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The Snow Queen Christmas Story (part 1)

Posted in Fantasy,Medieval by Piper Hanriot on December 19, 2011

Once Upon A Time in the land of SL, there lived a mischievous and wicked sprite.  One day this sprite was in good humour for he had created a magic mirror that would make all the was good beautiful in SL, making it mean and poor.  In this mirror the most beautiful landscapes were turned into boiled spinach and the best persons were turned into all manner of the weird and wonderful SL beings.  Their faces were distorted so that they were not recognised.  The wicked sprite flew from sim to sim upsetting people in SL as he flew and teleported around.  Some SL residents were also unfortunate enough to touch the mirror.  This was bad indeed, as the mirror had been cursed by the wicked sprite, for anyone who touched the mirror, their heart would turn to ice.  One day the mirror shattered into a million pieces.  The pieces and splinters flew into the air, glittering the sky as they fell all over SL much to the amusement of the wicked sprite.

Gown: Novice in Silver – Avi Choice Award by Sascha Frangilli at Sascha’s Designs

Meanwhile on a sim in SL, there was a large village, which was so cluttered with houses there was no room for anyone to have a garden, so everyone put flower pots on their roof tops and window cills.  In this large village there lived two children who had a somewhat larger flower-pot than other people.  They were not brother and sister, but they cared as much as if they were.  The children’s parents too had large boxes there from which they grew vegetables for the kitchen and roses, which all grew splendidly.  At night the windows often froze over to then be melted by the stove underneath.  The boy’s name was Kay and the little girl’s name was Gerda.  Their grandma used to tell them stories of how at night the white honey bees would freeze the windows and that it was the queen of the white honey bees, the Snow Queen who would freeze the windows.  In the evening when little Kay was home he’d climb onto a chair by the window and peep through a hole.  He could see a few snowflakes falling and one, the largest one of all remained on the edge of the flower-pot.  One flake of snow grew larger and larger and in the end it was a young lady dressed in the finest white gauze made of a million little flakes like stars.

Gown: Chance of a Lifetime by Bee Dumpling at The White Armory

She was beautiful and delicate, yet she was of ice, sparkling, dazzling ice, yet she lived.  Her eyes gazed fixedly like two stars; yet there was neither quiet or repose in them.  She nodded towards the window and beckoned her hand.  The little boy, frightened, jumped down from the chair, it seemed to him as if at the same moment a large bird flew past the window.  The following day it was a sharp frost and then the spring came, the sun shone, the green leaves appeared and the birds built their nests and the little children sat in their pretty garden high up on the leads at the top of the house.  Kay and Gerda looked through a picture book full of SL birds and beasts and it was then when the clock in the church tower struck five that Kay said “Oh I feel a sharp pain in my heart and now something has got into my eye”.  He blinked his eyes and now there was nothing to be seen.  “I think it is out now” he said, but it was not for it was one of those pieces of glass from the magic mirror that had got into his eye and a piece had also got into his heart.

Gown: Snow Queen in blue by Amutey De Cuir at Bliss Couture

“What are you crying for” asked the boy “You look so ugly.  There’s nothing the matter with me!” said he at once.  “That rose is ugly and that one is crooked.  In fact all the roses ares very ugly, just like the box they are planted in!” and with that they boy gave the window box a kick with his foot before pulling up all the roses.  “What are you doing?” cried the little girl.  Kay then picked up the picture book “And why are you looking at a book with horrid beasts in it?” and if his grandma told them stories he always interrupted her.  His games were quite different now to what they had formerly been, they were so very knowing.  One winter’s day when the snow flakes were falling about, he spread the skirt of his winter coat and caught the snow as it fell.  “Look through this glass Gerda” he said and every flake seemed larger like a magnificent flower or a beautiful star.  It was splendid to look at.  It was not long after this that Kay came with large gloves on and his sledge at his back and said to Gerda “I have permission to go out into the square where the others are playing” and off he went.

Gown: The Snow Queen by Nicky Ree at Designing Nicky Ree

There in the square some of the boldest boys would tie their sledges to carts as they passed by.  A sledge passed by, it was painted white.  Kay watched and waited for it to come around the square again before tying his sledge onto the cart as fast as he could.  The cart went around the square and Kay drove with it.  On it went quicker and quicker into the next street.  The driver turned and nodded to Kay in a friendly manner as if he knew him.  Everytime Kay went to untie his sledge the driver turned to nod at him again.  Soon they passed through the gates of the town and the snow started to fall so thick that the boy could not see an arm’s length before him, when suddenly he let go of the string he held in his hand in order to get loose from the sledge, but it was of no use.  He then cried out as loud as he could but no one could hear him.  The snow drifted and the sledge flew on.  Suddenly the large sledge stopped and the driver got out.  It was a lady, her cloak and cap were of snow.  She was tall and of slender figure.  It was the Snow Queen.

Gown: Winter Fantasy by Bee Dumpling at The White Armory

“We have travelled fast” said she “Come and sit beside me and wrap yourself in my cloak” “Are you still cold?” asked she before kissing his forehead.  Ah it was colder than ice and penetrated into his heart, which was already a frozen lump of ice.  “My sledge, do not forget my sledge”, it was the first thing he thought of.  The Snow Queen kissed Kay on the forehead once more, then he forgot about Gerda, his grandma and all whom he had left at his home.  The Snow Queen smiled at Kay.  He looked at her, she was very beautiful and she did not seem like ice when she beckoned her hand at the window as before and he did not fear her.  The sledge flew over woods and lakes, over seas and other SL lands and beneath them the chilling storm rushed fast and the wolves howled but higher up appeared the moon so large and bright.  Kay gazed during the long winter’s night and by day he slept at the feet of the Snow Queen.

To be continued ……


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  1. Wow….very very cool sweety! TYSM for your amazing creativity!!

    • piperhanriot said,

      Tysm! I’m glad you like it. Ida is looking forward to part 2 already lol And of course there will be more stunning gowns x

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