how the gowns will flow around the models as they come down the staircase!

    Piper, your pictures are truly amazing and beautiful. You capture the breathtaking beauty of yourself, Sascha’s Designs, and the ambiance of Drakeo’s Landing!

  8. Jules OHare said,

    Three of my favorites! I had almost forgotten how wonderful these designers are. I have often used White Armory gowns in my art. So ehtreal, so beautiful. I am once again inspired! Thank you!

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