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The Snow Queen Christmas Story (part 2)

Posted in Fantasy,Medieval by Piper Hanriot on December 25, 2011

Continuing …

And what became of the girl Gerda when Kay disappeared?  Where could he be?  Nobody knew.  All the boys knew was that they had seen him tie his sledge to another large cart, which then drove down the street and out of the town.  Many sad tears were shed and little Gerda wept long and bitterly, saying “he must be dead”.  Oh those were very long and dismal evenings.

Gown: Ice Princess by Paulet Koencamp at Purple Moon Creations

At last spring came with its warm sunshine.  “I’ll put on my red shoes” said Gerda one morning.  “Kay has never seen them and then I’ll go down to the river and ask there”.  It was quite early, she kissed her old grandmother who was still asleep, put on her red shoes and went alone to the river.  “Is it true you have taken my little playfellow? I will make you a present of my red shoes if you will give him back to me”.  And, as it seemed to her the blue ripples of the river nodded to her in a strange manner, then she took off her red shoes, her most precious possession and threw them into the river.  But her shoes fell close to the bank and the ripples bore them back onto land.  It was as if the river would not take what was dearest to her.  Gerda thought she had not thrown the shoes out far enough, so she climbed into a boat, which lay among the rushes, went to the farthest end and threw out her shoes.  But the boat was not fastened and started to drift from the shore.  She hastened to get back, but before she could the boat was more than a yard from the land and gliding quickly onward.  Gerda was frightened and began to cry but no one could hear her sorrows except for the sparrows.

Gown: Pudding in silver by Sascha Frangilli at Sascha’s Designs

“Perhaps the river will carry me to little Kay” she thought and then she grew less sad.  She sailed by a large cherry orchard where there lay a cottage with curious red and blue windows.  It was thatched and before it two wooden soldiers stood sentry and presented arms when anyone went past.  Gerda called out to them as she thought they were alive.  An old woman came out of the cottage leaning upon a crooked stick.  “Poor little child” said the old woman.  “How did you get upon the large river to be driven about so in the wide world?”  The woman then got into the water, caught hold of the boat with her crooked stick, drew it to the bank and lifted little Gerda out.  And Gerda was so glad to be on dry land again, but she was rather afraid of the old woman.  “But come and tell me who you are and how you got here” said the old woman.  Gerda told her all and the old woman shook her head.  “I have often longed for a dear little girl” said the old woman.  She offered Gerda some exquisite cherries and then combed her hair and whilst she combed her hair, little Gerda forgot all about her foster-brother Kay more and more, for the old woman understood magic, but she was not evil being.  She only practised witchcraft for her own private amusement and she now wanted to keep little Gerda.

Gown: Perla in blue by Arwen Serpente at Arwen’s Creations

The next morning Gerda went out to play with the flowers in the warm sunshine.  Gerda kissed the roses as she thought of her own roses at home and with them of little Kay.  “Oh how long I have stayed” said the little girl.  “I intended to look for Kay, don’t you know where he is?” she asked of the roses.  “Do you think he is dead and gone?” “Dead he is certainly not” replied the roses “We have been in the earth where all the dead are and Kay was not there”.  “Many thanks” said little Gerda and she went onto the other flowers, looked into their cups and asked “Do you know where Kay is?”  A lily replied “Projecting over a narrow mountain path there hangs an old feudal castle.  Thick evergreens grow around the dilapidated walls and around the altar where a lovely maiden is standing.  She bends over the railing and looks out upon the rose.  “Is he not yet come?”  “Is it Kay that you mean?” asked little Gerda.  “I am speaking about my story about my dream” replied the lily.  “That’s nothing to me” said little Gerda “That does not concern me” and then off she ran to the further end of the garden.  The gate was locked but she shook the rusted bolt until it came loose and the gate opened.  Gerda ran off barefooted into the wide world.  She looked around but no one followed her.  At last she could run no longer, she sat down on a large stone and when she looked around she saw that summer had passed; it was late in the autumn.  “Dear me how long I have staid” said Gerda “Autumn has come and I must go further” but her tender feet were weary and tired.

Gown: Destiny in pearl by Sonia28 Jie at Son!a

The wood pigeons said “Coo coo! We have seen little Kay” “A white hen carries his sledge, he himself sat in the carriage of the Snow Queen, who passed here, just over the wood, as we lay in our next”.  “What is that you say up there?” asked little Gerda “Where did the Snow Queen go, what do you know about it?” “She has no doubt gone to Lapland as there is snow and ice there, only ask the reindeer who is tethered there”.  “Oh Kay, poor little Kay” cried Gerda.  In the morning Gerda asked the reindeer “Do you know where Lapland lies?” “Who should know better than I” replied the reindeer “I was born and bred there, there I leapt on the snow and ice”.  “I will take you to Lapland” the reindeer said and off they went flying high in the sky. “These are my old northern lights” said the reindeer “Look how they gleam” and on he sped quicker by day and night on he went.  They were in Lapland and on they went to the palace of the Snow Queen.  The walls of the palace were of driving snow, the windows and doors of cutting winds.  There were more than a hundred walls there, the largest were many miles of extent all were lighted up by the Aurora Borealis and all were so large, so empty, so icy cold and so resplendent.  Little Kay was quite blue, yes black  with cold, but he did not observe it as the Snow Queen had kissed away all feeling of the cold and his heart was a lump of ice.  Kay was trying to figure out a Chinese ice puzzle.  “If you can discover the figure, you shall be your own master and I will make you a present of the whole world and a new pair of skates”, but he could not find it out.

Gown: Queen Hera by Bee Dumpling at The White Armory

“I am going now to warm lands” said the Snow Queen “I must have a look down into the black caldrons”.  It was the volcanoes Vesuvius and Etna that she meant.  “I will just give them a coating of white, for that is as it ought to be, besides its good for the oranges and the grapes”.  Then away she flew and Kay sat quiet and alone in the empty halls of ice.  Suddenly little Gerda stepped into the portal into the palace.  The little maiden entered the vast empty cold halls.  There she beheld Kay, she recognised him and flew to embrace him.  She cried out, her arms firmly holding him the while “Kay! sweet little Kay! Have I then found you at last?”  But he sat quite still benumbed and cold.  Then little Gerda shed burning tears and they fell on his chest, penetrating his heart.  They thawed the lumps of ice and consumed the splinters of the looking-glass.  Kay looked at her, then burst into tears, he wept so much that the splinter rolled out of his eye and he recognised her. “Gerda!” he shouted “Sweet little Gerda”  “Where have you been so long and where have I been?”  He looked around him.  “How cold it is here, how empty and cold”.  Between them they formed the letters which the Snow Queen had told him to find out, so now he was his own master and he would have the whole world and a pair of new skates.  The Snow Queen may come back as soon as she liked.  They took each by the hand and wandered forth out of the large hall and when they reached the bush of red berries they saw the reindeer waiting for them.  He had brought another, a young one with him.  They carried Kay and Gerda first to the woman in Finland to warm themselves and then onwards home where the first green buds appeared and the first little birds began to chirrup.  It was spring again and they were home.

Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year!


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  1. All amazing gowns! YAY to us designers…. lol. xxxxxx

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